Sunday, January 30, 2011

CNBLUE comeback slated for February!

CNBLUE has just put up a ticker on their website for their comeback in February!

From the looks of it with the countdown, the band is going to release their first full album on DAY-25 (February 25th). BOICEs, I’m sure you all will figure out the math and calculate the exact day their album is going to be released.

Source: CNBLUE Official site

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Actor Jang Geun Suk, who is planning on releasing a Japanese single in March, has ranked highly in the pre-order ranking charts.

On January 29th, Jang Geun Suk’s entertainment company, Tree Company, revealed that Jang Geun Suk’s first Japanese single has ranked 1st on a Japanese online music site, HMV.

Jang Geun Suk has already shown off his amazing vocal skills in various drama OSTs, and has received a lot of interest from Japanese fans due to the Asia Tour he did last year.

Jang Geun Suk’s Japanese representatives have revealed, “Jang Geung Suk has recieved a lot of interest because of the drama, ‘You’re Beautiful.’ Lately, K-Pop is receiving an overwhelming interest in Japan. We are very happy to announce that new Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk’s upcoming single has ranked 1st on the pre-order charts.”

On March 23rd, Jang Geun Suk wil release his first Japanese single. Following that, on March 27th, Jang Geun Suk will have a showcase with 15,000 fans at the Big Site Concert Hall.

Source + Picture: Star News

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arashi to challenge Guinness World Records with 60 CMs for au

Popular boy band Arashi attended the screening of au’s newest Android commercial on the 26th, where they revealed some very ambitious plans.

According to Oricon, Arashi will be attempting to break three Guinness World Records with their latest series of endorsements for the Android phone. These records include: broadcasting the most versions of the same CM within twenty-four hours, broadcasting the most versions of a single CM within eight hours on a single channel (more than fifty-eight), and broadcasting the most versions of the same CM during a thirty-minute television program (more than ten).

Arashi will attempt to break the twenty-four hour record on the 27th of this month, and will simultaneously attempt the eight hour record on Space Shower TV. The thirty minute record will take place during the Music Lovers episode scheduled for January 30th.

During the CMs, the members of Arashi will introducing some of the various applications and and features of the Android smartphone. “We had a good time putting all our efforts into making these… I’m sure you’ll see it too,” said Matsumoto Jun with a smile. In spite of the huge number of commercials, Aiba Masaki also seemed positive about the result stating, “Shooting these CMs was so much fun that when we finished, it didn’t feel like much.”

One of the new features that Arashi will play with during the CMs is a Google Translate application, which translates foreign words via voice into Japanese. “Ninomiya (Kazunari) loves it,” said Aiba. Ninomiya quickly denied the statement, resulting in laughter over his “confession.”
All 60 CMs will be available for viewing on au’s official website beginning January 27th, 11 AM JST. Find out whether or not they break the records on the 27th and the 30th!

Source: Oricon
Tip: deprive.d

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jang Geun-suk Releases Japanese Debut Album

Young drama prince Jang Geun-suk will show what he’s got in his first album.

Bringing on the producers who helped create some of his tracks for last drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night“, the 23 year old talent will release his debut album in Japan on March 23rd.

Jang Geun Suk, known for both singing and acting, has captured the hearts of his audience with such hit dramas as “You’re Beautiful” and “Beethoven Virus” to which he has contributed to OST.

To celebrate the album’s release, Jang Geun Suk will be holding a showcase on the 27th, coming only months after his previous tour.

Looks like Japan is the go place for everyone these days, lets just hope its an actual album and not some compilation of all his previous works translated to Japanese.

Source: Pony Canyon

Arashi’s leader Ohno Satoshi gives first “Otoshidama” to the members

Arashi member Ninomiya Kazunari made an appearance on NTV’s “The Sunday NEXT” (Sunday Morning Informative Program) that was broadcasted on January 23rd. The corner in which Ninomiya made a guest appearance on was “Dokumitsu Taidan“, and he talked with one of the main hosts of the show, Tokumitsu Kazuo.

