Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kamisama No Karute (God's Medical Chart)

Sakurai Sho and Miyazaki Aoi first tag up for a movie.....

Popular JE band Arashi member, Sakurai Sho, will be starring alongside Miyazaki Aoi for an upcoming movie next year.

The movie, “Kamisama no Karute (God’s medical chart),” is based on a book which received 2nd place for a literary award, and sold 300,000 copies.

Sho will play the role of a doctor in this movie and Miyazaki Aoi plays his wife.

Shooting for the film will start in September, and both Sho and Aoi are looking forward to working with each other.

Source: MANTAN Web

Sakurai Sho's tears....

I just surfing the internet and got this vids that report about the upcoming movie stars Arashi's member Sakurai Sho...he cry in this vids!!!! here's the story behind his tears.....

It’s been reported that the upcoming movie, “Kamisama no Karute” (God’s Medical Chart), which stars Arashi member Sakurai Sho, has finished shooting recently.

“Kamisama no Karute” is originally a novel written by Natsukawa Sosuke, and it’s the story of a doctor who puts all his effort on medical supports in the countryside. This is the first time that Sakurai has played the role of a doctor.

Sakurai visited the author of the original novel, and even visited a hospital to learn about medical services. Also, since his character of “Kurihara Ichito” is supposed to be casual about his clothes and have a mop of hair, Sakurai got perm to fit the role.

At the final shoot, Sakurai confessed that he was struggling for one and a half months on how to face the role, and he shed tears when he greeted the cast members and the director. “Kamisama no Karute” will be released in 2011.

here's the link to watch the video....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Yama Pair....

what is Yama?? who is Yama??? for the Arashian, this term are very popular...Yama pair is between Ohno Satoshi (Riida) n Sakurai Sho....i am so like if they get together...ohno who is very funny people will do something that makes sho laugh till tears comes out n i like to hear sho's laugh coz its so macho...hehehehehe...gosh!!! they really makes me crazy....

n one of the reason why i like them much is oh-chan will look matured suit with his age when he's with sho-chan....thats why many people like them be together more than "ohmiya" pair(nino n ohno)....but oh-chan always get along with other member too like jun n aiba...they are so close...but sometimes i feel like sho supposed to be leader not him...its becoz sho-chan characteristic that makes him qualify...hehehehehe juz thought of it...
anyway..anyhow...what ever pair is funny n have its character themselves coz they are funny n sweet...Yama, Ohmiya, Juntoshi, Sakumiya, Sakuraiba, Junba, Sakumoto n etc.....they all r sweet n i like them becoz of they own character that hide in themselves....


-here some picx of them together- ENJOY!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

funny story in my life....

so lonely outside of the house n look at the calm n relax...n juz got this imagination...what will happen if the hottest vampire like edward cullen come to my place n bite me?? hehehehehe...maybe i will give what he want..he's hensem n i think i'm ready to be his mrs.vamp....hehehehehe...juz thought that....

my mind suddenly remember about a phone call that i received this evening...from my old university friend...lets called her M...M return my call this afternoon coz she's bzy working at that time...then..we have a very long chat n she suddenly speak bout my God!! hurm..well she also a friend to my ex...then she talk about my interview (which is not going very well) n how excited she is if i got that job...she said that i'll be near to her n she want to og out with me like old times...then i said if God's will then it will be happen...

but thats not what i want to be laugh at...she make a request which is very funny to me...she will stay in a house with my ex (whom be known as E) n my ex's new girlfriend (known her as D)....n my dear friend M ask me to live with them...LIVE WITH THEM???? UNDER ONE ROOF??? hahahahahaha...very funny...that will never gonna happen!!!! i juz want to laugh n laugh coz is funny to my ears....what is in my friend's mind...come on...then i think...she doesn't know our break up anymore...well..can't blame her...

tomorrow i'll take first flight back to Tawau...thank God...if i stay here longer then i dont know what to do...everything is changed...n i fell weird to be here....i used to be here but i feel so diffrent when i come back this time..thats why i want to go home thing remains in my mind...whatever comes n go..i will stay as i am...

to M...i miss u so much dear...n ur twin too...i hope one day we can hang out together...hope u can take care of my ex when u live under one roof....

p/s....i know deep in my heart...(no one can take care of my ex like i do)...n to E...i know u agree with me...have a happy life with D...i hope u always be happy n stay u (still)...

