Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who did kids choose as their favorite entertainer?

Toy maker Bandai recently held a research survey amongst 1500 boys and girls ages 3 to 12 with the help of their guardians. In this survey, they asked the question: Who is your child’s favorite entertainer?

Taking 23.8% of the votes, Arashi took number one. Many kids stated to their parents that they like Arashi because “They’re cool, they can dance well and they’re really good at variety shows.” It seems that Arashi’s multiple talents seemed to catch even the attention of kids. On top of that many of the kids said that they became interested in the group through siblings and friends.

Following Arashi with 13.9% of votes was AKB48. Some parents commented saying that when AKB48 performs their catchy songs on television, their kids seem to be mesmerized and just sit still. Some parents also said that, “they sing and imitate their dances.” It seems that a lot of kids like AKB48 because they want to be like the members of the group.

In third place was Hanya, a comedy duo. Other comedy duos and comedians such as Audrey (fourth place), Shimura Ken (fifth place), Tano Shingo (sixth place), and Imoto Ayako (eigth place) made it into the rankings. Kasuga Toshiaki of Audrey and Tano Shingo were brought up because many of the kids like to imitate their gags. Kids imitate their gags to make others around them laugh but also to become popular amongst their peers. Comedian Shimura Ken made it into the ranking as well because many of the kids were introduced to him through their parents, who were fans before.

Here is the full list of the ranking:

1. Arashi

3. Hanya (comedy duo)

4. Audrey (comedy duo)

5. Shimura Ken (comedian)

6.Tano Shingo (comedian)

7. Becky (talent)

8. Imoto Ayako (comedian)


10.Sato Takeru (actor)

Thanks to deprive.d for the tip!
Source: Oricon DeView