Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Arashi’s secrets will be revealed on this week’s “Himitsu no Arashi-chan”

On the March 3rd episode of Arashi’s hit variety show “Himitsu no Aarashi-chan“, the singers will reveal secrets they’ve kept from even their own group members!

The guest in the segment “VIP Room” will be singer-songwriter aiko. She will talking about the real life experiences behind her most popular 3 singles. In addition, she asks the Arashi members to reveal a secret they’ve never told anyone before.

In the segment “Mannequin Five“, the members of Arashi will compete with actors Sato Ryuta and Shinagawa Hiroshi to coordinate the ultimate outfit with the theme “Jeans”.

The episode will air 10pm on Thursday night in Japan (noon on Thursday, EST).

Source: TV Dogatch via excite

p/s...can't wait for this episode!!!! wonder what is Arashi's secret??? Watch this episode!!!!

Johnny’s Company allows pictures of their celebrities at their official site “Johnny’s net”

Johnny’s Company is known to be the most strict company of not allowing any of their Johnny’s celebrity pictures in any sites. But recently, pictures of Johnny’s celebrity has appeared at their own site “Johnny’s net“. From the tab “Artist”, you can choose the Johnny’s artist you want to see and click “Profile” to go to the profile page. Though the pictures are small, they definitely have pictures of the artist from Smap, Arashi, V6 to Hey Say Jump on the pages.

Even though Johnny’s Company allowed pictures to be on their own website, it is still blocked from using right clicks to copy the images.

Source: Internet Watch