Monday, June 20, 2011

Just A Post

Title is about a post...its juz about me, myself n i....
I wonder why there are people who can satisfy with something n some other people who can't....its happen in my case where there are certain people around me can't be satisfied with something n want more n become greedy to it...n its becoming worse where they want something so badly until i have nothing more to give..n when this happen they will ask why u r so like this??

I seriously dont understand why this type of people do exist...come satisfied with what u have..dont become too greedy coz as far as i know u r not like that b4...but its ur life anymore...i dont have right to say this n that...well dear friend..u always be dear to me. I'm always concern bout u even i didn't show it to u but i know. Coz u never been fade in my life.

p/s...note to a friend...(doesn't related to anybody)