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End of the year 2010....

b4 2010 become the end....
i have such a great memory in this year....i can see my group idol live juz now n i can buy their stuff without hesitation....n i broke up...its all happen in one keeps a lot of story behind it...


p/s..still in Arashi mood -Troublemaker- by Arashi....

Arashi to make appearance on “Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011″ via broadcast

As many of you already know, Arashi will be one of the hosts for this year’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen“, which will be broadcasted live on New Year’s Eve from 7:00 PM- 11:45 PM. But that’s not the only event the night has in store for Japan’s most popular male group – Arashi is also confirmed to be attending the “Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011“, which will also be partially broadcasted live on Fuji Television.

“Johnny’s Countdown” is an annual countdown live held at the Tokyo Dome which features appearances from the many talents of Johnny’s Entertainment. As members of JE, Arashi has attended the event every year. In 2009, Arashi attended “Kohaku” for the first time, but were unable to stick around for the entire ceremony as they had to rush to the countdown live immediately after they concluded their performance.

As Arashi has confirmed their appearance again this year for both “Kohaku” and “Johnny’s Countdown”, they’ve decided that they’ll participate on “Johnny’s Countdown” via a relay broadcast.

Since the countdown broadcast starts at 11:45PM, the boys have worked out a cooperative agreement with NHK; as hosts of “Kohaku” this year, Arashi will be unable to leave early to attend the countdown live. Knowing that their attendance is a tradition valued by both members and the fans, NHK has agreed to help the boys out by allowing them to relay broadcast from one of their studio or venue locations.

Stay tuned to tokyohive for continued coverage on this exciting event!

Source: Nikkan Sports & Tokyohive

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Arashi appears on year-end Global album chart for 2010!!!

2010 has been another extraordinary year for wildly popular group Arashi. Depsite their dominance in all areas of the entertainment world – from music to acting – the group has never lost their focus and passion for music. Their reign over the year-end Oricon charts is apparent in the top 10 singles ranking where all of their singles managed to make an appearance.

That’s not all though, the group has been ranked #36 on the year-end charts for Global albums, being the only Asian act to appear on the list for 2010. “Boku no Miteiru Fukei” managed to sell 1.1 million copies according to the charts, just behind the posthumous release of “Michael” by Michael Jackson and various Glee cast albums at #33 and #34.

Arashi have no signs of slowing down either, continuing the pace they’ve set for themselves over the years. Look out for their appearance on Kouhaku Utagassen on the 31st...

p/s....i know most of Arashian already post it...but still i want to post it coz my blog can't miss news bout them...hehehehehe...

Source : Tokyohive & United World Chart

2011 (another Arashi year...)


yeah...soon it will be 2011...owh..another year had pass...n i'm still hoping for the best next the year will be the same like this year coz i'll be broke for sure...early this year...i'll receive my Arashi DVD...n i still don't know how many single they will release next year...owh...hohohoo...juz prepare the money friends keep asking what worth do u spend on them?? i juz's worth coz i know where my money go n its worth coz i have a place to spend my money... of my arashian blogger agreed with what i said...coz only arashian know the satisfaction of spending money on Arashi's stuff...huhuhuhu!!!! but its good for me since i broke up n nobody i have to pay attention with so i decide to pay attention to my idol group....=))

one day for sure...i'll go to Japan n meet them...owh...even in a dream its beautiful i don't know if i can meet them for real....well..this year almost come to its end...what can i say??? juz hope for the best next year....

i will make sure that i can achieve what i have to achieve next year...its for my own good tho...n i must forget the thing that i have to forget...

well...i will not being broken hearted coz i'm Arashian but if my Matsumoto Jun have a girlfriend then i might be broken heart...owh!!!! can't imagine how i feel if its really happen!!! no Matsujun!!!! Watashi anata daisuki!!!! Love Junji n Arashi too!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sakurai Sho’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Matsumoto&Aiba – The reversed-aged pair

Considering their ages, Aiba-kun is one year older, but even so, somehow Matsumoto-kun seems to smack him very often. ( laugh )

Aiba&Ninomiya – The harmonized pair

Because they were together since a long time ago, since their Junior days, how should I say this, they seem totally harmonized with each other.

Ohno&Matsumoto – The combination pair

They often have to sign together at concerts, so I somehow have this image of them sticking close and singing.

Ohno&Aiba – The soothing pair

Well, that’s because these two are always gentle/calm. Don’t they seem like being surrounded by a soothing atmosphere?

Matsumoto&Ninomiya – The level-headed pair

It’s true that these two are the youngest, but among the 5 of us, I think they’re the most level-headed persons. Rather than being naughty/mischievous, they give off a very reliable feeling. (

Oh Sho, if Nino 's not mischievous, I don't know who is...)

Ninomiya&Ohno – The entertainer pair

They sure have an image of always being together. They always play by doing some kind of short comic skits. Even when there’s no camera to record, they still do that in the green room. ( laughs )


Aiba Masaki’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Sakurai&Ohno – The senior pair

Because Sho-kun and Leader…are the oldest ones inside Arashi.

Ninomiya&Ohno – The playful pair

Generally speaking, there are a lot of times when they play with each other.

