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End of the year 2010....

b4 2010 become the end....
i have such a great memory in this year....i can see my group idol live juz now n i can buy their stuff without hesitation....n i broke up...its all happen in one keeps a lot of story behind it...


p/s..still in Arashi mood -Troublemaker- by Arashi....

Arashi to make appearance on “Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011″ via broadcast

As many of you already know, Arashi will be one of the hosts for this year’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen“, which will be broadcasted live on New Year’s Eve from 7:00 PM- 11:45 PM. But that’s not the only event the night has in store for Japan’s most popular male group – Arashi is also confirmed to be attending the “Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011“, which will also be partially broadcasted live on Fuji Television.

“Johnny’s Countdown” is an annual countdown live held at the Tokyo Dome which features appearances from the many talents of Johnny’s Entertainment. As members of JE, Arashi has attended the event every year. In 2009, Arashi attended “Kohaku” for the first time, but were unable to stick around for the entire ceremony as they had to rush to the countdown live immediately after they concluded their performance.

As Arashi has confirmed their appearance again this year for both “Kohaku” and “Johnny’s Countdown”, they’ve decided that they’ll participate on “Johnny’s Countdown” via a relay broadcast.

Since the countdown broadcast starts at 11:45PM, the boys have worked out a cooperative agreement with NHK; as hosts of “Kohaku” this year, Arashi will be unable to leave early to attend the countdown live. Knowing that their attendance is a tradition valued by both members and the fans, NHK has agreed to help the boys out by allowing them to relay broadcast from one of their studio or venue locations.

Stay tuned to tokyohive for continued coverage on this exciting event!

Source: Nikkan Sports & Tokyohive

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Arashi appears on year-end Global album chart for 2010!!!

2010 has been another extraordinary year for wildly popular group Arashi. Depsite their dominance in all areas of the entertainment world – from music to acting – the group has never lost their focus and passion for music. Their reign over the year-end Oricon charts is apparent in the top 10 singles ranking where all of their singles managed to make an appearance.

That’s not all though, the group has been ranked #36 on the year-end charts for Global albums, being the only Asian act to appear on the list for 2010. “Boku no Miteiru Fukei” managed to sell 1.1 million copies according to the charts, just behind the posthumous release of “Michael” by Michael Jackson and various Glee cast albums at #33 and #34.

Arashi have no signs of slowing down either, continuing the pace they’ve set for themselves over the years. Look out for their appearance on Kouhaku Utagassen on the 31st...

p/s....i know most of Arashian already post it...but still i want to post it coz my blog can't miss news bout them...hehehehehe...

Source : Tokyohive & United World Chart

2011 (another Arashi year...)


yeah...soon it will be 2011...owh..another year had pass...n i'm still hoping for the best next the year will be the same like this year coz i'll be broke for sure...early this year...i'll receive my Arashi DVD...n i still don't know how many single they will release next year...owh...hohohoo...juz prepare the money friends keep asking what worth do u spend on them?? i juz's worth coz i know where my money go n its worth coz i have a place to spend my money... of my arashian blogger agreed with what i said...coz only arashian know the satisfaction of spending money on Arashi's stuff...huhuhuhu!!!! but its good for me since i broke up n nobody i have to pay attention with so i decide to pay attention to my idol group....=))

one day for sure...i'll go to Japan n meet them...owh...even in a dream its beautiful i don't know if i can meet them for real....well..this year almost come to its end...what can i say??? juz hope for the best next year....

i will make sure that i can achieve what i have to achieve next year...its for my own good tho...n i must forget the thing that i have to forget...

well...i will not being broken hearted coz i'm Arashian but if my Matsumoto Jun have a girlfriend then i might be broken heart...owh!!!! can't imagine how i feel if its really happen!!! no Matsujun!!!! Watashi anata daisuki!!!! Love Junji n Arashi too!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sakurai Sho’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Matsumoto&Aiba – The reversed-aged pair

Considering their ages, Aiba-kun is one year older, but even so, somehow Matsumoto-kun seems to smack him very often. ( laugh )

Aiba&Ninomiya – The harmonized pair

Because they were together since a long time ago, since their Junior days, how should I say this, they seem totally harmonized with each other.

