Friday, August 5, 2011

Special drama of “Kaibutsu-kun” to be aired this fall!

It’s been reported that Nihon TV’s “Kaibutsu-kun” will be making a comeback this fall through a special drama!

Titled “Kaibutsu-kun Shinsaku SP!”, the special drama will be aired as a tie-in story to the upcoming “Kaibutsu-kun” movie, which will hit theatres on November 26th.

The cast members include the regulars: Ohno Satoshi as ‘Kaibutsu-kun’, Yashima Norito as ‘Dracula’, Ueshima Ryuhei as ‘Werewolf’, Choi Hong Man as ‘Frankenstein’, Kawashima Umika as ‘Utako’, and Becky as Kaibutsu-kun’s fiance, ‘Kaiko’.

In the drama series, Kaibutsu-kun finished his training in the human world. The special will follow his life after he returns to the land of monsters.

Ohno commented, “Everyone, please look forward to the drama and movie!

Source: Sanspo