Monday, February 7, 2011

Nothing Special....

Today's entry has nothing special actually...its only bout me and myself...heheehehehe...its a very long time i didn't update something related to me in this blog. Recently because of work i'm kinda busy and sometimes i just pass through this blog for a several minutes. Or if i find something interesting about my favorite idol i juz post it and sin out from my blog...hehehehehe..but tonite, its different. Its about me, myself and I.......

These past few days i kinda make a lot of mistake regarding my ex-lover. Dunno why but i keep in contact with that person that i want to avoid the most. WHY?? The reason is easy...MISS. Owh God!!!! I don't want that!!! Enough is enough!! I suffer enough but i still can't erase that person in my life...when can i be able to do that...that person already throw me away. i know it coz i can sense the no feeling attitude whenever i make a call or texting with the person.

God...give me strength to forget the past. I need peace in life. I want to be happy and face life with no regret. I really hope i can forgive myself for being unloyal....hurm..soon i'll get transfer either to Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu. But i really hope it will be Kota Kinabalu coz i don't have a heart to fly over to Kuala Lumpur again. It only can make my heart bleed again. Seeing such place full of my love memory in past will only make me hurt again. Enough.

Whatever it is....i will make sure I live a happy life coz i'm a happy-go-lucky person so the mood will always change for me!!! hehehehehe...until then..SAYONARA...mata ne~~

p/s...current mood is LUCIFER by SHINee, LOVE LIKE THIS by SS501 & CRAZY MOON by ARASHI**