Ninomiya&Sakurai – The smart pair

Well, there are a lot of times when they get excited talking about computers.

Ohno&Matsumoto – The pair that diminished the distance between them

When Arashi was formed, Matsumoto used to talk to Leader in honorific language.

Matsumoto&Sakurai – The pair that loves soba ( soba = japanese noodles )

They sure eat soba a lot. They even order soba through the meal delivery service very often. ( laughs )

Matsumoto&Ninomiya – The pair that has the same tastes

For example, they seem to be reading the same manga very frequently.


Ninomiya Kazunari’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Ohno&Aiba – The similar people pair

I think these two are very similar. Isn’t their compatibility good too? They never even had a fight before.

Ohno&Matsumoto – The typical brothers pair

These two are separated by the biggest number of years. The youngest is very level-headed, the oldest is very calm, just like some typical siblings.

Matsumoto&Aiba – Mutual understanding comrades

Well, because these two are together since their Junior days, they understand each other very well, right?

Sakurai&Ohno – The pair that understands each other

First of all, they really understand each other, these two. Their fellowship is simple yet long. I think that’s why they know each other so well.

Aiba&Sakurai – The super good friends pair

How should I say this…aren’t they the best friends? It seems they meet even at the tailor’s shop, and even went together shopping for clothes. Don’t they have the same hobbies and preferencess..

Matsumoto&Sakurai – The level-headed pair

I guess these two are very level-headed. They have that kind of image. They’re like that during concerts too, and if you have some kind of problem, they lead you out of it. I have the impression that this kind of situation happens a lot.


Ohno Satoshi’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Aiba&Ninomiya – The pair that messes around

Nino always messes around with Aiba-chan. He’s done that since a long time ago, and keeps doing it.

Matsumoto&Aiba – The pharmacy pair ( LOL )

Aiba-chan often receives pills for hay fever from Matsumoto. Because Matsumoto has pretty much any kind of pill ( laughs )

Matsumoto&Ninomiya – The adult pair

These two are fresh. Even in the green room for example, you won’t see them doing skinship too often . That’s what I mean by “adult” ( laugh )

Sakurai&Aiba – The laughing pair

When they’re together, Sho-kun somehow constantly makes Aiba-chan burst into laughter. By things he does or says. They always seem to be having fun.

Ninomiya&Sakurai – The high tension pair

They constantly get excited by different things. By…words for example, they get excited in that kind of situation. And at the concerts, these two suddenly start to mess around frequently.

Matsumoto&Sakurai – The “adult” pair

Somehow…they seem “adult” ( laugh ). Them seem very calm.


Matsumoto Jun's analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Sakurai&Ohno – The impossible pair

Perhaps these two are just impossible…Because there’s a sensible person and an intellectual. Leader is good at drawing but Sakurai-kun sucks ( laughs ).

Ninomiya&Sakurai – Yamada Tarou pair

They give me the image of “Yamada Tarou Monogatari”. The drama from back then still has a strong impression. Then, these two take their computers with them even we go touring. They both do that.

Ninomiya&Ohno – The super close friends pair

After all, they’re the ones who are together most often. Somehow or other, they get along very well. They even hold hands frequently…How long are they gonna keep doing that? ( laugh ). Even I don’t know ( laugh ).

Aiba&Sakurai – The pair that loves golf

I have the feeling that these two talk about golf once in a while. It’s not like I watch them all the time.... but this is the impression I have.

Ohno&Aiba – The pair that share the same feelings

They drink together at bars, they drink together at hotels, then get moved even to the point of crying together. I don’t quite understand what makes them feel so moved, but this kind of thing apparently happens.

Aiba&Ninomiya – The classmates pair

These two are together since a looong time ago. They must have a very old bond too. They get along well. Like a friendship between two classmates.

magazine: TV JAPAN (DEC 2010)
credit: darkhriss @ lj
...n paah taan @ FB

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Oricon releases their 2010 yearly ranking for “Artist Total Sales”!

Oricon has stamped the end of 2010 with the release of their yearly ranking for “Artist Total Sales“. The ranking is based on the gross total sales of CDs (both singles and albums), DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs.

We’ve got the list of the ‘top 5′ artists with the highest record of sales down below!

1. Arashi – ¥17.163 billion/¥17,163,000,000 (approximately $204,321,424)

2. Tohoshinki - ¥9.431 billion/¥9,431,000,000 (approximately $112,273,808)

3. AKB48 – ¥7.092 billion/¥7,092,000,000 (approximately $84,408,472)

4. EXILE – ¥6.015 billion/¥6,015,000,000 (approximately $71,590,096)

5. Ikimonogakari – ¥5.618 billion/¥5,618,000,000 (approximately $66,865,032)

※None of the artists above have sales for Blu-Ray Discs

Those numbers are astounding, but they definitely provide solid statistics of the artists’ popularity!

Source: Oricon style

p/s...ARASHI SAIKO NE!!!!!

Oricon Yearly Album Ranking for 2010 is out!

We reported the “2010 Oricon Yearly Single Ranking” a moment ago, and here are the results for “2010 Oricon Yearly Album Ranking,” Check it out!


