Friday, March 4, 2011

Korean movie remake of “Kimi wa Petto” holds launch event in Japan

Lead actors for the Korean film remake (left) and the original Japanese drama of "Kimi wa Petto".

Via tokyohive:

On March 3rd, the cast of the Korean “Kimi wa Petto” film remake attended a launch event in Japan’s Ibaraki Airport.

“Kimi wa Petto” (You’re My Pet), based on a manga of the same name, was made into a hit drama in 2003, starring model/actress Koyuki and Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun, and the same roles will be portrayed by actors Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Suk in the remake. In the original story, the male character becomes the ‘pet’ of the female protagonist after being found abandoned in a cardboard box.

The two lead actors attended the promotional event along with band group FT Island’s Choi Jong Hun and director Kim Byeong Kon. The cast met with around 3000 fans.
From left to right: Kim Ha Neul, Jang Geun Suk, and Choi Jong Hun

Kim told the press, “Jang Geun Suk, who is a great actor, also has a cute charisma that suits a ‘pet‘.” Jang replied, “I’m happy to be Ha Neul’s pet.”

Filming for the movie will begin in the city of Ibaraki in May.

Source: WoWKorea via goo & Yomiuri Online
**Source : Tokyohive


  1. I don't know if I'm happy of if I'm not...
    I must be none of them XD

    I like Kimi wa petto, and I liked this guy in You're beautiful~
    But I don't really want to watch the remake! XD

  2. i'm not happy..=((
    i dont want to see the remake...i love momo to be my pet!!! i want matsujun as a pet!! not this guy..he can play the role but he cant be as good as one can replace momo..xDxD^_^

  3. Hahaha nee?
    We just have not to watch it~ I don't like that girl anyway xD
    & Of course nobody can replace OUR Momo <3 ^_^

  4. nope...i want to watch it..i want to make comparison bout it...but matsujun are way cuter than that guy...matsujun have soft face n that guy..even tho i like him but still cant beat OUR MOMO...^_^

  5. Oh...
    Of course he CAN'T!! :D
    Poor him... we're calling him "that guy that guy" XDDDDD

  6. hahahaha!!!! u also know him rite?? jang geun suk?? i love to see him act too but not as MOMO...

  7. Yeah I know him, I know his name but I don't know how to pronounce it XDDD
    But his acting is good~ x)
    Jaaa~ We'll see when the drama will be starting~ He may be good, who knows? He just can't have better than SECOND place, since the first is already taken~ :)

  8. yeah...he's good in acting...i know him too...
    i like him but not as MOMO...hehehe..its not a drama..its only a movie..thank goodness..hehehehe..=))
    since the first place already taken i'm not really worried..^_^

  9. Ah just a movie?! Souka~ Yokatta ne! haha ^_^