Ohno&Matsumoto – The combination pair

They often have to sign together at concerts, so I somehow have this image of them sticking close and singing.

Ohno&Aiba – The soothing pair

Well, that’s because these two are always gentle/calm. Don’t they seem like being surrounded by a soothing atmosphere?

Matsumoto&Ninomiya – The level-headed pair

It’s true that these two are the youngest, but among the 5 of us, I think they’re the most level-headed persons. Rather than being naughty/mischievous, they give off a very reliable feeling. (

Oh Sho, if Nino 's not mischievous, I don't know who is...)

Ninomiya&Ohno – The entertainer pair

They sure have an image of always being together. They always play by doing some kind of short comic skits. Even when there’s no camera to record, they still do that in the green room. ( laughs )


Aiba Masaki’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Sakurai&Ohno – The senior pair

Because Sho-kun and Leader…are the oldest ones inside Arashi.

Ninomiya&Ohno – The playful pair

Generally speaking, there are a lot of times when they play with each other.

Ninomiya&Sakurai – The smart pair

Well, there are a lot of times when they get excited talking about computers.

Ohno&Matsumoto – The pair that diminished the distance between them

When Arashi was formed, Matsumoto used to talk to Leader in honorific language.

Matsumoto&Sakurai – The pair that loves soba ( soba = japanese noodles )

They sure eat soba a lot. They even order soba through the meal delivery service very often. ( laughs )

Matsumoto&Ninomiya – The pair that has the same tastes

For example, they seem to be reading the same manga very frequently.


Ninomiya Kazunari’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Ohno&Aiba – The similar people pair

I think these two are very similar. Isn’t their compatibility good too? They never even had a fight before.

Ohno&Matsumoto – The typical brothers pair

These two are separated by the biggest number of years. The youngest is very level-headed, the oldest is very calm, just like some typical siblings.

Matsumoto&Aiba – Mutual understanding comrades

Well, because these two are together since their Junior days, they understand each other very well, right?

Sakurai&Ohno – The pair that understands each other

First of all, they really understand each other, these two. Their fellowship is simple yet long. I think that’s why they know each other so well.

Aiba&Sakurai – The super good friends pair

How should I say this…aren’t they the best friends? It seems they meet even at the tailor’s shop, and even went together shopping for clothes. Don’t they have the same hobbies and preferencess..

Matsumoto&Sakurai – The level-headed pair

I guess these two are very level-headed. They have that kind of image. They’re like that during concerts too, and if you have some kind of problem, they lead you out of it. I have the impression that this kind of situation happens a lot.


Ohno Satoshi’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Aiba&Ninomiya – The pair that messes around

Nino always messes around with Aiba-chan. He’s done that since a long time ago, and keeps doing it.

Matsumoto&Aiba – The pharmacy pair ( LOL )

Aiba-chan often receives pills for hay fever from Matsumoto. Because Matsumoto has pretty much any kind of pill ( laughs )

Matsumoto&Ninomiya – The adult pair

These two are fresh. Even in the green room for example, you won’t see them doing skinship too often . That’s what I mean by “adult” ( laugh )

Sakurai&Aiba – The laughing pair

When they’re together, Sho-kun somehow constantly makes Aiba-chan burst into laughter. By things he does or says. They always seem to be having fun.

Ninomiya&Sakurai – The high tension pair

They constantly get excited by different things. By…words for example, they get excited in that kind of situation. And at the concerts, these two suddenly start to mess around frequently.

Matsumoto&Sakurai – The “adult” pair

Somehow…they seem “adult” ( laugh ). Them seem very calm.


Matsumoto Jun's analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Sakurai&Ohno – The impossible pair

Perhaps these two are just impossible…Because there’s a sensible person and an intellectual. Leader is good at drawing but Sakurai-kun sucks ( laughs ).