1. “Boku no Miteiru Fukei” – Arashi : (1,053,064)
2. “Ikimonobakari~members’ BEST selection~” – Ikimonogakari : (906,756)
3. “to LOVE” – Nishino Kana : (645,417)
5. “SENSE” – Mr.Children : (597,212)
6. “PAST7. “BEST SELECTION 2010″ – Tohoshinki : (569,530)
8. “Hajimari no Uta” – Ikimonogakari : (560,931)
9. “THE BEST BANG!!” – Fukuyama Masaharu : (544,260)
10. “5years” – Kimura Kaela : (469,028)

11. “FANTSY” - EXILE : (466,701)
12. “Kamikyoku-tachi” – AKB48 : (441,328)
13. “Request” – JUJU : (423,230)
14. “THE FAME MONSTER” – LADY GAGA : (406,502)
15. “VOCALIST 4″ – Tokunaga Hideaki : (398,302)
16. “Aisubeki Mirai e” – EXILE : (394,191)
17. “ALL COVERS BEST” – Kobukuro : (386,706)
18. “BEST~third universe~ & 8th AL ‘UNIVERSE’ “ – Koda Kumi : (371,590)
19. “All the BEST! 1999-2009″ – Arashi : (342,743)
20. “Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION Vol.2″ - Utada Hikaru : (334,348)

21. “Rock’n'Roll Circus” – Hamasaki Ayumi : (318,454)
22. “HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN” – YUI : (307,564)
23. “Wildflower & Cover Songs: Complete Best ‘TRACK3′ “ – Superfly : (299,654)
24. “Ano…Konnan Dekimashita kedo.” – Yusuke : (285,592)
25. “We are SMAP!” – SMAP : (267,946)
26. “HEAVEN” – Kato Miliyah : (266,102)
27. “8UPPERS” – Kanjani 8 : (265,439)
28. “ONE PIECE MEMORIAL BEST” – Various Artists : (248,899)
29. “Love Songs~Mata Kimi ni Koi shiteru~” – Sakamoto Fuyumi : (214,365)
30. “Recital” – Hilcrhyme : (210,013)

31. “BABY” – aiko : (207,702)
32. “GOOD TIMES” – RIP SLYME : (191,229)
33. “JUMP NO.1″ – Hey!Say! JUMP : (187,621)
34. “LIVE” – NEWS : (185,204)
35. “NO MORE PAIN” - KAT-TUN : (182,563)
36. “Houkago Tea Time II” – Houkago Tea Time : (182,468)
37. “Imamade no A-men, B-men desuto!?” – GReeeeN : (181,889)
38. “Hadou” – Inaba Koshi : (177,984)
39. “TIME FLIES…1994-2009″ : oasis (177,120)
40. “Sports” – Tokyo Jihen : (176,780)

41. “THE REMIX” - LADY GAGA : (175,253)
42. “The…” – JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN : (174,980)
43. “Every Best Single~COMPLETE~” – Every Little Thing : (173,351)
44. “STAR” – Nakashima Mika : (168,230)
45. “Girl’s Talk” – KARA : (166,185)
46. “Ureshikutte Dakiauyo” – YUKI : (166,146)
47. “What’s flumpool!?” – flumpool : (159,324)
48. “BPM” – Domoto Koichi : (158,600)
49. “Togemaru” – Spitz : (152,647)
50. “A Thousand Suns” – Linkin Park : (149,569)

Source: Oricon style

Oricon announces “2010 Yearly Single Ranking”!

Oricon has just revealed the results of the “2010 Oricon Yearly Ranking” for singles. Check out who sold the most amount of singles in 2010 below!


1. “Beginner” – AKB48 : (954,283)
2. “Heavy Rotation” – AKB48 (713,275)
3. “Troublemaker” - Arashi : (698,542)
4. “Monster” – Arashi : (696,022)

5. “Ponytail to Shushu” – AKB48 : (659,959)
6. “Hatenai Sora” – Arashi : (656,343)
7. “Løve Rainbow” – Arashi : (620,057)

8. “Chance no Junban” – AKB48 : (596,769)
9. “Dear Snow” – Arashi : (591,207)
10. “To be free” – Arashi : (516,142)

11. “Love yourself~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~” – KAT-TUN : (439,736)
12. “Sakura no Shiori” – AKB48 : (390,957)
13. “This is Love” – SMAP : (350,322)
14. “Mata Kimi ni Koi Shiteru/Asia no Kaizoku” – Sakamoto Fuyumi : (311,215)
15. “LIFE~Me no mae no Mukou e~” – Kanjani 8 : (305,478)
16. “BREAK OUT!” – Tohoshinki : (289,412)
17. “Going!” – KAT-TUN : (282,901)
18. “Wonderful World!!” – Kanjani 8 : (275,891)
19. “Hatsukoi” – Fukuyama Masaharu : (269,765)
20. “CHANGE UR WORLD” – KAT-TUN : (254,150)

