Saturday, September 24, 2011

Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun becomes the main MC for a special variety program

Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun has been chosen to be the main MC for NihonTV’s special variety program, “Sekai Ichi no SHOW Time ~Gyara wo Kimeru no wa Anata~“!
This show began back in 2010, and it attracts people from all over the world, who  aim to show off their unique talents on stage.  300 audience members will determine how much they would be willing to pay to watch that performance, and actually pay from their own wallets in the end. As a performer himself, Matsumoto commented, “There were many wonderful performance and they were all great!“.
Commenting on his MC role, Matsumoto said, “This was a different position from when I do shows with Arashi, so I was very nervous, but it was an interesting experience.
Announcer Hatori Shinichi, who served as Matsumoto’s co-host, commented, “He was very natural and I think this was a perfect job for Matsujun. I give him 1oo%!
As one of the creative spearheads for Arashi’s concerts, Matsumoto felt inspired by the performances he watched. “As an entertainer I was thinking, ‘Oh so there are performances like this too!’ I feel like I was able to be on a good show.“  Hatori himself remarked, “As Matsujun observed all the performances, he kept saying ‘Ah, I can use this’. It’s a great thing for a MC to be able to watch the performances in that way.
Model Hasegawa Jun participated as the third co-host, and Matsumoto complimented his castmate by saying, “She seemed to genuinely enjoy the performances. She gave good comments of encouragement to the performers and created good vibes on set.” Hasegawa mused,”I sensed all the love that went into all the performance, and it made me realized I have to work harder as well.
Matsumoto concluded, “It was fun and if there is another opportunity, I would like to do it again.
Check out the show, “Sekai Ichi no SHOW Time ~Gyara wo Kimeru no wa Anata~”, when it airs on October 9th!

Source & Photo: ORICON

Which actor would you like as a pet?

Back again with another interesting topic!! So, Jang Geun-suk andMatsumoto Jun have both starred in “Kimi wa Pet“. In Geun-suk’s case, the movie adaption aired this year, and as for Jun, the 2003 drama version. Leading off to the topic, which actor would you like as a pet? 1st place winner is obvious from the picture above but look down below to see who made it on to the top 10 cut-off according to the voters!
Matsumoto Jun — 3797 votes
Sato Takeru — 3720 votes
Jang Geun-suk — 3466 votes
Aiba Masaki — 3130 votes
Ninomiya Kazunari — 2553 votes
Ohno Satoshi — 2429 votes
Sakurai Sho — 1922 votes
Nishikido Ryo — 1741 votes
Mizobata Junpei — 1711 votes
Koike Teppei — 1701 votes
Source: natalie