Ninomiya&Sakurai – Yamada Tarou pair

They give me the image of “Yamada Tarou Monogatari”. The drama from back then still has a strong impression. Then, these two take their computers with them even we go touring. They both do that.

Ninomiya&Ohno – The super close friends pair

After all, they’re the ones who are together most often. Somehow or other, they get along very well. They even hold hands frequently…How long are they gonna keep doing that? ( laugh ). Even I don’t know ( laugh ).

Aiba&Sakurai – The pair that loves golf

I have the feeling that these two talk about golf once in a while. It’s not like I watch them all the time.... but this is the impression I have.

Ohno&Aiba – The pair that share the same feelings

They drink together at bars, they drink together at hotels, then get moved even to the point of crying together. I don’t quite understand what makes them feel so moved, but this kind of thing apparently happens.

Aiba&Ninomiya – The classmates pair

These two are together since a looong time ago. They must have a very old bond too. They get along well. Like a friendship between two classmates.

magazine: TV JAPAN (DEC 2010)
credit: darkhriss @ lj
...n paah taan @ FB

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Oricon releases their 2010 yearly ranking for “Artist Total Sales”!

Oricon has stamped the end of 2010 with the release of their yearly ranking for “Artist Total Sales“. The ranking is based on the gross total sales of CDs (both singles and albums), DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs.

We’ve got the list of the ‘top 5′ artists with the highest record of sales down below!

1. Arashi – ¥17.163 billion/¥17,163,000,000 (approximately $204,321,424)

2. Tohoshinki - ¥9.431 billion/¥9,431,000,000 (approximately $112,273,808)

3. AKB48 – ¥7.092 billion/¥7,092,000,000 (approximately $84,408,472)

4. EXILE – ¥6.015 billion/¥6,015,000,000 (approximately $71,590,096)

5. Ikimonogakari – ¥5.618 billion/¥5,618,000,000 (approximately $66,865,032)

※None of the artists above have sales for Blu-Ray Discs

Those numbers are astounding, but they definitely provide solid statistics of the artists’ popularity!

Source: Oricon style

p/s...ARASHI SAIKO NE!!!!!

Oricon Yearly Album Ranking for 2010 is out!

We reported the “2010 Oricon Yearly Single Ranking” a moment ago, and here are the results for “2010 Oricon Yearly Album Ranking,” Check it out!


1. “Boku no Miteiru Fukei” – Arashi : (1,053,064)
2. “Ikimonobakari~members’ BEST selection~” – Ikimonogakari : (906,756)
3. “to LOVE” – Nishino Kana : (645,417)
5. “SENSE” – Mr.Children : (597,212)
6. “PAST7. “BEST SELECTION 2010″ – Tohoshinki : (569,530)
8. “Hajimari no Uta” – Ikimonogakari : (560,931)
9. “THE BEST BANG!!” – Fukuyama Masaharu : (544,260)
10. “5years” – Kimura Kaela : (469,028)

11. “FANTSY” - EXILE : (466,701)
12. “Kamikyoku-tachi” – AKB48 : (441,328)
13. “Request” – JUJU : (423,230)
14. “THE FAME MONSTER” – LADY GAGA : (406,502)
15. “VOCALIST 4″ – Tokunaga Hideaki : (398,302)
16. “Aisubeki Mirai e” – EXILE : (394,191)
17. “ALL COVERS BEST” – Kobukuro : (386,706)
18. “BEST~third universe~ & 8th AL ‘UNIVERSE’ “ – Koda Kumi : (371,590)
19. “All the BEST! 1999-2009″ – Arashi : (342,743)
20. “Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION Vol.2″ - Utada Hikaru : (334,348)