During the talk, Ninomiya confessed about his “first surprise” of 2011. According to Ninomiya, the “first surprise” happened during JE’s traditional “Hatsumoude (first shrine visit of the New year)”. Every year, Johnny’s boys receive “Otoshidama” from their big senior, Higashiyama Noriyuki of Shonentai at the shrine, and Ninomiya says that receiving “Otoshidama” from Higashiyama makes him feel that a New Year has come.

However, this year, Arashi’s leader, Ohno Satoshi, started giving out the “Otoshidama” to the members which was for very first time. While other Arashi members were confused by Ohno’s gift, he said bashfully, “It’s because I turned to 30 years old.” When members refused to take the “Otoshidama” from Ohno, he said, “It’s okay. I want to give this to you guys.” Ninomiya also confessed that Ohno’s “Otoshidama” was ¥10,000 per member.

According to Ninomiya, it was the most surprising Otoshidama he has ever received.

Source: Tech Insight Japan

Arashi will attempt to set three world records starting tomorrow

Every new Arashi TV commercial has always delighted fans, but 60 new commercials will be aired on TV tomorrow as the group tries to break three world records, reports Oricon and Sankei News.

The group talked about their new commercial line up for KDDI’s Android au mobile phone IS03 at an event in Tokyo this morning.

Sixty versions of their new mobile commercial will go on air tomorrow in attempt to break the following world records: “Most number of versions of a TV commercial advertising the same product broadcast on regular TV within 24 hours”, “Most number of versions of a TV commercial advertising the same product broadcast on one pay-TV channel within 8 hours”, and “Most number of versions of a TV commercial advertising the same product broadcast within one 30-minute TV show”.

The challenge will begin on January 27, with Space Shower TV being the one pay-TV channel, and the “Music Lovers” TV show – to be broadcast on January 30 – to be the one 30-minute show.

It has been reported a special website,, will showcase all 60 commercials from 11am tomorrow, Japan time.

At the event, Arashi member Jun Matsumoto smiled confidently at the group’s challenge.

“We put everything we had into every commercial, and it was a lot of fun. I hope people can watch them,” he said.

Each commercial introduces a different feature or application on KDDI au’s Android smartphone.
-At the event, Masaki Aiba showed one feature of the mobile phone by speaking into the Google Translate feature to send his team member a love message in another language.

“I love you, (Kazunari) Ninomiya,” he said.

“I don’t love you,” Ninomiya replied.

SOURCE : arashi_communitylivejournal *credit to forgottenyears*

SS501’s Park Jung Min reveals his thoughts on working as a solo artist

Despite his seven-year career in the music industry, SS501’s Park Jung Min has been dealing with a lot of ‘firsts’ ever since he returned with his solo album, “Not Alone.”

Out of all five of his fellow group members, he’s the first to officially kick off a solo career. Although he originally intended to return last November, he delayed it for two months out of respect for the Yeonpyeong Island skirmish.

He began, “I attempted for the first time to write all of the songs in the album. I wanted to deliver my honest thoughts through my own voice. I’ve always liked drawing and writing, but it was an aspect of myself that I wasn’t able to express with SS501. I’m planning to write the lyrics for every new song that will be out under my name. The thought of someone reading my lyrics made me feel shy and pressured at first, but writing little by little brought out a sort of excitement.”

When asked about the differences between performing as a soloist and with a group, he replied, “There’s no time to rest as a soloist, since I have to do everything on my own. With SS501, I was able to sleep when the other members went into filming (laughter). As a soloist, all of the focus is on me.”

Park Jung Min then revealed that he underwent a 12 kg weight loss. “It’s difficult to lose weight the first time, but now, no matter how much I eat, I just don’t gain weight. My basic stamina has improved. Even though my schedule is busy, I try to fit in exercise. Kim Jong Guk-hyung, Super Junior, and SHINee all come to my gym. Since all of their bodies are shaping up, I can’t lose to them, now can I?”

