Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arashi unleashes PV for their upcoming single, “LOTUS”!

Its been long since i didnt post anything in this this blog..gomen minna!!! lately i dont have much time to post anything in this blog. But since its weekend today n i dont have to be at my office today so i decide to post this important video. Its "Lotus" PV from Arashi!!!! The full version of this song already out long ago n today the full lenght video out!!! Owh~~today is Lotus Day for all Arashian!!!~~
Arashi has been teasing fans with small updates on their upcoming single, “LOTUS,” but now the full PV has been released!

The song is an upbeat track with a cool choreography, and the PV features shots of the members in dark rooms rather than having a story.

The full version of Lotus already out as well as the PV...check out the video below....

p/s....really love to see them in white suit...they really look cho kakkoi!!~~