21. “Hitomi no Screen” – Hey!Say! JUMP : (250,206)
22. “Hotaru/Shonen” - Fukuyama Masaharu : (239,768)
23. “I Wish For You” – EXILE : (236,456)
24. “Shamisen Tabigarasu” – Hikawa Kiyoshi : (236,218)
25. “Sakura Girl” – NEWS : (232,752)
26. “Toki wo Tomete” – Tohoshinki : (228,448)
27. “Motto Tsuyoku” – EXILE : (228,189)
28. “XIAH (Intoxication)” – XIAH junsu : (225,638)
29. “One in a million” – Yamashita Tomohisa : (204,561)
30. “Yukai Tsu-kai Kaibutsu-kun” – Kaibutsu-kun (Kaibutsu Taro) : (196,258)

31. “Family~Hitotsu ni naru koto~” – KinKi Kids : (179,927)
32. “Fighting Man” – NEWS : (173,206)
33. “Arigatou” – Ikimonogakari : (165,507)
34. “Onara Hazukashikunaiyo/Pirameki Taiso” – Hannya, Fruits Punch : (164,203)
35. “Nijiiro no Bayon” – Hikawa Kiyoshi : (160,683)
36. “HAPPY” – BUMP OF CHICKEN : (157,324)
37. “Maho no Ryouri ~Kimi kara Kimi e~” – BUMP OF CHICKEN : (152,501)
38. “My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song” – Lia, Tada Aoi : (147,479)
39. “GO!GO! MANIAC” – Houkago Tea Time : (147,355)
40. “Hontou wa Kowai Ai to Romance” – Kuwata Keisuke : (145,354)

41. “1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku!” – SKE48 : (144,973)
42. “Ryusei” – Kobukuro : (144,874)
43. “GIFT~Midori~(Yuki wo Kudasai/One day in winter/Snow White)” (Limited Edition) – Kanjani 8 : (136,508)
44. “GIFT~Shiro~(Fuyukoi/Kimi no Uta wo Utau)” (Limited Edition) – Kanjani 8 : (136,003)
45. “Okay” – Inaba Koshi : (134,381)
46. “GIFT~Aka~(I wish/Minus 100 do no Koi)” (Limited Edition) – Kanjani 8 : (133,978)
47. “NO, Thank You!” - Houkago Tea Time : (133,922)
48. “Kokoro no Hane” – Team Dragon from AKB48 : (130,957)
49. “Gee” – Shoujo Jidai : (130,145)
50. “Listen!!” – Houkago tea Time : (130,137)

Source: Oricon style

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Marry Me....

hohohohoho....i'm shocked to day...coz this guy a pretty brave to say such thing to me...hey boy, i'm not intereted in married right now....its not becoz i hate guys but it still early for me n i'm not ready for commitment for married....

he juz shocked with my excuses n juz said to me that he's not done with it....whatever boy but don't mention that thing again...i'm happy with my life now coz i have what i want even its juz a simple thing....but whatever it family is the important thing to me then my friends n lastly..hehehehe...ARASHI....huhuhuhuhu...(he comes to heart attack when i said this to him)...whatever....

i'm happy with what i have now coz honestly family, friends n Arashi r the cure to my broken heart long time ago...n trust me when i said...u don't understand how to love me...then juz leave...i don't need u....

well...i'm not in hurry to get a husband coz i'm still have lots thing to do..n my to do list is always get longer (than i expected) coz there are things that such important that i have to do first...married is fall to last stage of my life....hehehehehehe...

gomen ne...demo atashi daijoubu...without man in my life...i'm juz fine...but this 5 boys always be in my life...Arashi..they r cure to me....hehehehehe....juz thought of it i guess....

whatever it is...i'm happy with everything that i have now....sayonara...
p/s...this face expression always make up my day...ARIGATOU ARASHI MINNA!!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Performances from NTV’s Best Artist 2010!

NTV’s Best Artist 2010 was held on December 15th at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, and the top Japanese artists were all in attendance.

The end of the year music program began back in 2001, and while no awards are doled out at the show, being invited is the award in itself, because it recognizes the artist as one of the best in Japan.

There were a ton of performances from the artists who were invited, and if you missed the live broadcast for whatever reason, or if you just want to see it all again, check out the videos below!

Koda Kumi – “Sukide, Sukide, Sukide”

TOKIO – “Sorafune” + “AMBITIOUS JAPAN” + “NaNaNa”

Yuzu – “Jiai e no Tabiji” + “Eikou no Kakehashi”

Sakamoto Fuyumi – “Mata Kimi ni Koi shiteru”

Hirai Ken – “POP STAR” + “Aishiteru”

Nishino Kana – “Aitakute Aitakute”

Porno Graffitti – “Apollo” + “Kimi wa 100%”


Kobukuro – “Ryusei”

Ikimonogakari – “SAKURA” + “Arigatou”

Fukuyama Masaharu – “HELLO” + “IT’S ONLY LOVE” + “Hotaru”

Tackey & Tsubasa performing “Venus” and “Ai wa Takaramono”

Hey!Say! JUMP performing “Ultra Music Power” and “Arigatou ~Sekai no doko ni itemo~”

AKB48 performing “Aitakatta“, “Iiwake Maybe“, and “Heavy Rotation”

NEWS performing “Kibou~ Yell~” and “Fighting Man”

KAT-TUN performing “Real Face” and “Going!”