The star also discussed SS501’s new group album, which is scheduled for release later this year. “Once SS501’s schedule is confirmed, I’m planning to postpone my personal activities. As opposed to going out of everyone’s way to make it happen, I’d rather that we just naturally came together.”

His goal for the new year is to tour at least five countries. Park Jung Min explained, “Park Jung Min is part of SS501, but through my solo album, I want to let the public know who I am. My 2011 goal is to become a man that people want to hug (laughter). Since I am of age now (25), I want to express a more masculine aspect of myself.”
Source: Newsen via Nate

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young looking lovely on set of “Mary Stayed Out All Night”

Never-before-seen cuts of KBS 2TV’s latest drama, “Mary Stayed Out All Night,” were recently revealed.

Being of the same age and having previous work experience as child actors, Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young share a special relationship.

Regarding Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young commented, “Geun Suk has a lot of interest in acting. He’s always livening up the set atmosphere and we connect on a lot of levels so I’m learning a lot from him.”

Jang Geun Suk complimented back, “Geun Young is always respectful, bowing and greeting the staff members before anyone else. She has a lot of energy in that small body of hers. She’s such a bright, strong friend that being with her makes me feel better.”

Other staff members that observed the two commented, “Just looking at them, anyone can tell that they’re a lovely couple. They both help everyone feel comfortable on set and maintain a happy atmosphere.”

-note-...they've been awarded best couple in KBS DRAMA AWARD 2010

Source + Photos: TVDaily

Monday, January 24, 2011

Next episode of “Music Lovers” to feature Arashi!

Nihon TV’s late-night music program, “Music Lovers“, will feature Arashi on its upcoming episode!

Scheduled for a January 30th broadcast, the show will air all of Arashi’s performances from “Music Lovers”, which includes “Love so sweet“, “One Love“, and “Troublemaker“.

The show will also reveal a never-before-seen talk segment, so Arashi fans, make sure that you catch this very special episode!

Source: Music Lovers official site
Image: To be free

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Arashi reveals the full track list for “Lotus”

Arashi’s first single for 2011, “Lotus” which is the theme song for member, Aiba Masaki’s new drama “Bartender” scheduled to air on February 4th will be released on February 23rd. On J-Storm, the full track list for the upcoming single has been revealed.

1. Lotus
2. ever

“Lotus” Video Clip + 12 pages of booklet for the lyrics included

-only CD
1. Lotus
2. ever
3. Boom Boom ※Lyrics for the rap part written by Sakurai
4. Lotus (Original Karaoke)
5. ever (Original Karaoke)
6. Boom Boom (Original Karaoke)

Source : J STORM

Friday, January 21, 2011

SHINee wins popularity award at the “2011 Asia Model Awards Ceremony”

SHINee made an appearance at one of Asia’s biggest modeling events, the “2011 Asia Model Awards Ceremony“.

Held on January 21st at the Seoul Marriott Hotel, models from Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Mongolia each represented their home countries under the slogan, ‘Asia Is One,’ in an effort to improve the modeling industry.

The boys were not only fawned over, but they also won the ‘BBF Popular Singer Award‘!

Congratulations, boys!

Source: Newsen via Nate

p/s....this post is different from coz is about K-POP...i do have interest in SHINee...heheheheehe...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Which song best encourages students during exam time?

Recochoku users voted on which song they thought best cheered on students who were preparing to take exams, and the results of the poll have been announced!

ARASHI won the top spot with their song “Sakura Sake,” a song whose title closely resembles the word for success on exams (sakurasaki). This is the second year in a row that the 2005 single has come in at number one, most likely because the positive lyrics describing spring and cherry blossoms – which normally mark graduation time – are helpful to students who need a little motivation to get through the difficulties of exam preparation. “I think that ‘Sakura Sake’ means ’success,’ so I listened to it all the time when I was studying for my tests,” professed a tenth year student, while another commented that the lyrics gave her “the power to look forward.”

