Saturday, January 12, 2013

Arashi announces the release of a new double A-side single

It was announced that Arashi’s new double A-side single “Calling/Breathless” is set for release on March 6th.

As reported earlier, one of the title tracks “Calling” has been chosen as the theme song for member Aiba Masaki’s starring drama “Last Hope” which will start airing on January 15th through Fuji TV. The song is themed with the equality in life and hope, and has an impressive band sound with somewhat nostalgic guitar phrase.

The other title track “Breathless” is said to be an aggressive dance number.

There will be 2 limited editions and a regular edition.

You can check the details below.


1. Calling
2. Breathless
“Calling” Video Clip


1. Breathless
2. Calling
“Breathless” Video Clip


[CD only]
1. Calling
2. Breathless
3. Untitled A
4. Untitled B
5. Calling (Original Karaoke)
6. Breathless (Original Karaoke)
7. Untitled A (Original Karaoke)
8. Untitled B (Original Karaoke)


Source: J-Storm

Aiba Masaki appears at the stage greeting for his starring drama

On January 10th, popular idol group Arashi member, Aiba Masaki appeared at the stage greeting for the pre-screening for his upcoming drama “Last Hope” held at Omotesando Hills.

In the drama, Aiba will be playing the role of a doctor for the first time, and that day, he made an appearance wearing a white coat. When the emcees of the event, Fuji TV announcers, Nishiyama Kikue and Nakamura Mitsuhiro, complimented Aiba how cool he looked in the white coat, Aiba showed a smile, and said, “Am I that cool? I’m gaining self confidence now. I think I will show the cool side of me more this year.”

As reported, “Last Hope” is a medical suspense drama which features a team of doctors who engage in advanced medical care as the “last stronghold” for the patients that were given up by other doctors. It also shows the hidden pasts of those doctors. Aiba’s role “Hatano Takumi” is skilled in diagnosis as he figures out the patients’ symptoms by checking their heartbeat through his stethoscope.

According to Aiba, he was always wearing a stethoscope around his neck even at home while preparing for his role. He said, “I also started to listen to a cardiac sound CD, but when I was listening to it at night, my heart was beating so fast, which made me scared, so I stopped that right away.” Aiba also revealed that he had a hard time reading the lines with lots of medical terms.

As one of the highlights of the drama, Aiba mentioned the afternoon snack time which is indispensable for “Takumi”. He said, “The banana cheese tart on the episode 3 was the best one so far.”
It was also announced that Arashi’s new single “Calling” (to be released on March 6th) has been chosen as its theme song. Aiba explained, “Just like the drama, its lyrics are themed with lives and hopes, and it is a catchy rock number. Since it isn’t very ‘Arashi-like’ song, I had a fresh feeling singling to it.”
To commemorate the broadcast of the drama, there will be an illumination called “Last Hope Illumination”, in which about 250,000 champagne gold colored LEDs will be lighted in Omotesando for 15 days (1/10~1/14).

In the end, Aiba talked about his ambitions for this year, commenting, “This is an anniversary year as I will be turning 30. I am glad I was able to start off this year with this drama, and I want to enjoy it. I also want to be active as Arashi.”

“Last Hope” will begin airing on January 10th on Fuji TV (every Tuesday at 9:00 pm).

Source: Oricon

Image: Last Hope official site

Friday, January 4, 2013

Love is in the Air

Today's topic is about love...I know its a very long time I didn't update this blog...I'm so sorry. A busy life makes me harder to get update every moment...but I promise to all my visitor that I'll try to get it up to enjoy this~~

 Awesome Read it once ♥
"The Perfect Man.."

• Gives Her One of His T-Shirts to Sleep In,

• Give Her One of  His Hoodies;
To Wear so everyone knows 'She's Him's..'

• Leaves Her Cute Text/Notes..♥

• Tells Her; She Looks Beautiful..♥

• Looks Into Her Eyes;
When He Talks to Her..♥

• Lets Her Mess with His Hair..

• Touches Her Hair..

• Just walks around with Her..


• Looks at Her Like;
She's the Only Girl He Sees..♥

• Tickles Her, even when She Says; Stop..=)

• When She Starts Swearing at Him,
He Tells Her; He Loves Her..♥

• Lets Her fall Asleep in His Arms..♥

• Gets Her Mad, then Kisses Her..:**

• Stays on the Phone With Her;
Even If She's not Saying anything. .♥

• Teases Her and lets Her Tease Him back..=)

• Stays up all Night with Her When She's

• Watches Her favorite Movie with Her..♥

• Lets Her Wear His Clothes..=)

• When She's Sad, Hangs Out with Her..♥

• Lets Her know; She's Important..♥

• Kisses Her in the Pouring Rain..:**

• When Falls in Love with Her, Tells Her..♥

• & When He Tells Her,
Loves Her Like He has Never Loved Someone
Before..♥ =)