Arashi performing “Believe“, “Happiness“, and “Monster“

Ayumi Hamasaki performing “Love Song”

EXILE performing “Choo Choo TRAIN” and “I Wish For You”

Perfume performing “Polyrhythm” and “Nee”

Source :

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Arashi blasts NTV’s “Best Artist 2010″ with triple-song performance

No year-end show could ever feel complete these days without the appearance of Arashi. When the boys first stepped on the NTV “Best Artist 2010” stage, the screams from fans was practically deafening.

Delivering a triple-treat performance with “Believe“, “Happiness“, and “Monster“, Arashi was definitely one of the top three highlights of the night.

Check it out below!

p/s juz got this news freshly from!!! (now still watching NTV's 'Best Artist 2010' at

Aiba Masaki’s upcoming drama “Bartender” to air a special pre-show!

As we reported earlier, Arashi’s Aiba Masaki is headlining a new drama based off a popular comic series called, “Bartender“. Although it will start broadcasting on February 4th, it’s been recently revealed that a special pre-show will air on January 14th.

The pre-show, which is not a prequel to the drama, merely follows Aiba as he tries to learn more about how to enjoy alcohol from various “Alcohol masters” in the entertainment industry. One of the “Alcohol masters” will be Shimura Ken, who is personally close to Aiba (they co-starred together in “Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen“); Ken will teach Aiba the mature way of enjoying alcohol.

The pre-show will also closely report on Aiba during the shoot, as well as his training on being a bartender.

Aiba’s cast members have also been announced. Joining him are Kanjiya Shihori as the heroine, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi and Mitsuishi Ken as his co-workers, and Kaneko Nobuaki will play as his rival. Tsugawa Masahiko has also been slotted to play the heroine’s grandfather.

Sounds like a pre-show that can’t be missed!

Source: Oricon style (Nikkan sports)

p/s...ganbare to our Aiba-chan for his new dorama...sure i'll buy the DVD when its out!!!! n not to forget Aiba's otanjoubi this month...24/12/2010...don't forget to buy a cake for our birthday boy!!!!

Aiba Masaki to guest on final episode of Ninomiya’s “Freeter, Ie wo Kau”

Arashi’s Aiba Masaki will make a guest appearance on the last episode of “Freeter, Ie wo kau“, scheduled for broadcast December 21st.

The drama stars fellow Arashi groupmate Ninomiya Kazunari, and indeed, many fans were expecting Aiba to cameo in the final episode. The pop group has carried on a tradition in which a member with an upcoming drama will guest-star on the last episode of their bandmate’s sitcom.
Aiba will play the role as the successor of ‘Manami’ (Karina) at ‘Seiji’ (Ninomiya)’s workplace. Afterwards, it will be his turn to flex his acting skills in the upcoming drama, “Bartender“!
p/s...i know this news a lil' bit late but still want to post it...***

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Billboard JAPAN announces the winners of Chart Awards + Year-end chart for 2010!

Billboard JAPAN has announced the winners of “Chart Awards” for Billboard JAPAN Music Award 2010, as well as the results of its year-end chart (Term: 2009. 11. 16~2010.11.21). Below is the Top 10 for each category – Check it out! (As we reported earlier, the winners of the “Artist Awards” will be announced at the “Billboard JAPAN MUSIC AWARD 2010,” which will be held on February 6th.)

★Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 of the Year 2010
1. “Troublemaker” – Arashi
2. “Monster” – Arashi

3. “Heavy Rotation” – AKB48
4. “Love Rainbow” – Arashi
5. “Dear Snow” – Arashi
6. “Hatenai Sora” – Arashi
8. “This is love” – SMAP
9. “To be free” – Arashi
10. “Hontou wa Kowai Ai to Romance” – Kuwata Keisuke

★Billboard JAPAN Album of the Year 2010
1. “Ai subeki Mirai e” – EXILE
2. “Boku no Miteiru Fukei” – Arashi
3. “to LOVE” – Nishino Kana
4. “Ikimonobakari~Members’ BEST Selection~” – Ikimonogakari
6. “Hajimari no Uta” – Ikimonogakari
7. “PAST8. “Imamade no A-men, B-men desuto!?” – GReeeeN
9. “5years” – Kimura Kaela
10. “MAGIC” – B’z

★Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 Airplay of the Year 2010
1. “Fireflies” – Owl City
2. “Baby feat. Ludacris” – Justin Bieber
3. “Misery” – Maroon 5
4. “Hontou wa Kowai Ai to Romance” – Kuwata Keisuke
5. “TiK ToK” – Ke$ha
6. “California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)” – Katy Perry
7. “Bad Romance” – Lady GaGa
8. “Kimi ni Sayonara wo” – Kuwata Keisuke
9. “According To You” – Orianthi
10. “Haven’t Met You Yet” – Michael Buble

★Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 Singles Sales of the Year 2010
1. “Troublemaker” – Arashi
2. “Monster” – Arashi
3. “Love Rainbow” – Arashi
4. “Hatenai Sora” – Arashi
5. “Dear Snow” – Arashi
6. “To be free” – Arashi
7. “Heavy Rotation” – AKB48
9. “Love yourself~Kimiga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~” – KAT-TUN
10. “Beginner” – AKB48

★Billboard JAPAN Adult Contemporary of the Year 2010
1. “Misery” – Maroon 5
2. “California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)” – Katy Perry
3. “TiK ToK” – Ke$ha
4. “Haven’t Met You Yet” – Michael Buble
5. “Bad Romance” – Lady GaGa
6. “Fireflies” – Owl City
7. “Hontou wa Kowai Ai to Romance” – Kuwata Keisuke
8. “Baby feat. Ludacris” – Justin Bieber
9. “You And Your Heart” – Jack Johnson
10. “Alice” – Avril Lavigne

★Billboard JAPAN Jazz Albums of the Year 2010
1. “The Fall” – Norah Jones
2. “My Piano Romance” – Beegie Adair
3. “THIS IS JAZZ Best&Greatest” – Omnibus
4. “Ghibli Jazz” – ALL THAT JAZZ
5. “My Piano Journey” – Beegie Adair
6. “daybreak” – quasimode
7. “Road to Chopin” – Ozone Makoto
8. “Blue Train” – John Coltrane
9. “Norah Jones no Jiyuu Jikan” – Norah Jones
10. “BLACK COFFEE” – Nicki Parrott

★Billboard JAPAN Classical Albums of the Year 2010
1. “Nodame Cantabile Saishu Gakusho” – Nodame Cantabile
2. “debut” – Tsujii Nobuyuki
3. “My Favorite Chopin” – Tsujii Nobuyuki
4. “Nodame Cantbile Complete BEST 100″ – Nodame Cantabile
5. “Kandou no Van・Cliburn・ Concours・ Live” – Tsujii Nobuyuki
6. “Kandou no Chopin ~Van・Cliburn・ Concours・ Live” – Tsujii Nobuyuki
7. “Eien no Chopin” – Classic
8. “dream” – Miyamoto Emiri
9. “Portraits” – Muraji Kaori
10. “Best Classic 100 Premium” – Classic

★Billboard JAPAN Overseas Soundtrack Albums of the Year 2010
1. “Michael Jackson THIS IS IT” – Michael Jackson
2. “Ikemen desune” – Soundtrack
3. “Sex and the City 2 Original Soundtrack” – Soundtrack
4. “Hannah Montana The Movie” – Soundtrack
6. “No.1・80s・ Movie・ Hits” – Omnibus
7. “NINE” – Soundtrack
8. “Disney fan Dokusha ga Eranda Disney best of best” – Disney
9. “AVATER” – Soundtrack
10. “Hana yori Dango Boys Over Flowers” – Soundtrack

★Billboard JAPAN Independent of the Year 2010
1. “My Soul, Your Beats!/Brave Song” – Lia
2. “TWIST” – Yazawa Eikichi
3. “Mind Shift” – Def Tech
4. “Keep The Beats!” – Girls Dead Monster
5. “Crow Song” – Girls Dead Monster
6. “synchroniciteen” – Soutaiseiriron
7. “Thousand Enemies” – Girls Dead Monster
8. “In the blink of an eye” – FACT
9. “Four” – Ken Yokoyama

Source: Billboard JAPAN


Omedeto!!!! Arashi for the song title TROUBLEMAKER for getting in the first place on the chart...all their hit single this year are in the top 10 places on the chart...congratulation for Arashi n i hope this result will continue next year n upwards....

1. Troublemaker

2. To Be Free

3. Monster

4. Love Rainbow

5. Dear Snow

6. Hatenai Sora

and also their album Boku no Miiteiru Fuukei had been sold over a million copies and it is the best album of the highest sold record among all Arashi album before. its been a great success to this boy band and i really proud of them...!!! i juz can't believe that my group idol are actually the best!!!! hehehehehe...i'm so proud of them...i really love them!!! support all of u till the end!!!! ARASHI FOR DREAM!!!!


Thursday, December 9, 2010


arghh...!!!! its chaos!!! why, why, n why????

I juz open to see if there's a news bout my ichiban but what makes me comes to heart attack was...this!!!!

ARASHI to release their live tour DVD “ARASHI 10-11 TOUR ‘Scene’”.....

arghhh!!!!! they really makes me broke...i agreed with one of my blogger friend... hehehehehe.. but they r really interesting to be crazy off....but its ok...after buying they latest single i still have money to buy this new DVD of my favorite idol.....anything for them...

thank god i still have money n thank god i already learn how to make a saving...hehehehehehe... but i still worry coz early next year i will totally broke...waaaa!!!!!!

one thing is...i must know how to use my pa&ma account..(again...did it long time when i still study n now again)....hurm...the thing i can get it??? but its long as i know how to talk with them then it should be ok....

i can't miss this DVD of Arashi coz this concert i've been waiting for after the Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10....patient patient....fuh3....hehehehehe...can't wait nervous ne...

by the way...long time didn't write in this blog because i'm bzy with my work n got sick also...its ok...i'm get well already...