21. “Rock’n'Roll Circus” – Hamasaki Ayumi : (318,454)
22. “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” – YUI : (307,564)
23. “Wildflower & Cover Songs: Complete Best ‘TRACK3′ “ – Superfly : (299,654)
24. “Ano…Konnan Dekimashita kedo.” – Yusuke : (285,592)
25. “We are SMAP!” – SMAP : (267,946)
26. “HEAVEN” – Kato Miliyah : (266,102)
27. “8UPPERS” – Kanjani 8 : (265,439)
28. “ONE PIECE MEMORIAL BEST” – Various Artists : (248,899)
29. “Love Songs~Mata Kimi ni Koi shiteru~” – Sakamoto Fuyumi : (214,365)
30. “Recital” – Hilcrhyme : (210,013)

31. “BABY” – aiko : (207,702)
32. “GOOD TIMES” – RIP SLYME : (191,229)
33. “JUMP NO.1″ – Hey!Say! JUMP : (187,621)
34. “LIVE” – NEWS : (185,204)
35. “NO MORE PAIN” - KAT-TUN : (182,563)
36. “Houkago Tea Time II” – Houkago Tea Time : (182,468)
37. “Imamade no A-men, B-men desuto!?” – GReeeeN : (181,889)
38. “Hadou” – Inaba Koshi : (177,984)
39. “TIME FLIES…1994-2009″ : oasis (177,120)
40. “Sports” – Tokyo Jihen : (176,780)

41. “THE REMIX” - LADY GAGA : (175,253)
42. “The…” – JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN : (174,980)
43. “Every Best Single~COMPLETE~” – Every Little Thing : (173,351)
44. “STAR” – Nakashima Mika : (168,230)
45. “Girl’s Talk” – KARA : (166,185)
46. “Ureshikutte Dakiauyo” – YUKI : (166,146)
47. “What’s flumpool!?” – flumpool : (159,324)
48. “BPM” – Domoto Koichi : (158,600)
49. “Togemaru” – Spitz : (152,647)
50. “A Thousand Suns” – Linkin Park : (149,569)

Source: Oricon style

Oricon announces “2010 Yearly Single Ranking”!

Oricon has just revealed the results of the “2010 Oricon Yearly Ranking” for singles. Check out who sold the most amount of singles in 2010 below!


1. “Beginner” – AKB48 : (954,283)
2. “Heavy Rotation” – AKB48 (713,275)
3. “Troublemaker” - Arashi : (698,542)
4. “Monster” – Arashi : (696,022)

5. “Ponytail to Shushu” – AKB48 : (659,959)
6. “Hatenai Sora” – Arashi : (656,343)
7. “Løve Rainbow” – Arashi : (620,057)

8. “Chance no Junban” – AKB48 : (596,769)
9. “Dear Snow” – Arashi : (591,207)
10. “To be free” – Arashi : (516,142)

11. “Love yourself~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~” – KAT-TUN : (439,736)
12. “Sakura no Shiori” – AKB48 : (390,957)
13. “This is Love” – SMAP : (350,322)
14. “Mata Kimi ni Koi Shiteru/Asia no Kaizoku” – Sakamoto Fuyumi : (311,215)
15. “LIFE~Me no mae no Mukou e~” – Kanjani 8 : (305,478)
16. “BREAK OUT!” – Tohoshinki : (289,412)
17. “Going!” – KAT-TUN : (282,901)
18. “Wonderful World!!” – Kanjani 8 : (275,891)
19. “Hatsukoi” – Fukuyama Masaharu : (269,765)
20. “CHANGE UR WORLD” – KAT-TUN : (254,150)

21. “Hitomi no Screen” – Hey!Say! JUMP : (250,206)
22. “Hotaru/Shonen” - Fukuyama Masaharu : (239,768)
23. “I Wish For You” – EXILE : (236,456)
24. “Shamisen Tabigarasu” – Hikawa Kiyoshi : (236,218)
25. “Sakura Girl” – NEWS : (232,752)
26. “Toki wo Tomete” – Tohoshinki : (228,448)
27. “Motto Tsuyoku” – EXILE : (228,189)
28. “XIAH (Intoxication)” – XIAH junsu : (225,638)
29. “One in a million” – Yamashita Tomohisa : (204,561)
30. “Yukai Tsu-kai Kaibutsu-kun” – Kaibutsu-kun (Kaibutsu Taro) : (196,258)

