Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"WITH" September issue - Arashi

i juz wanna scream!!!!!! why???
it is because i saw an impossible view at a bookshop i went this evening....
they have WITH September issue features Arashi!!! I'm shocked n without further delay i buy that issue...i'm so happy coz at last i found a magazine that features Arashi as a front cover.....

p/s...i can't believe that i have this issue..finally in my hand... ^_^

Which young male celebrities are easiest to approach?

In this world, you can usually categorize people with the following: those easiest to approach and those who are difficult to approach. This applies to the entertainment industry as well.
goo Ranking was curious about this and asked its users, ‘Which of the young male celebrities are easiest to approach?
Check out who came out on top below!
1. Aiba Masaki
2. Kiritani Kenta
3. Sakurai Sho
4. Ninomiya Kazunari
5. Mizobata Junpei
6. Koike Teppei
7. Ikuta Toma
8. Mukai Osamu
9. Sato Takeru
10. Other
Would you be able to carry a conversation with these young celebrities? Put down your response below!
Source: goo Ranking