well...i really can't wait for the DVD!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm so tired....not juz my body but my mind n my soul too....thinking about how i miss someone who i forgot n how to carry on with my life....

i always said to myself...i'm a strong lady that can live alone...yes i do...i know i do...i know i'm strong....atashi yume wa...want to be an iron lady that conquer the world...hehehehehe....

but right this moment...i'm so tired. i want to have some rest...n in order to forget all my problem is to do what i like...such as watching japan drama, listening to Arashi's song n do such thing regarding Arashi...hehehehehe....

i choose to re-watch love story that i like so much...Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku...hehehehe...stars Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) and Takeuchi Yuko....well..don't have time to waste...minna!!! lets watch the drama with me...

ja~ mata ne!!!!

p/s- this is a very good therapy for me to release all sad thing inside of me....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

To Be Honest...

as the title said...i want to make a confession....yes..i do miss much..but i have no guts to said it out loud...coz i'm scared to be embaressed...u already have ur own life..happily beside her that u love so much...

i'm juz ur ex who suddenly misses u...gosh!!! what should i put it...RINDU...more like that la...why do i suddenly feel this way...i dont know...maybe becoz i listening to more love song lately....hurm...why i feel like this?? i have no right..didn't i...i'm out from ur life...we have nothing to be memorise...i'm sorry...juz so sorry...

i can't help it...i have to said least write it in i can let go that "MISS" feeling...i guess.....enough is enough (more to me)...


schedule for tomorrow is...oh no!!!! i have another wedding!! shit!! almost forget....well...working day n get marry? sure there are less of people tomorrow...pretty sure of it...

i'm alone at home...juz with my parent...kira jadi anak tunggal la...hehehehehee...finally i got that feeling...n juz a lil' bit sad coz my kitten had been thrown away by my uncle...thank u so much dear uncle....atashi hoshii koroshimasu anata.....feel so mad at him right now!!!! i love that kittens!!!!

another day in my life had been passed n i can't wait for tomorrow....

ja~ mata ashta...

p/s...Arashi mood - One Love, Love So Sweet & A Day in Our Life (song by Arashi)

Monday, November 29, 2010

RE: This one is my fav lesson from Maou....

this is one of my fave lesson in MAOU.. who said i cant learn anything form ARASHI??..
thanks Ohno-kun...i learn a lot...

**credit to kiwietoshi craps (

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's such a long time for me for not writing something in this blog...juz a lil' bit bzy with work lately...recently i juz being an aunty once again becoz of the new born baby has come to my family...twin and what makes it more great when one girl n one boy had been born!!! wow!!! such a great news...but what makes it sad when they still in hospital coz their weight its not enough to make the doctor release them from hospital...

but i wish they can get healthy n i'm welcoming them to my family with joy and laughter...

thats all from me i guess....sayonara...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Arashi storms to crossover appeal

Friday, Feb. 26, 2010....KYODO NEWS

If you think boy bands are a source of fascination for teenage girls only, think again. Popular boy band Arashi is broadening its fan base, using its boy-next-door image to capture the hearts of older men.

The five members of Arashi, which debuted in 1999, had a busy year in 2009, scoring a number of successes in the wake of the group's 10th anniversary. Arashi means "a storm."

Their songs regularly featured in the Oricon sales charts for singles, albums and music DVDs. The band also made its first appearance on "Kohaku Uta Gassen" ("Red and White Song Battle"), the famous music show that NHK televises every New Year's Eve.

One of several male idol groups created by the giant entertainment agency Johnny & Associates, Arashi is easily one of the best-selling acts in the country, with six regular weekly programs and nine commercials featuring the group or one or more of its members. The five members are Satoshi Ono, 29, Sho Sakurai, 28, Masaki Aiba, 27, Kazunari Ninomiya, 26, and Jun Matsumoto, 26.

NTV is using one of their new tunes as a theme song for the Vancouver Olympics, and Sakurai, who is a newscaster on NTV's "News Zero" program, was tapped to be a commentator for NTV's live coverage of the Winter Games.

Arashi's popularity, according to the boy band's legions of fans, young and old alike, stems from the "closeness" of its members.

Yoshikazu Takeuchi, a 54-year-old writer, recalled being impressed by a DVD four years ago of one of the band's concerts and how he became fascinated by the closeness of its members, as exhibited when they appear on TV.

Before he knew it, he was a certified Arashi fan and started joining fan events. On Jan. 21, Takeuchi was among around 60 fans at a talk show in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, featuring the boy band.

Takeuchi, who has started his own blog devoted to Arashi, said: "With Japanese society tired from the economic slump, people are probably looking for something to soothe them. The band behaves well but they're not goody-two-shoes."

Sharing Takeuchi's sentiments, a 50-year-old woman from Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, who went to the talk show with her 23-year-old daughter, said it was fun watching the members act like close friends on a school trip, adding she likes how they don't try to outdo each other.

"They act like they are a family," Kumiko Arayama, 61, said at another talk show in Osaka Prefecture.

A 53-year-old woman said, "I used to hate Johnny's celebrities for some reason, but I've become less prejudiced after seeing the good qualities of Arashi."