31. “Family~Hitotsu ni naru koto~” – KinKi Kids : (179,927)
32. “Fighting Man” – NEWS : (173,206)
33. “Arigatou” – Ikimonogakari : (165,507)
34. “Onara Hazukashikunaiyo/Pirameki Taiso” – Hannya, Fruits Punch : (164,203)
35. “Nijiiro no Bayon” – Hikawa Kiyoshi : (160,683)
36. “HAPPY” – BUMP OF CHICKEN : (157,324)
37. “Maho no Ryouri ~Kimi kara Kimi e~” – BUMP OF CHICKEN : (152,501)
38. “My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song” – Lia, Tada Aoi : (147,479)
39. “GO!GO! MANIAC” – Houkago Tea Time : (147,355)
40. “Hontou wa Kowai Ai to Romance” – Kuwata Keisuke : (145,354)

41. “1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku!” – SKE48 : (144,973)
42. “Ryusei” – Kobukuro : (144,874)
43. “GIFT~Midori~(Yuki wo Kudasai/One day in winter/Snow White)” (Limited Edition) – Kanjani 8 : (136,508)
44. “GIFT~Shiro~(Fuyukoi/Kimi no Uta wo Utau)” (Limited Edition) – Kanjani 8 : (136,003)
45. “Okay” – Inaba Koshi : (134,381)
46. “GIFT~Aka~(I wish/Minus 100 do no Koi)” (Limited Edition) – Kanjani 8 : (133,978)
47. “NO, Thank You!” - Houkago Tea Time : (133,922)
48. “Kokoro no Hane” – Team Dragon from AKB48 : (130,957)
49. “Gee” – Shoujo Jidai : (130,145)
50. “Listen!!” – Houkago tea Time : (130,137)

Source: Oricon style

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Marry Me....

hohohohoho....i'm shocked to day...coz this guy a pretty brave to say such thing to me...hey boy, i'm not intereted in married right now....its not becoz i hate guys but it still early for me n i'm not ready for commitment for married....

he juz shocked with my excuses n juz said to me that he's not done with it....whatever boy but don't mention that thing again...i'm happy with my life now coz i have what i want even its juz a simple thing....but whatever it family is the important thing to me then my friends n lastly..hehehehe...ARASHI....huhuhuhuhu...(he comes to heart attack when i said this to him)...whatever....

i'm happy with what i have now coz honestly family, friends n Arashi r the cure to my broken heart long time ago...n trust me when i said...u don't understand how to love me...then juz leave...i don't need u....

well...i'm not in hurry to get a husband coz i'm still have lots thing to do..n my to do list is always get longer (than i expected) coz there are things that such important that i have to do first...married is fall to last stage of my life....hehehehehehe...

gomen ne...demo atashi daijoubu...without man in my life...i'm juz fine...but this 5 boys always be in my life...Arashi..they r cure to me....hehehehehe....juz thought of it i guess....

whatever it is...i'm happy with everything that i have now....sayonara...
p/s...this face expression always make up my day...ARIGATOU ARASHI MINNA!!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Performances from NTV’s Best Artist 2010!

NTV’s Best Artist 2010 was held on December 15th at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, and the top Japanese artists were all in attendance.

The end of the year music program began back in 2001, and while no awards are doled out at the show, being invited is the award in itself, because it recognizes the artist as one of the best in Japan.

There were a ton of performances from the artists who were invited, and if you missed the live broadcast for whatever reason, or if you just want to see it all again, check out the videos below!

