Saturday, September 17, 2011

MatsuJun's love crisis! (another update on Kou x Jun)

Matsumoto Jun (28) is facing the biggest pinch in the entertainment industry ever since his debut in Arashi 12 years ago! Right now he’s having some problems with his relationship with Kou Shibasaki (30). According to an inside source, a commercial broadcasting official: “a Johnny executive called up Matsumoto to question the truth about his relationship with Shibasaki and ordered him to break up with her. Matsumoto however will not bow down to that order.”

The two met on the set of the special FujiTV drama ‘Wagaya no Rekishi’ that was aired last year, where they both acted as siblings. Their relationship started from there.

The insider also said that: “Shibasaki was the one who pursued him in the first place, asking for his mobile address. She is notorious for dating guys and dumping them later; however it’s unfortunate that Matsumoto fell for her.”

“Shibasaki has also been often caught on camera hanging out with ex-boyfriend TAKUYA from Uverworld, because she was turned off by Matsumoto’s inability to take charge. She meets up with TAKUYA behind his back.”

Then there’s the whole issue about following the orders of the Johnny executives, apparently it is not wise to disobey them. Mori Katsuyuki, a former member of SMAP who touched the imperial wrath of the office when he went to obtain a motorcycle racing license without permission, was forced to leave the group in 1996. In short, disobeying orders are absolutely not allowed, even though Matsumoto’s in the currently popular Arashi.

“There are rumors that TAKUYA Uverworld and Shibasaki Kou might be getting back together. Therefore, Matsumoto has to choose between love and work.”

Earlier this year, Weekly Jitsuwa revealed that compromising photographs of 18-19 years-old Shibasaki and an ex-boyfriend in bed were published right before her drama ‘Diplomat Kuroda Kousaku’ was aired. There were rumors that the purpose of the publication was to break their relationship. However, Matsumoto is still not planning to break up with Shibasaki anytime soon even though higher officials have ordered him to do so.


So what'cha gonna do Jun?? (If this rumor is to believed at all)

And what's up with him dating his on-screen sisters?

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p/s.....if me..i would never believe such is same when he acted in Hanadan..the rumors of going out with Mao n such rumours that they r dating n going out together for a party..i had enough..but..lets just wait and see~~