Thursday, November 11, 2010

Arashi’s latest single “Hatenai Sora” sold 248,828 copies on the release day

Arashi has just released their 6th single of 2010, “Hatenai Sora” on November 10th, and not surprisingly it topped the Oricon daily chart.

Oricon reports that they sold 248,828 copies on it’s debut day, and it exceeded the first day sales of “Troublemaker” which sold around 233,000 copies. Therefore, “Hatenai Sora” has the best first day sales amongst all 6 singles released by Arashi in 2010.

Below is the Top 5 ranking of Oricon single daily chart.

1. Hatenai Sora – Arashi 11/10 (248,828)
2. Nee – Perfume 11/10 (44,293)
3. Best Friend’s Girl – J Soul Brothers 11/10 (23,627)
4. Hito – Yusuke 11/10 (no sales number available)
5. Jumping – KARA 11/10 ( no sales number available)

Source : jnews1 + Oricon style (tokyohive)


nice date today...n there will be another memorable thing will happen today in my family...

today is my brother's day...his UPSR result will be out today at 10.30 a.m...owh...cant wait for the result...i'm so nervous..i've been taking care of him for the whole years now...n like what i always praying..after he got his result, i will get job..thanks to praying have come true....

but i'm so i'm the one who will get the result...i hope everything will be ok....i'll update the result soon...

ja ne...mata ashta....

-update-...juz got the result at 11 am....he got 1A, 2B n 2C... gosh!!!! i'm so dissappointed...what is he doing this whole year?? i teach him..i did God!!! i cry enough already...dunno what else to say...