Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GACKT to begin worldwide video + photo project for earthquake relief

Popular singer GACKT has begun multiple projects to assist victims of the Tohoku earthquake, but recently revealed through his official Twitter that he would like to begin yet another one to show Japan that citizens all over the world care about Japan’s well-being. “I have a new idea here. Would you try something else with me?”, he tweeted on March 29th. “I want messages from people all over the world. Please take a video of yourself and your message for ‘SHOW YOUR HEART!!!’ We want you to put the videos up on You Tube starting from the 31st. It will give courage to all people in the disaster areas.” Fans of GACKT and other supporters are being asked to upload a video of themselves holding a piece of paper with “SHOW YOUR HEART” written on it, along with your own message and your current location. Those who are unable to upload the videos to YouTube themselves can send it to GACKT directly, who will then post it for earthquake victims to view. Alternatively, fans can send a photo with a message and the name of their city and country to All photos received will be posted on the official website for viewing to encourage those who are currently struggling with the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake. Source: GACKT’s Official Twitter

Johnny & Associates announces earthquake relief project, “Marching J”, feat. all talents

Johnny & Associates have announced the creation of an earthquake relief project called “Marching J“, which will feature the participation of all Johnny & Associates talents. The project was named by president Johnny Kitagawa, and the “J” stands for both ‘Japan’ and ‘Johnny’s’. Mr. Kitagawa says, “I put the meaning of ‘Let’s walk together toward the recovery.” Although Johnny & Associates housed a relief unit, “J-FRIENDS“, for 1995’s Great Hanshin Earthquake, it was only comprised of TOKIO, KinKi Kids, and V6. This time, however, “Marching J” will involve all the agency’s talents – it’ll mark the first in-house collaborative project since the company’s founding in 1962. Mr. Kitagawa explained, “It was that big of a disaster. We need to get together, and take actions to make our hearts as one.” He also revealed that there were many talents who were willing to do something for the disaster relief. The first event for “Marching J” will be through a fundraiser, which will be hosted in front of the First Gymnasium at the Yoyogi National Stadium. The event will run from April 1st to the 3rd, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Including Johnny’s Jr. boys (and trainees), there will be over 100 talents participating the event under the slogan, “Use our energy without using electricity“. Talk segments will also be held at the event. Mr. Kitagawa also stated that the project does not have a set time limit, nor will this be a one-time event. He said, “We will continue to do some kind of activity every month until the end.” Source: Sanspo