Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arashi reveals the short version PV for “Wild at Heart”

After releasing a PV preview to Arashi’s upcoming single “Wild at Heart“, a short version of the PV has been released!
The single is set to be released on March 7th, and it will be released in two different editions.
Until the full PV is revealed, enjoy the short version below!

Which celebrities had the most shocking nude photoshoot on ‘an an’?

Fashion & beauty magazine ‘an an‘ is famously known for featuring various celebrities in their nude figures and causing a wave of awe through their pictorials.
With that in mind, goo ranking decided to ask its users, “Which celebrities had the most shocking nude photoshoot on ‘an an’?
Let’s see which celebrities came on top of this ranking below!
1. Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
2. Mukai Osamu
3. Darvish Yu
4. Motoki Masashiro
5. Esumi Makiko
6. Kanda Uno
7. Yonekura Ryuko
8. Yuki Maomi
9. Kuroki Meisa
10. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
Who did you think had the most shocking pictorial on this magazine? Let us know in the comment section below!
Source: Goo ranking

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Arashi reveals PV preview to their upcoming single “Wild at Heart”

Arashi’s new single “Wild at Heart” which is being used as the theme song for Matsumoto Jun’s ongoing drama “Lucky Seven“, is scheduled to be released on March 7th. The PV preview to the upcoming single has just been revealed!
In the preview, you can see Arashi members’ comical dance on the 70s disco-style set.
Check it out below!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Arashi holds mini-live in Miyagi for Tohoku disaster victims

On February 22nd, Arashi visited Miyagi prefecture to hold a mini live at Shichigahama Kokusaimura. This was a part of NTV’s upcoming music program special called “Nittere-kei Ongaku no Saiten Ongaku no Chikara 2012“, which will be broadcasted on March 7th.
Though the members have visited the Tohoku disaster areas individually, this day marked the first time for all five members to pay a visit together. Before the mini live, they also made a stop at the temporary housing area in Ishinomaki city, communicating with the residents there.  The boys invited 500 disaster victims to the live for free, and performed a total of 11 songs, including their new song “Wild at Heart” (to be released on March 7th).
Leader Ohno Satoshi commented, “I felt the power of people there. Everybody was high-spirited and had amazing smiles.  It was a great atmosphere, as it even gave Arashi energy.”  Fellow memberMatsumoto Jun said, “I saw an audience member weep with emotion (at the live), but in the end, everyone there was smiling which made me realize the amazing power of music. With all the members together, I would like to search for things we could do.”
It was also announced that member Sakurai Sho will make a live appearance from the disaster area on NTV’s special news program, “NNN Houdou Tokuban ‘Fukkou TV Minna no Chikara 3・11′” as a ZERO caster. This special will be broadcast on March 11th, the anniversary of the Tohoku disaster.

Source: Sports Hochi

Artists line-up for NTV’s special music program announced

On March 7th, NTV will live broadcast a special music program titled “Nittere-kei Ongaku no Saiten Ongaku no Chikara 2012” to help support recovery efforts for the Tohoku earthquake.
In addition to  relay broadcasting from the disaster area, many gorgeous artists will perform “cheering up songs” at the studio in Tokyo. The main host of the program will be Arashi’s Sakurai Sho.
As reported earlier, Arashi’s visit to the disaster area and their mini live in Miyagi will also be shown on the program.
Check out the artists line-up for NTV’s special music program below!
  • AI
  • aiko
  • Arashi
  • Ikimonogakari
  • AKB48
  • Kanjani8
  • JUJU
  • Tortoise Matsumoto
  • Tokunaga Hideaki
  • Nishino Kana
  • Perfume
  • Hitoto Yo
  • Hirahara Ayaka
  • V6
  • Fukuyama Masaharu
  • Porno Graffitti
  • Makihara Noriyuki
  • Yuzu
Source & Image: Web the television + NTV

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aiba Masaki to unite with a crime solving cat for new drama on NTV

As mentioned in the previous article, two networks announced new dramas starring a member fromArashi. The other network is NTV, who announced a new drama called ‘Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri‘, starring Aiba Masaki as the protagonist.
‘Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri’ is based on a popular ‘Mikeneko Holmes‘ mystery novel series byAkagawa Jiro. It tells the story of ‘Katayama Yoshitaro’ (Aiba) who became a detective in order to comply with the dying wish of his father who was a famous detective himself. Katayama is currently with MPD’s First Investigation Division, although he’s not cut out to be a detective at all. He not only can’t see blood, but he’s also terribly afraid of heights, women, and ghosts. One day, he meets a cat with three colors of fur (‘mikeneko’) who goes by the name of ‘Holmes’. This cat can understand humans and it also possesses brilliant reasoning skills. The two of them form a team and together they manage to solve various difficult cases.
This role is going to mark Aiba’s first drama starring role on NTV and it’s going to be a funny one according to the producers. We are up for many verbal quarrels between the protagonist and the cat, and judging by his character, the protagonist is most probably going to come out as the loser more than just a few times.
Akagawa commented, “I’m looking forward to see how the chemistry is going to be between Aiba, from this generation’s leading group Arashi, and Mikeneko Holmes.
Aiba himself said, “I’m very nervous, since the original is loved by so many people, but I’m also looking forward to the drama a lot. I hope I can find the best balance between the comical parts and the serious parts.
NTV is going to air ‘Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri’ every Saturday at 9:00 pm.
Source: Sanspo

Ohno Satoshi to unlock mysterious cases in Fuji TV’s next Monday drama

Two networks have just announced a new drama for the upcoming season and they both will be starring a member from the popular group Arashi. One of the networks is Fuji TV, who finally lifted the secret about their next Monday drama. It’s title is going to be ‘Kagi no Kakatta Heya‘ and will star Ohno Satoshi as the protagonist.
‘Kagi no Kakatta Heya’ is based on a mystery novel by Kishi Yuusuke. It tells the story of an employee of a major security firm (Ohno), who is solving the mysteries related to cases that happened behind closed doors. His job is to find out how the perpetrator entered the locked room and how he managed to leave it under such circumstances. He’s the best fit for the job, because he’s personally obsessed with keys and locks and even goes as far as claiming that ‘there are no locks that cannot be broken’. At first glimpse he looks like a calm and collected guy, but in the heat of solving the mystery behind a locked room he’s burning with an incredible tenacity. He’s an unconventional hero who is helping with cases one request after another.
For Ohno this is not only going to be his first Monday drama starring role, but also his first starring role on Fuji TV in general. He’s going to receive the baton from fellow Arashi member Matsumoto Jun, who is starring in this season’s Monday drama ‘Lucky Seven‘.
He commented, “It’s been a while since my last role as a human being. You’ll meet me behind closed doors!
‘Kagi no Kakatta Heya’ is going to air every Monday at 9:00 pm.
Source: Sanspo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Arashi reveals the track lists + cover jackets for their upcoming single

Arashi will be releasing a new single titled, “Wild at Heart” which is being used as the theme song for member, Matsumoto Jun’s ongoing drama “Lucky Seven“, on March 7th. Recently, they finally revealed the track lists and the cover jackets for the upcoming single!  As reported earlier, the single will be released in two different editions.
Check out the details on both limited edition and regular edition for Arashi’s “Wild at Heart”!
 ※16 pages booklet included

01. Wild at Heart
02. How Can I Love
“Wild at Heart” Video Clip

[CD only]
01. Wild at Heart
02. Tsuite Oide
03. Furari no Katachi
04. Wild at Heart (original karaoke)
05. Tsuite Oide (original karaoke)
06. Futari no Katachi (original karaoke)
Source & Image: Johnny’s net