Friday, January 14, 2011

Things To Do This Year....(JANUARY LIST)

i kinda make a list for the things i must do n don't every year...only this year i be able to write it down coz i feel necessary to do it...

-celebrate the twin birthday...(last year i give them the Ben 10 cake as a present...dunno what to give this year..any idea??)
-celebrate Arashi's Sakurai Sho birthday on 25/1/11..can't wait for it..since he's turning 29 this year...owh!!! sho chan!!!
-buy Arashi 10-11 DVD SCENE (already make the preorder n hope get it soon since it will be release on 26/1/11)
-survey for DSLR Camera (keep asking myself which is better n worth to buy....Canon EOS 60D or Nikon D7000)
-buy a new hard disk n maybe a new laptop... God!!! what a huge amount of list for this month.....hehhehehe...whatever it is hope i can fulfill it.......

-fall in love (why?? coz rite now i don't feel want to fall in love...i only have interest in having a lot of friends and make a lot of Arashian friend....)
-be a bad girl or should i say a heartless girl..(must avoid it!!!)
-pick a horrible present for the twins since i make a lot of mistake regarding them recently...gomenne~~
-stop thinking bout Arashi..(heheheeheh...this one is zettai dame dayo!!!)

p/s...this January list is sure heavy but least i'm satisfy coz i have a place to spend my money....especially on Arashi stuff!!! so i should be ready to get broke...hehehehehe...=))