Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sakurai and Matsujun to guest star in Ohno’s upcoming drama

Sho Sakurai and Jun Matsumoto will not only guest in Satoshi Ohno’s upcoming drama, they will play characters they act in their own dramas, it was revealed on December 6, reports Oricon.
 Representatives at Fuji TV, who are making Ohno’s New Year’s drama “もう誘拐なんてしない (Mou Yukai nante Shinai)”, announced Arashi’s Sakurai will reprise his role as butler-and-detective Kageyama from his current drama “謎解きはディナーのあとで (Nazo-toki wa Dinner no Atode)”, while Matsumoto will play his newbie detective character from his upcoming TV drama series “ラッキーセブン (Lucky Seven)”.
“It’s not like usual, it’s not very Arashi-like,” Matsumoto said.
 The announcement was made at a press conference where all five Arashi members were promoting a New Year’s campaign for the TV company.  It has been reported Sakurai said he had been given the script for the drama a few days ago, and was already excited to be part of the project.
“The first page had Ohno’s name, and then on the second page was Matsumoto’s and my name.  It just made me happy that I carry it around with me every day,” he said.
 On the other side though, a disapproving Kazunari Ninomiya and Masaki Aiba questioned their leader as to why they had not been invited.
“What about us, Ohno-kun?  Not that I’m asking for a big part, but there’s still a chance if you’re still filming, right.  Where are you filming it,” Aiba said.
“I haven’t gotten any invitations yet.  I don’t mind going straight to the set to meet everyone either,” Ninomiya said.
“Not this time,” Ohno said, before the two tried comforting one another by saying they’d work harder on “VS Arashi”.
After Sakurai’s current drama series finishes and before Matsumoto’s drama series begins, Fuji TV will air a series of Arashi specials.
The entire campaign is called “福嵐 (Fuku-Arashi)”, and will include s TV special that looks back on Arashi’s career and a VS Arashi special.  Commercials for Fuku-Arashi will go on air in Japan between December 17 and January 3, with special one-day-only commercials on January 3.  Fuji TV also plans to open a special website, where fans will be able to play Arashi games and quizzes, plus a special lottery to win Arashi merchandise.

Aiba Masaki visits Taiwan

Arashi’s Aiba Masaki recently attended the world premiere for the documentary, “Nihon Retto Ikimono Tachi no Monogatari“, in Taiwan.
This film was presented in Taiwan to thank the students of Affiliated Experimental Elementary School at Taipei Municipal University of Education, who gathered donations for the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake back in March. A total of 250 people, mainly consisting of students, were invited to attend the screening party.
The students of the school shared a part of their allowance, and donated a total of 300,000 yen (around $4000 usd). Aiba expressed, “I was deeply moved by the support of the children. I am honored to first screen this film in Taiwan, who gave us their warm support.” He then promoted the documentary saying, “I want children all over the world to see the family love and bond of animals that is portrayed in the film.
A press conference was held before the screening party, where Aiba was asked to compare the members of Arashi to an animal. “Ohno-kun likes to fish, so maguro (tuna)!“,  he responded, causing the crowd to burst into laughter.
Since Arashi has held a concert in Taiwan previously back in 2006 and 2008, the fans enthusiastically welcomed Aiba when he arrived at the airport and while sight-seeing with the students. He promised, “Out of gratitude, I want to hold a live again in Taiwan.
Source: Sanspo
Photo: Udn.com