-mood- not sad but touching (listening to Arashi's song title Be With You...


gosh!!! i heard many thing bout my Arashi group recently...specially bout the kawaii riida...what wrong with him?? thanks to my blogger friend that give me this info (read from her blog actually)....hurm...i dont expect that riida can be in chaos like that....

by the way...congrats to ninomiya coz made it his final drama for this season...FREETER NO IE WO KAO....will watch the drama coz i can see that his acting character has been more matured from time to time...congrats nino!!!

well...lastly with all my homework bout them...forgot with myself...i'm already at PJ...gpoing interview with my dad's friend...hurm...dunno if i can made or not...i'm accepting what will come in my life n if it happens that i'm supposed to stay here...then i'll stay...n if its not...thanks to God...

p/s...if i can go to Japan then it will be more than dreams come true...heheheheheeh....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hatenai Sora (Endless Sky) last i got that song from arashi...their latest single of this year title 'HATENAI SORA'...means endless sky...the music is great n calming..gosh!!! they always make their fan remember what the best n what is important to them...Arashi minna san!!! GANBATTE!!! selepas single 'LOVE RAINBOW & DEAR SNOW'...single ini juga akan dijangka membuat semua peminat menangis disebabkan makna lagu yg begitu mendalam pada hati peminat...

xsabar rasanya nak tunggu video clip utk lagu ni siap...lagu ni dijangka akan release pada 10/11/2010...hurm...lama g tu...tpi ape leh wat..bagi peminat2 Arashi yg melayari stesen radio ninomiya kazunari pasti akan dpt download lagu ni...lagu ini mula diperdengarkan pada peminat di stesen radio Baystorm yg dihoskan oleh nino...hehehehehe...masa die umumkan yg ni last single dari Arashi die sedih je tpi bile sume peminat tnya caner nak download lagu ni...die so happy...heheheehehe...i'm one of them actually....

hurm...n yg paling best sekali...Arashi 10-11 Concert yg telah diadakan pada 20/8/2010....that concert was so happening n bnyk la jgk lagu bru arashi yg dpt didengari pada masa itu...n oleh sebab dvd concert tu dah mula dipasarkan...i already make my order..thanks japanese shop...really love ur service!!!

ape pun...aku berharap yg mereka akan kekal sebagai satu group idol yg diminati ramai sampai bila2.....


Monday, October 18, 2010


iro toridori no masuku kabutte
itsuwari no kyara wo enji kitte
boku wa hitokuchi kajitsu kajitte
warukunaitteka iin ja nai
terebi rajio no noizu yabutte
kimi no egao yake ni mabushikute
nayami no tane wa dokoka e tonda
akkerakande iin ja nai

Are you ready kanpeki nante nai
Sweet sweet saidaikyuu no soul
Do it do it tanjun na kurai
hajikero Moving now! Moving now!
Are you ready sainan datte mou
Sweet sweet sou let’s go no sign
Do it do it zuuzuushii kurai
mae muke Moving now! Moving now!

wasurekaketeta yume wo megutte
nakushikaketeta ai wo sagashite
kimi no namida wa mou iranai sa
mou osoi nante koto wa nai
uzou muzou no uwasa megutte
kaze ga niwaka ni machi wo samashita
koko wa egao de furezu kawashite
akkerakande iin ja nai

Are you ready kangaechuu wa nai
Sweet sweet senzai ichiguu no chansu
Do it do it te ni iretan nara
kakenuke Shake it now! Shake it now!
Are you ready seikouhou wa nai
Sweet sweet kono shunkan no jyu-su
Do it do it nomi hoshitan nara
tsuranuke Shake it now! Shake it now!

kagayaki wo himeta ha-to bi-to
kizande yuku no sa
dare ni mo yuzurenai (mune no oku ni wa) hikaru ga aru yo

sanzan na hi mo (sanzan na hi mo)
saikoukyuu no sumairu (saikoukyuu no sumairu)
zuuzuushii kurai
hajikero Moving now! Moving now!

Are you ready kanpeki nante nai
Sweet sweet saidaikyuu no soul
Do it do it tanjun na kurai
hajikero Moving now! Moving now!
Are you ready sainan datte mou
Sweet sweet sou let’s go no sign
Do it do it zuuzuushii kurai
mae muke Moving now! Moving now!

kagayaki wo himeta ha-to bi-to

Wearing a colorful mask
Portraying a fake character
As I bite a mouthful of fruit
It's not that bad. In fact, isn't it good instead?!
Ripping through the noise of TV and radio
Your smile is exceptionally dazzling
The cause of worry was blown off somewhere
Isn’t it great to keep our minds blank?

Are you ready? There’s no such thing as perfection
Sweet, sweet soul of the ultimate grade
Do it, do it as simple as it is
Make a blast as we’re moving now! Moving now!
Are you ready? Even when we face disasters
It’s a sweet, sweet sign of “yes, let’s go”
Do it, do it without feeling ashamed
Go forward as we’re moving now! Moving now!