Koda Kumi – “Sukide, Sukide, Sukide”

TOKIO – “Sorafune” + “AMBITIOUS JAPAN” + “NaNaNa”

Yuzu – “Jiai e no Tabiji” + “Eikou no Kakehashi”

Sakamoto Fuyumi – “Mata Kimi ni Koi shiteru”

Hirai Ken – “POP STAR” + “Aishiteru”

Nishino Kana – “Aitakute Aitakute”

Porno Graffitti – “Apollo” + “Kimi wa 100%”


Kobukuro – “Ryusei”

Ikimonogakari – “SAKURA” + “Arigatou”

Fukuyama Masaharu – “HELLO” + “IT’S ONLY LOVE” + “Hotaru”

Tackey & Tsubasa performing “Venus” and “Ai wa Takaramono”

Hey!Say! JUMP performing “Ultra Music Power” and “Arigatou ~Sekai no doko ni itemo~”

AKB48 performing “Aitakatta“, “Iiwake Maybe“, and “Heavy Rotation”

NEWS performing “Kibou~ Yell~” and “Fighting Man”

KAT-TUN performing “Real Face” and “Going!”

Arashi performing “Believe“, “Happiness“, and “Monster“

Ayumi Hamasaki performing “Love Song”

EXILE performing “Choo Choo TRAIN” and “I Wish For You”

Perfume performing “Polyrhythm” and “Nee”

Source :

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Arashi blasts NTV’s “Best Artist 2010″ with triple-song performance

No year-end show could ever feel complete these days without the appearance of Arashi. When the boys first stepped on the NTV “Best Artist 2010” stage, the screams from fans was practically deafening.

Delivering a triple-treat performance with “Believe“, “Happiness“, and “Monster“, Arashi was definitely one of the top three highlights of the night.

Check it out below!

p/s juz got this news freshly from!!! (now still watching NTV's 'Best Artist 2010' at

Aiba Masaki’s upcoming drama “Bartender” to air a special pre-show!

As we reported earlier, Arashi’s Aiba Masaki is headlining a new drama based off a popular comic series called, “Bartender“. Although it will start broadcasting on February 4th, it’s been recently revealed that a special pre-show will air on January 14th.

The pre-show, which is not a prequel to the drama, merely follows Aiba as he tries to learn more about how to enjoy alcohol from various “Alcohol masters” in the entertainment industry. One of the “Alcohol masters” will be Shimura Ken, who is personally close to Aiba (they co-starred together in “Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen“); Ken will teach Aiba the mature way of enjoying alcohol.

The pre-show will also closely report on Aiba during the shoot, as well as his training on being a bartender.

Aiba’s cast members have also been announced. Joining him are Kanjiya Shihori as the heroine, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi and Mitsuishi Ken as his co-workers, and Kaneko Nobuaki will play as his rival. Tsugawa Masahiko has also been slotted to play the heroine’s grandfather.

Sounds like a pre-show that can’t be missed!

Source: Oricon style (Nikkan sports)

p/s...ganbare to our Aiba-chan for his new dorama...sure i'll buy the DVD when its out!!!! n not to forget Aiba's otanjoubi this month...24/12/2010...don't forget to buy a cake for our birthday boy!!!!

Aiba Masaki to guest on final episode of Ninomiya’s “Freeter, Ie wo Kau”

Arashi’s Aiba Masaki will make a guest appearance on the last episode of “Freeter, Ie wo kau“, scheduled for broadcast December 21st.

The drama stars fellow Arashi groupmate Ninomiya Kazunari, and indeed, many fans were expecting Aiba to cameo in the final episode. The pop group has carried on a tradition in which a member with an upcoming drama will guest-star on the last episode of their bandmate’s sitcom.
Aiba will play the role as the successor of ‘Manami’ (Karina) at ‘Seiji’ (Ninomiya)’s workplace. Afterwards, it will be his turn to flex his acting skills in the upcoming drama, “Bartender“!
p/s...i know this news a lil' bit late but still want to post it...***

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Billboard JAPAN announces the winners of Chart Awards + Year-end chart for 2010!