Coming in at second place is YUI’s song “GLORIA.” Tenth year students replied, “When I was a student preparing for exams, I felt like ‘Could I stand to lose?’ whenever I heard this song,” and “The powerful message supported me.” The lyrics of YUI’s hit single express a determination to keep on going to fulfill your dreams even when the going may be tough, a positive message for students.

Kobukuro’s song YELL claiumed the third place spot, locking it into the top 5 for the third time.

Check out the full Top 5 Ranking below!

1. ARASHI – Sakura Sake
3. Kobukuro - YELL
4. Kitano Kie – Sakura Saku
5. Ikimonogakari - Ima Hashiridaseba

Source: Recochoku (Tokyohive)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

AKB48, Arashi increase year-end single CD sales for the first time in 5 years

Oricon revealed their “2010 Yearly Market Report” on the 13th, which summarized the total sales for all music units in 2010. While the amount of total CDs and DVDs sold in 2010 actually decreased from the year before, the report does suggest that the immense popularity of idol groups AKB48 and Arashi did have a positive effect on the individual sales categories.

To start, Oricon’s report revealed that the total sales in the overall music industry equalled¥332.24 billion (approximately $4 billion USD). Unfortunately, while the figure looks impressive at first glance, it’s a grim statistic for industry representatives – 2010’s stats have continued the gradual decline of overall sales for the fourth year in a row.

However, the sales for single CDs was actually higher this year than the sales figures from 2009. The statistic brings a bit of hope, as it’s been five years since the single CD sales figure was higher than the previous year’s. An analysis done by Oricon’s market staff reported that Arashi and AKB48 contributed the most to this boost in CD sales. AKB48 had a total of 5 singles in the ‘Top 50 Year-End Single Ranking’ of the year, while Arashi had 6 – both groups dominated the ‘Top 10′.

Arashi ended up being the top selling artist of the year, followed by Tohoshinki, AKB48, EXILE and Ikimonogakari respectively. Analysts concluded that the singles in the ‘Top 100′ ranking increased the sales figures of CDs for 2010 overall.

With that said, what about music DVDS?

Oricon reports that DVDs have also marked its best sales record yet since 2004, when the company started printing their “Yearly Market Report”. Again, the boost in statistics is attributed to Arashi, as their live DVD “ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10” (released in April 2010) marked the sales of ¥4.56 billion. It was the first time a music DVD has sold over ¥4 billion.

Check out the figures below from Oricon’s “2010 Yearly Market Report”.


> Statistic Breakdown:
[Type] [Number of copies sold (Compared to the year 2009)] : [Total Sales (Compared to the year 2009)]


Single CDs: 40,089,900 copies sold (107.1%) : ¥53.09 billion (107.8%)

Albums: 73,392,800 copies sold (90%) : ¥214.99 billion (88.2%)

Music DVDs: 11,089,700 copies sold (104.3%) : ¥64.16 billion (110.5%)

Total: 124,572,300 copies (96.1%) : ¥332.24 billion (94.6%)

Overall, 2010 made 3.9% less in sales volumes, and 5.4% less in profits from 2009.


Source: Oricon style, Mainichi, Oricon 1 + 2

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Arashi to release their first single of 2011 + PV preview!

Arashi has announced that they will be releasing their first single for 2011 titled “Lotus” on February 23rd! The song will be the theme song for member, Aiba Masaki’s upcoming drama “Bartender” (will start on February 4th). The full track list for the upcoming single has not been revealed yet, but there will be two different types, a “Limited Edition” and a “Regular Edition.” The “Limited Edition” will include a DVD which consists of a video clip of “Lotus” and the “Regular Edition” will include “Boom Boom” as one of the follow up songs.

Stay tuned to tokyohive for more details! Check out the PV preview below!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Things To Do This Year....(JANUARY LIST)

i kinda make a list for the things i must do n don't every year...only this year i be able to write it down coz i feel necessary to do it...

