Tuesday, February 15, 2011


stupid is a mean word....i heard somewhere bout this phrase...can't remember where but i did....huh!!! what the fuck that i received early on my day today...someone throw a shit to me...its ok. NEVER MIND.

who ever she/he is may God always bless ur life. U r the best in everything u do...MAY U ALWAYS ON TOP n keep calling others stupid. FINE~~....i'm not throwing a shit on u but pls respect others mind n feeling. not only u have a guts to say what u want to say or do what u want to do...to this anonymous people...i thank u from the bottom of my heart for calling me an idiot this early morning...n thank u too coz give a ver "nice" comment to me...but if u have guts dont put ur name as an anonymous...juz put ur real name there. don't be a coward. thats not manners.

dont juz popup on others place n throw shit like what u do to me. its not nice to anybody. i bet u go to school rite? then learns manners is very important back there...remember that other people usually have their own way to pay back what u did to them same as me. so pls..dont do same thing to other people.

Lastly, thanks for dropping by at my blog n give shit to me early this morning. I always wish u a happy good healthy life.***