Billboard JAPAN has announced the winners of “Chart Awards” for Billboard JAPAN Music Award 2010, as well as the results of its year-end chart (Term: 2009. 11. 16~2010.11.21). Below is the Top 10 for each category – Check it out! (As we reported earlier, the winners of the “Artist Awards” will be announced at the “Billboard JAPAN MUSIC AWARD 2010,” which will be held on February 6th.)

★Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 of the Year 2010
1. “Troublemaker” – Arashi
2. “Monster” – Arashi

3. “Heavy Rotation” – AKB48
4. “Love Rainbow” – Arashi
5. “Dear Snow” – Arashi
6. “Hatenai Sora” – Arashi
8. “This is love” – SMAP
9. “To be free” – Arashi
10. “Hontou wa Kowai Ai to Romance” – Kuwata Keisuke

★Billboard JAPAN Album of the Year 2010
1. “Ai subeki Mirai e” – EXILE
2. “Boku no Miteiru Fukei” – Arashi
3. “to LOVE” – Nishino Kana
4. “Ikimonobakari~Members’ BEST Selection~” – Ikimonogakari
6. “Hajimari no Uta” – Ikimonogakari
7. “PAST8. “Imamade no A-men, B-men desuto!?” – GReeeeN
9. “5years” – Kimura Kaela
10. “MAGIC” – B’z

★Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 Airplay of the Year 2010
1. “Fireflies” – Owl City
2. “Baby feat. Ludacris” – Justin Bieber
3. “Misery” – Maroon 5
4. “Hontou wa Kowai Ai to Romance” – Kuwata Keisuke
5. “TiK ToK” – Ke$ha
6. “California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)” – Katy Perry
7. “Bad Romance” – Lady GaGa
8. “Kimi ni Sayonara wo” – Kuwata Keisuke
9. “According To You” – Orianthi
10. “Haven’t Met You Yet” – Michael Buble

★Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 Singles Sales of the Year 2010
1. “Troublemaker” – Arashi
2. “Monster” – Arashi
3. “Love Rainbow” – Arashi
4. “Hatenai Sora” – Arashi
5. “Dear Snow” – Arashi
6. “To be free” – Arashi
7. “Heavy Rotation” – AKB48
9. “Love yourself~Kimiga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~” – KAT-TUN
10. “Beginner” – AKB48

★Billboard JAPAN Adult Contemporary of the Year 2010
1. “Misery” – Maroon 5
2. “California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)” – Katy Perry
3. “TiK ToK” – Ke$ha
4. “Haven’t Met You Yet” – Michael Buble
5. “Bad Romance” – Lady GaGa
6. “Fireflies” – Owl City
7. “Hontou wa Kowai Ai to Romance” – Kuwata Keisuke
8. “Baby feat. Ludacris” – Justin Bieber
9. “You And Your Heart” – Jack Johnson
10. “Alice” – Avril Lavigne

★Billboard JAPAN Jazz Albums of the Year 2010
1. “The Fall” – Norah Jones
2. “My Piano Romance” – Beegie Adair
3. “THIS IS JAZZ Best&Greatest” – Omnibus
4. “Ghibli Jazz” – ALL THAT JAZZ
5. “My Piano Journey” – Beegie Adair
6. “daybreak” – quasimode
7. “Road to Chopin” – Ozone Makoto
8. “Blue Train” – John Coltrane
9. “Norah Jones no Jiyuu Jikan” – Norah Jones
10. “BLACK COFFEE” – Nicki Parrott

★Billboard JAPAN Classical Albums of the Year 2010
1. “Nodame Cantabile Saishu Gakusho” – Nodame Cantabile
2. “debut” – Tsujii Nobuyuki
3. “My Favorite Chopin” – Tsujii Nobuyuki
4. “Nodame Cantbile Complete BEST 100″ – Nodame Cantabile
5. “Kandou no Van・Cliburn・ Concours・ Live” – Tsujii Nobuyuki
6. “Kandou no Chopin ~Van・Cliburn・ Concours・ Live” – Tsujii Nobuyuki
7. “Eien no Chopin” – Classic
8. “dream” – Miyamoto Emiri
9. “Portraits” – Muraji Kaori
10. “Best Classic 100 Premium” – Classic