-celebrate the twin birthday...(last year i give them the Ben 10 cake as a present...dunno what to give this year..any idea??)
-celebrate Arashi's Sakurai Sho birthday on 25/1/11..can't wait for it..since he's turning 29 this year...owh!!! sho chan!!!
-buy Arashi 10-11 DVD SCENE (already make the preorder n hope get it soon since it will be release on 26/1/11)
-survey for DSLR Camera (keep asking myself which is better n worth to buy....Canon EOS 60D or Nikon D7000)
-buy a new hard disk n maybe a new laptop... God!!! what a huge amount of list for this month.....hehhehehe...whatever it is hope i can fulfill it.......

-fall in love (why?? coz rite now i don't feel want to fall in love...i only have interest in having a lot of friends and make a lot of Arashian friend....)
-be a bad girl or should i say a heartless girl..(must avoid it!!!)
-pick a horrible present for the twins since i make a lot of mistake regarding them recently...gomenne~~
-stop thinking bout Arashi..(heheheeheh...this one is zettai dame dayo!!!)

p/s...this January list is sure heavy but least i'm satisfy coz i have a place to spend my money....especially on Arashi stuff!!! so i should be ready to get broke...hehehehehe...=))

Thursday, January 13, 2011


hurm...what should i do?? to prevent my heart to be broken again after i hardly cured it..i have to do that...i make a really big mistake juz now...hurm...gomenne fauzi...i speak harshly to him juz now...poor my little cousin...if u know how hard i keep this broken heart then u'll never done such mistake...i know u miss that person...u want to see that person..but i cant fulfill ur wish..n why on earth u make such wish?? i totally dont understand....

its ok u hate me day u'll understand that me n that person are not meant to be together...i'm juz one of that person failed let it be like that...when u grown up u'll understand many things...i'll always love u dear fauzi..."k.ila xda niat pun nak marah abg iji mcm tdi...tpi kan k.ila dah ckp jgn sentuh hp k.ila. napa degil?? dah tu abg iji g dail no tu napa??"....=(((

hurm...i'm really sad coz i have to do such thing to my lovely little cousin...hontou ni gomennasai....

p/ my heart, be strong. i'm a strong lady. i can endure this. its juz a little mistake n i can fix strong. hold onto myself. i know i can do it....GANBATTE!!!

*mood* -SS501_LOVE LIKE THIS-

Ohno Satoshi’s “Kaibutsu-kun” to be released as a 3D movie

“Kaibutsu-kun“, a drama series broadcasted from April to June of 2010, starring Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi, will now be released as a 3D movie!

The movie will be directed by Nakamura Yoshihiro, who is known as the director of “Team Batista no Eiko” and “Golden Slumber.” The main cast members for the drama, such as Yashima Norito, Ueshima Ryuhei (Dacho Club), and Choi Hong Man will also appear in the movie.

The shoot for the movie has already started on January 6th, and it is planned to be held in other Asian countries as well.

It will be released during Christmas season in 2011.

..................................................................................... .................................................................................

It has been confirmed that the "Kaibutsu-kun" drama series, starring Arashi's Satoshi Ohno (30), has a movie version in the works. The film will be shot in 3D and is said to be a huge project, with some sources reporting that NTV is investing approximately 2 billion yen for the film's production budget. Yoshihiro Nakamura ("Golden Slumber," "Team Batista no Eikou") has been tapped to direct.

Although the drama only averaged 13.9% during its original broadcast run last year, it reportedly had ratings of 24.2% among young children and families. The show already got a special episode last year, and the characters from the show also made an appearance at NHK's Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

This will be Ohno's first solo starring role in a movie. Besides him, the show's main cast will reprise their roles, including Norito Yashima, Ryuhei Ueshima, Choi Hong Man, Takeshi Kaga, Masahiro Matsuoka (TOKIO), Izumi Inamori, Umika Kawashima, and Tatsuomi Hamada. Of course, new characters will be added as well, including an original villain.

Filming will begin this month, and some scenes will be shot in southeast Asia as the story involves Kaibutsu-kun and his friends going on an adventure to a fictional country.

