Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trailer revealed for Miyazaki Aoi & Sakurai Sho’s upcoming film “Kamisama no Karute”

The official trailer for Miyazaki Aoi and Sakurai Sho’s much anticipated film “Kamisama no Karute” (God’s Medical Chart) has finally been revealed!

The movie is based on Natsukawa Sosuke’s novel of the same title, which sold 300,000 copies and received a second place literary award.

Sakurai plays the doctor, Ichito, and Miyazawa plays his wife, Haruna. The movie is the story of a doctor who puts all his effort on medical support in the countryside.

To prepare for his first role as a doctor, Sakurai met with Natsukawa and also visited a hospital to learn about medical services. Sakurai took the role seriously, even getting a perm since the original character is said to have a mop of hair.

The movie will be released on August 27th, but until then, check out the trailer below!