Circulate the dream which is about to be forgotten
Search for the love which is about to disappear
I don’t want your tears anymore
There’s no such thing as being too late
As the chaotic rumors are being circulated
Suddenly the winds woke the city up
While we’re exchanging in smiles without even waving here
Isn’t it great to keep our minds blank?

Are you ready? It’s not something merely in consideration
This chance which comes once in a lifetime
Do it, do it when you can get a grasp of it
Keep running and shake it now! Shake it now!
Are you ready? There’s no secret to success
The sweet, sweet juice of this moment
Do it, do it if you drank it all up
You can break through and shake it now! Shake it now!

The heartbeat hiding its beam
Is being carved
There is a light (behind the heart) which I will not entrust it to anyone else
Even in disastrous days (even in disastrous days)
The best of smiles (the best of smiles)
Without being ashamed
Make a blast as we’re moving now! Moving now!

Are you ready? There’s no such thing as perfection
Sweet, sweet soul of the ultimate grade
Do it, do it as simple as it is
Make a blast as we’re moving now! Moving now!
Are you ready? Even when we face disasters
It’s a sweet, sweet sign of “yes, let’s go”

Do it, do it without feeling ashamed
Go forward as we’re moving now! Moving now!

The heartbeat hiding its beam

Saturday, October 16, 2010


hehehehehe...lucu tajuk ni...patut la lately my father kerap sgt guna words ni...rupe2nye ade muslihat disebalik perkataan ni....

die nak pasang Astro Beyond rupenye...adehh!!! terkejut aku sefamily bile ade org astro dtg kata nak pasang astro..aku tgk tv kat umah ni satu tu je tpi xkan decoder astro smpi dua...rupenye die nak ganti decoder...cet!!!! abah2...pandai drama rupenye...

hurm...xpe least merasa jgk kitorg...hehehehee...tpi kelakar la plak...ape2 je beyond..ini beyond....itu beyond...hahahahahaha.....

ok lah...aku nak kongsi je rasa lucu ni ngan blog ni...ape pon...i'll be back with new story in my life...stay tuned baby!!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

penangan RINDU...

hurm...RINDU...oleh sebab perkataan tu, aku telah membuat sesuatu yg diluar jangkaanku sendiri...nak dijadikan cerita..kul 12.23 pagi tdi aku telah membuat satu panggilan rindu pada si dia...walaupun kami dah xde ape2 tpi nak wat mcm mane...aku ter-rindu lak kat die...panggilan pun dibuat...

yg aku pelik..aku ckp elok jek..tpi si dia siap kasi pelajaran n nasihat kat aku...erm..kire kena sound la dgn die...hurm...adehh..rindu punye pasal tahan je lah telinga...ingatkan nak dngr je suara die..xyah aku ckp pape tpi kesian lak bile die ckp sorg2....

tpi xtahan r...tiap kali aku call die msti aku kna sound...setiap perkataan yg aku ucapkan umpama duri yg beracun pada dia..cra die sound aku pagi tdi mcm aku ni buta gadget...xtau pape pasal hp yg la..hp aku daun je...satu g SE flip yg biase2 je..mane la merase nak pakai hp canggih...hurm...awk, smlm awk wat saye malu sgt...rasa mcm awk dtg depan saye n tampar muka saye guna pinggan...rasa pijar n pedih...sadis jgk cra awk sound saye smlm....

terasa hati toksah ckp lah...taubat xkan call si dia g....klu RINDU...aku akan wat la ape2 cra pun untuk hilangkan rasa rindu tu dari bertamu kat dlm hati ni...sedih sgt bile org yg kite still syg 'sekolahkan' kite cukup2...terbukti yg aku ni mang org len pada i know n i wont do the same thing again...

biarlah rindu memakan diri asalkan aku xdisekolahkan g....ok lah...nak smbung tido lak..mata dah bengkak coz nangis bnyk sgt...bkn ape..cra die ckp mcm aku ni xgenggam diploma sesame ngan die...aku tau la aku xexpert gadget cam die...hish...merepek...semalaman xtido watkan kepala aku pening...k lah..cow dulu sblm sku tertido dpn laptop ni...

adios!!! sayonara!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


very beautiful date today...kata org, let's make it memorable...i did make one...very sweet to me..i finally have a green light to make my own buid my own life n to be independent in my own way...thanks mum n dad...i appreciate that...they finally trust me in everything i do...

now i have to move on with my life...hurm..1st thing is i have an appoinment appoinment...hurm..n bout my knee..lately it keep in pain..xtahan dah nak tanggung sakit ni..klu lutut dah sakit smpi leh demam aku jdinye....tpi 1 g mslh aku...aku kna drive g hospital esk...cner ek?? aku dah lah xleh nak bengkokkan lutut...hurm...pening kepala ambo...

xpelah..t aku aku bru je balik dri shooting...biaslah...tarikh ni ramai la org yg nak kahwin...1000 tahun sekali bru ade....hurm...aku dah xtau nak tulis ape dah...dari english smpilah ke melayu bahasa aku guna...aku pening sbnrnye ni....

k lah...aku nak tido dulu...adios!!! ja mata ashta...