Production is aiming to finish around October. Although an exact release date has not yet been set, various sources are reporting that the film will either be released around Christmas or the New Year holiday season.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsuyama Kenichi to attend same-day “GANTZ” premiere in both USA & Japan

On January 10th, Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsuyama Kenichi, and Hongo Kanata attended a special “GANTZ” event at Roppongi Hills. During the event, it was announced that both Ninomiya and Matsuyama will take part in “stage greetings” for the premiere events in both Japan and the U.S. for January 20th.

Ninomiya and Matsuyama will appear for the “stage greeting” at a Roppongi theatre on the morning of the 20th, and immediately afterwards, they’ll fly to Los Angeles for the “stage greeting” at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The L.A. premiere is considered to be the official world premiere, so Ninomiya and Matsuyama’s audience greet will be relay-broadcasted live to 334 theatres across the States.

The first half of “GANTZ” will be released on January 29th, and the last half will be revealed on April 23rd.

Another Day in My Life....

another day had passed...without i noticed it..its been eleven day in the new!!! time passes by so bad coz don't noticed it...

i juz think...if i had an extra time last nite, what should i do??? heheheehehe...something slightly passes my mind...i had a feeling want to call God!!! am i crazy??? but no...i juz had that feeling but i didn't do it...heheheehhee...then with a thunder of storm i forgot it...

"don't cross the line"...that phrases keep appeared in my mind today..dunno why but i'm juz aware with everything i done today...this day ain't over yet but keep being aware...heheheheeh...hope only good things will happen next...

now i'm bored...what to do?? i've finish collecting Arashi no Shukudai kun episodes...n i'm done downloading Arashi Time Concert ~ Kotoba No Chikara~....i'm also done downloading nino's drama Freeter Ie O Kau....uwaaa!!!! bored...owh!! i have no idea how to edit that new profile from Facebook...its make me baka juz look at it n done nothing...hurm...=((

well...the day is not over yet...n i also must not give up easily...i'll try my best to do what i have to finish today n make my day omoshiroi....yatta!!!

p/s - mood _Arashi (Happiness and Troublemaker)

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Busy Day.....

Today i know will be a very busy day for me and especially for Mr.Lappy...Mr.Lappy will do a very important job for me for today and tomorrow...

I'm in a process of downloading Time Concert (Arashi)....and also a japanese n korean movie....but i decided to run through downloading whole concert part b4 i can continue to downloading the korean and japanese drama....

In addition...i will start cleaning over my room n do some adjustment in it...i still have no plan for it but i'll make it thats the plan for me today....

p/s...thinking to complete Arashi no Shukudai kun episode or Himitsu no Arashi chan episode....dunno which one...
-they sure give me a lots of work to do...oh! my Arashi chan!!!!-

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

“25th Japan Gold Disc Award” names Arashi as the “Artist of the Year”

-this is a news bout my group idol that makes me cho ureshi!!!!!!-

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) has announced the winners of “The 25th Japan Gold Disc Award” on January 5th, and Arashi has received the “Artist of the Year” distinction for two consecutive years!

Aside from “Artist of the Year”, Arashi also received five other awards, including “Album of the Year”.

The “Japan Gold Disc Awards” was first launched in 1987 to recognize outstanding artists (and works) that have contributed to recording industry. Awards based on the actual sales number, and 2010’s winners utilized data from January 1st ~ October 31st.

Check out the winners of “The 25th Japan Gold Disc Award” below!

- Artist of the Year
• Domestic – Arashi
• International – Lady Ga Ga

- New Artist of the Year
• Domestic – Shoujo Jidai
• International – KARA

- The Best 5 New Artists (Domestic)
• Kitano Kie
• KG
• Shoujo Jidai
• miwa

- The Best 3 New Artists (International)
• Orianthi

- The Best Enka/Kayoukyoku Artist
• Sakamoto Fuyumi

- Album of the Year
• Domestic – Arashi: “Boku no Miteiru Fukei”
• International – Linkin Park: “A Thousand Suns”

- The Best 5 Albums
• Arashi: “Boku no Miteiru Fukei”
• Tohoshinki: “BEST SELECTION 2010″
• Nishino Kana: “to LOVE”

