Sunday, December 18, 2011

More info about Fuku Arashi programs

It was previously announced that Arashi would be collaborating with Fuji TV for their Fuku Arashi campaign. Some programs were announced as part of this campaign (such as Kotatsu DE Arashi) but few-to-no details were given.

Recently the Fuku Arashi campaign site launched giving more details about their various shows.

Kotatsu DE Arashi will air on Jan 3 from 13:00-14:30. Celebrating 10 years of Arashi programming on Fuji TV, the show will have Arashi sitting under kotatsu looking at a chronology of events from their debut to present, choosing from Karuta containing keywords from past episodes, and talking about nostalgic videos from their past, among other things.

The set will not only include the chronological table but nostalgic photos, costumes and items they used at past locations shoots. For Arashi fans it will be a 90 minutes full of laughter and tears. Their relaxed talk as they sit reversed under the kotatsu is not to be missed!

Their other planned program, a late-night show to air from December 27-January 2 will only be 5 mins long (24:55-25:00) and will feature talk segments and secret clips from their upcoming shows (there will be no episode on December 31).

Things to look forward to include them looking back at well-known scenes from VS Arashi and introducing the scaled-up versions of their current games which are planned for the VS Arashi Spring special; an introduction to Ohno's spring special drama 『Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai』and Matsumoto Jun's 『Lucky Seven』drama, as well as them dropping in on the set locations; and much much more!


Which celebrity would you want to exchange New Year’s cards with?

AKB48 will be releasing official New Year greeting cards of their members in a first press limited edition set that will cost 30,000 yen (~385 USD). This got the folks over at goo curious, so they decided to ask their users which celebrity they would want to exchange New Year’s greeting cards with.
Check out the results below and let us know who you would want to exchange cards with!
[Which Female Celebrity Would You Want A New Year’s Card From?]
1. Becky – 4337 votes
2. The members of AKB48 – 2631 votes
3. Ayase Haruka – 1872 votes
4. Kitagawa Keiko – 1651 votes
5. Matsushima Nanako – 970 votes
6. Inoue Mao – 871 votes
7. Yoshitaka Yuriko – 857 votes
8. Karina – 851 votes
9. Miyazaki Aoi – 759 votes
10. Kanno Miho – 580 votes
[Which Male Celebrity Would You Want A New Year’s Card From?]
1. Sakurai Sho – 3232 votes
2. Ohno Satoshi – 2628 votes
3. Fukuyama Masaharu – 1798 votes
4. Aiba Masaki – 1645 votes
5. Mukai Osamu – 1288 votes
6. Suzuki Fuku – 1198 votes
7. Matsumoto Jun – 1185 votes
8. Ninomiya Kazunari – 1100 votes
9. Takenouchi Yutaka – 817 votes
10. Ikuta Toma – 752 votes
Source: goo 1 & >2