Friday, October 8, 2010

setahun berlalu....

setelah setahun berlalu tanpa membuat apa2 yg pasti...kini aku kembali dgn harapan baru...kini aku pergi pada dunia yg baru iaitu dunia pekerjaan...tetapi aku akan kembali pada tempat yg bnyk meninggalkan kenangan kepada diri ini...

lantas aku berkata pada diri ini..."ahhh...pedulikan semua tu..aku dtg utk mencari pengalaman baru dan untuk pengalaman itu akan aku tempuhi cabaran dan halangan yg ada..."semua terpulang pada diri ini...kekuatan itu perlu..tetapi kadang kala diri ini begitu cpt leka bila perasaan itu hadir...

RINDU...perasaan itu boleh membunuh dan merosak rupanya...diri ini hampir saja hanyut oleh godaan perasaan itu...ahh..betapa ia sgt berbahaya...aku hnya berharap bila aku ke sana nti aku dpt mencari pengalaman dan melupakan kenangan...

kata org...cinta pertama sukar dilupakan...aku akui itu. memang aku susah utk melupakan dirinya..setiap hari aku mengingatinya...betapa aku mencintainya..tetapi apakan daya...tiada kata untuk diluah dan tiada alasan untuk diberi...hidup ini penuh dgn kehendak dan itu kehendak hatiku...biarlah dia belajar hidup tanpa diri ini....aku akui dia seperti anak kecil yg sgt manja...yg perlukan perhatian...tidak pernah jemu diri ini melayan setiap kehendaknya..aku terhibur jika melihat dia tertawa gembira...ahh...kenangan lagi...CUKUP!!!

moga hidup ini akan kembali bermakna selepas aku memasuki dunia pekerjaan nti...aku sgt berharap agar semuanya dipermudahkan...yg pastinya..aku harus menyelesaikan semua urusan dlm masa dua minggu lagi...memang berat setiap urusan yg perlu diselesaikan tetapi itulah kehidupan....

hurm...masa juga yg menjadi titik tolak utk aku berubah...moga perubahan ini akan menjadikan aku insan yg lebih tabah dan sabar...


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Selepas UPSR, aku harus menumpuhkan sepenuh perhatian pada pelajar PMR ku pula. pada masa dan musim inilah dimana segala kerja keras selama berbulan-bulan akan menampakkan hasil atau tidak. Dan pada masa inilah juga dimana ia akan menjadi kayu pengukur pada kejayaan pada masa hadapan.

Di sinilah juga medan perjuangan bagi 5 org anak didikku yg sentiasa memberi kepercayaan kepadaku untuk memberi dan berkongsi ilmu dengan mereka. mereka tidak pernah kenal jemu untuk menimba ilmu dariku dan aku juga tidak pernah jemu untuk mempelajari semula ilmu tersebut untuk dikongsi bersama mereka.

Aku berharap agar semua hasil usaha mereka selama ini berbalas. sekarang hanya tinggal kebolehan mereka untuk menjawab semua soalan berdasarkan fakta, panduan dan juga tips yg telah aku berikan.

"wahai adik2 k.ila, k.ila sentiasa mendoakan kejayaan kalian. ketahuilah bahawa jika kalian berjaya, bermakna kalian akan membanggakan kedua ibu bapa kalian"....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

back to normal...

semua dah selesai...majlis pengebumian telah berlalu dgn selamat...syukur seribu sykur..majlis berjalan dgn sgt2 lancar dan seperti perancangan Allah...yang pergi tetap pergi dan kita yg tinggal haruslah cekal dan meneruskan kehidupan....

4 hari telah berlalu dgn seribu peristiwa...syukur..dlm 4 hari ini aku telah khatam dua kali bacaan alQuran...rahmat dari Allah ini sungguh bermakna buat diriku...mudah2an perjalanan hidup ini dipermudahkan...

seisi keluarga tetap bersabar dan tabah dgn pemergian yg terjadi secara mengejut ini...tetapi janji Tuhan kita tidak boleh tidakkan...ia tetap akan berlaku...ia membuat aku insaf...diri ini sentiasa terlajak dlm apa jua perlakuan dan perbuatan..tetapi syukurlah...diri ini masih mendapat panduan dari semua org yg menyayangi diri ini....

esok bermulalah satu lagi hari baru dlm hidup ini..sentiasa berada dlm kebersediaan dlm menghadapi apa jua dugaan yg mendatang...i hope i still can give the best in everything i do...