★Billboard JAPAN Overseas Soundtrack Albums of the Year 2010
1. “Michael Jackson THIS IS IT” – Michael Jackson
2. “Ikemen desune” – Soundtrack
3. “Sex and the City 2 Original Soundtrack” – Soundtrack
4. “Hannah Montana The Movie” – Soundtrack
6. “No.1・80s・ Movie・ Hits” – Omnibus
7. “NINE” – Soundtrack
8. “Disney fan Dokusha ga Eranda Disney best of best” – Disney
9. “AVATER” – Soundtrack
10. “Hana yori Dango Boys Over Flowers” – Soundtrack

★Billboard JAPAN Independent of the Year 2010
1. “My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song” – Lia
2. “TWIST” – Yazawa Eikichi
3. “Mind Shift” – Def Tech
4. “Keep The Beats!” – Girls Dead Monster
5. “Crow Song” – Girls Dead Monster
6. “synchroniciteen” – Soutaiseiriron
7. “Thousand Enemies” – Girls Dead Monster
8. “In the blink of an eye” – FACT
9. “Four” – Ken Yokoyama

Source: Billboard JAPAN


Omedeto!!!! Arashi for the song title TROUBLEMAKER for getting in the first place on the chart...all their hit single this year are in the top 10 places on the chart...congratulation for Arashi n i hope this result will continue next year n upwards....

1. Troublemaker

2. To Be Free

3. Monster

4. Love Rainbow

5. Dear Snow

6. Hatenai Sora

and also their album Boku no Miiteiru Fuukei had been sold over a million copies and it is the best album of the highest sold record among all Arashi album before. its been a great success to this boy band and i really proud of them...!!! i juz can't believe that my group idol are actually the best!!!! hehehehehe...i'm so proud of them...i really love them!!! support all of u till the end!!!! ARASHI FOR DREAM!!!!


Thursday, December 9, 2010


arghh...!!!! its chaos!!! why, why, n why????

I juz open to see if there's a news bout my ichiban but what makes me comes to heart attack was...this!!!!

ARASHI to release their live tour DVD “ARASHI 10-11 TOUR ‘Scene’”.....

arghhh!!!!! they really makes me broke...i agreed with one of my blogger friend... hehehehehe.. but they r really interesting to be crazy off....but its ok...after buying they latest single i still have money to buy this new DVD of my favorite idol.....anything for them...

thank god i still have money n thank god i already learn how to make a saving...hehehehehehe... but i still worry coz early next year i will totally broke...waaaa!!!!!!

one thing is...i must know how to use my pa&ma account..(again...did it long time when i still study n now again)....hurm...the thing i can get it??? but its long as i know how to talk with them then it should be ok....

i can't miss this DVD of Arashi coz this concert i've been waiting for after the Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10....patient patient....fuh3....hehehehehe...can't wait nervous ne...

by the way...long time didn't write in this blog because i'm bzy with my work n got sick also...its ok...i'm get well already...

well...i really can't wait for the DVD!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm so tired....not juz my body but my mind n my soul too....thinking about how i miss someone who i forgot n how to carry on with my life....

i always said to myself...i'm a strong lady that can live alone...yes i do...i know i do...i know i'm strong....atashi yume wa...want to be an iron lady that conquer the world...hehehehehe....

but right this moment...i'm so tired. i want to have some rest...n in order to forget all my problem is to do what i like...such as watching japan drama, listening to Arashi's song n do such thing regarding Arashi...hehehehehe....

i choose to re-watch love story that i like so much...Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku...hehehehe...stars Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) and Takeuchi Yuko....well..don't have time to waste...minna!!! lets watch the drama with me...

ja~ mata ne!!!!

p/s- this is a very good therapy for me to release all sad thing inside of me....