Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Matsumoto Jun in misplaced anger rant! Being truly angry on tv defiantly

VS Arashi which is aired last thursday on March 3 is up for criticism over Matsumoto Jun's (27) openly pouty attitude. The opposite team in this episode is guest from Getsu drama 「Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta」 and the plus one guest is comedian Football Hour, showing a development into a game full of climax. Miura Haruma (21) who is a big fan of VS Arashi has a showdown against Arashi in his 5 favourite games on the show.

Miura was excited from the beginning. "I always wanted to play these games", participating in all the games and having a big lead over Arashi team. In 「Dual Curling」 Arashi team sent out Matsumoto Jun in an attempt to recover the points. However perhaps due to his anxiety to win, after this game the Getsu team gains a bigger lead, resulting in a situation where all the members blame him for his error. Upon this Matsujun became defiant and frantically defended himself by excusing that the equipment is flawed.

At the opening of the next game 「Cliff Climb」, Matsujun's sour look remained unchanged and the tense mood was conveyed to the audience through the screen. There is no sign of Matsujun's mood recovering despite the efforts of Arashi members and Football Hour trying to enliven the atmosphere. Wanting to change the atmosphere no matter what, Arashi team abruptly nominated Matsujun to take part in Cliff Climb. In between this Nozomu Iwao of Football Hour rebuked him "Today's Matsujun is unattractive, is it really ok at this rate?!", Matsujun's stiff facial expression then softened slightly. However he repeatedly made mistakes during the game and did not manage to display any of his forte, ending up with Arashi team losing to the Getsu team.

And of course in MDA (Most Dame Arashi) Matsujun was selected by the other members. Whether it is Arashi or the guest, usually when the game ends everyone would return back to their usual manner but the recording had an unexpected happening. After the recording is over the camera pursues after Matsujun who had a depressed expression and he made a rash remark instead "What are you doing! Are you stupid ?!" Despite Matsujun being famous for being a sore loser, there are criticisms over his reckless remarks in front of the camera as there are a vast number of children watching.

***I always say, never mess with our princess

Just FYI this episode got 10.8%, the lowest rating since they went into golden slot in Oct 2009

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  1. Oh yeah, I read that the other day...
    They don't understand that Jun can react as anyone else ><

  2. yup!!! of course jun upset...almost everything he do that day failed...jun very upset n he's the one to be put as MDA by the other member...poor jun...=(

  3. Yeah, completely poor him...
    Maa~ it can happens ne? Just not his day~
    Did you watch it?

  4. yup!!!
    i watch it already...i never see matsujun get angry like that...no smiles on his face..
    poor him..really bad day for him..=((

  5. where can i watch that? i want to see how jun reacted..thnx

  6. u can watch it on tudou...its VS Arashi 3/3/2011...