- Classic Album of the Year
• Tsujii Nobuyuki: “My Favorite Chopin”

- Jazz Album of the Year
• Larry Carlton & Tak Matsumoto: “TAKE YOUR PICK”

- Instrumental Album of the Year
• Various Artists: “image 10 emotional & relaxing”

- Soundtrack Album of the Year
• Cecile Corbel: “Karigurashi no Arrietty Soundtrack”

- Animation Album of the Year
• Various Artists: “ONE PIECE MEMORIAL BEST”

- Traditional Japanese Music Album of the Year
• Nihon Columbia Ginei Ongaku Kai: “The 46th Columbia Zenkoku Ginei Concours Kadai Gin ‘Ume’”

- Special Product Album of the Year
• JUJU: “Request”
• Tokunaga Hideaki: “VOCALIST 4″

- Single of the Year
• AKB48: “Beginner”

- The Best 5 Single
• Arashi: “Troublemaker”, “Monster”
• AKB48: “Beginner”, “Heavy Rotation”, “Ponytail to Shushu”

- Song of the Year by download
• Domestic – Nishino Kana: “Aitakute Aitakute”
• International – KE$HA: “Tick Tock”

- The Best 5 Songs by download
• EXILE: “Motto Tsuyoku”
• Kimura Kaela: “Ring a Ding Dong”
• Nishino Kana: “Aitakute Aitakute”, “if”, “Best Friend”

- The Best Music Videos
• Arashi: “ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10″
• The Rolling Stones: “Ladies and Gentlemen”

- Special Award
• Uemura Kana: “Toilet no Kamisama”
• Tokunaga Hideaki: “VOCALIST” Series

Source & Photo: Oricon style

p/s...keep up the good work ARASHI MINNA SAN!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

So That's The Happy Ending....

The title is a lil' bit strange...isn't it?? well...a very dear friend of mine asking me..."how did u end ur 2010 episode of life??"....i said to her..."wow!!!! dear...u ask me such a tough question!!"....

but i answer the question...
i end up my 2010 with a very happy ending....becoz of i have a very good partner that keep me company till the end of 2010...n its still continue till 6.30 p.m. 31/12/2010...i was in front of the televisyen waiting for my partner to have their live show which is Kohaku Uta Gassen....n my partner was very good looking wearing a white suit n its look good on them...they look partner is of course...ARASHI...n what makes me more happy is the white team win n Arashi is the leader of white team!!! Omedeto!!!!

n after Kohaku...they continue their perfomance with Johnny's Countdown Live but they only broadcast it from NHK becoz they don't have enough time to rush there...its ok Arashi...still keep up a good work even its end of the year!!!!

after their live show....i'm waiting for Arashi ni Shiyagare...owh..this one is really2 funny...i' laughed till my tears funny this one...still want to laugh at this moment...i juz missed the VS Arashi Special episode but don't mind it coz i'll download it while i have time...

now still the celebration of New Year i can feel it...i never had a very happy ending in my life b4...although many thing i've been through in 2010...but the ending is very sweet...with Arashi n with my family....

p/s...thanks to my whole family knows them becoz of Kohaku Uta Gassen...i force them to watch it with me n i did!!! i juz can keep my shock becoz my mother said that she likes Oh-chan coz have a very cute face in Kaibutsu perfomance!!!! my God!!! heheehehe...


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!!!

now...a new year has arrive!!!!!

new vision n mission in this year...what would it a happy go lucky person as always or want to be a serious one or juz go with the flow??

or shuold i totally change myself?? is definitely not me...maybe i juz go with the flow and be as happy as i am...lucky?? hope i'll get it too....another year had passed and another year coming....many plans looking forward to be establish this ju take a deep breath n go along eith the plan....

will it be a successful one?? juz watch n see how it will be nicely done...

p/s...i hope this year will be another successful year for me & my family, my friends, my idol group Arashi and my fellow Arashian...let's make history together!!!!