The number of parents accompanying their children to Arashi concerts has been increasing over the years, with a housewife in her 40s from Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, saying, "I can bring children here without any worries, as we can enjoy ourselves at the concert, just like going to Disneyland."

By the time Arashi closed the curtain on their 10th anniversary concert tour on Jan. 17, they had drawn 760,000 fans.

Industry pundits say Arashi's popularity is fast catching up or even eclipsing that of the longtime successful boy band SMAP, which is also part of the Johnny & Associates stable, a nest for molding male pop idols.

"Other idols, starting with SMAP, tend to show off, but Arashi, even if they fail, just take things in their stride and laugh it off, and this makes the fans think they are just being themselves," said Mika Naito, a 39-year-old writer and critic who professes to be a longtime fan of the Johnny stable.

***Source - JapanTimes
**mood**...being moderate by Hatenai Sora and Aozora Pedal song both by Arashi....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Celebrities you most want to spend Christmas with...

Popular cosmetic brand 'shu uemura' surveyed 500 men and women with the question, “Which celebrity do you want to spend Christmas with?” The survey was taken on November 1st, and the results have just recently been revealed.

Check out the results below for both men and women.

-Male celebrity chosen by women-
5. Ikuta Toma

4. Okada Junichi (V6)

3. Fukuyama Masaharu

2. Mukai Osamu

1. Arashi

p/s Arashi still the choosen one!!!!

-Female celebrities choosen by men-

5. Inoue Waka

4. AKB48

3. Ishihara Satomi

2. Yuuki Maomi

1. Yu-ka

***source : tokyohive

Oricon Weekly Chart for November 22nd

Oricon Style has just announced the results of its Weekly Chart for the week of November 22nd.

Check it out below!


1. “Hatenai Sora” – Arashi 11/10 (572,050)

2. “Nee” – Perfume 11/10 (85,164)

3. “Best Friend’s Girl” – J Soul Brothers 11/10 (60,519)

4. “Hito” – Yusuke 11/10 (59,918)

5. “Jumping” – KARA 11/10 (54,977)


1. “Ikimonobakari ~members’ BEST selection~” – Ikimonogakari 11/3 (206,952)

2. “Enka Meikyoku Collection 13 ~Nijiiro no Bayon~” – Hikawa Kiyoshi 11/10 (40,655)

3. “TRY AGAIN” – Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi 11/10 (36,304)

4. “Greatest Hits” – Bon Jovi 11/3 (28,634)

5. “Ken Hirai 15th Anniversary c/w Collection ‘95-’10 “Ura Utabaka” – Hirai Ken 11/10 (25,732)


1. “Split The Difference” – Mr. Children 11/10

2. “Mobile Suit Gundam UC 2″ – anime 11/10

3. “Ametalk! DVD 10″ – Ameagari Kesshitai 11/10

4. “Ametalk! DVD 11″ – Ameagari Kesshitai 11/10

5. “Ametalk! DVD 12″ – Ameagari Kesshitai 11/10

Source: Oricon style

Monday, November 15, 2010


hurm...i kind of lost about this topic...coz i have received a letter that ask me to go for a test for this...psychometric....hurm....what is this thing...i have to take this test...

still lost...i have no idea about it...

p/s...dunno what to write coz worried about this thing....hope old things didn't come out again...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Arashi’s latest single “Hatenai Sora” sold 248,828 copies on the release day

Arashi has just released their 6th single of 2010, “Hatenai Sora” on November 10th, and not surprisingly it topped the Oricon daily chart.

Oricon reports that they sold 248,828 copies on it’s debut day, and it exceeded the first day sales of “Troublemaker” which sold around 233,000 copies. Therefore, “Hatenai Sora” has the best first day sales amongst all 6 singles released by Arashi in 2010.

Below is the Top 5 ranking of Oricon single daily chart.

1. Hatenai Sora – Arashi 11/10 (248,828)
2. Nee – Perfume 11/10 (44,293)
3. Best Friend’s Girl – J Soul Brothers 11/10 (23,627)
4. Hito – Yusuke 11/10 (no sales number available)
5. Jumping – KARA 11/10 ( no sales number available)

Source : jnews1 + Oricon style (tokyohive)


nice date today...n there will be another memorable thing will happen today in my family...

today is my brother's day...his UPSR result will be out today at 10.30 a.m...owh...cant wait for the result...i'm so nervous..i've been taking care of him for the whole years now...n like what i always praying..after he got his result, i will get job..thanks to praying have come true....

but i'm so i'm the one who will get the result...i hope everything will be ok....i'll update the result soon...

ja ne...mata ashta....

-update-...juz got the result at 11 am....he got 1A, 2B n 2C... gosh!!!! i'm so dissappointed...what is he doing this whole year?? i teach him..i did God!!! i cry enough already...dunno what else to say...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Natsu ni Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku.....

Summer Love Shines in Rainbow Color...thats the translation for the romaji title (i'm sorry if its wrong)....what's that about?? minna must be questioning about it....actually this is the title for Matsumoto Jun new drama. Natsu ni Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku or Natsu Niji...the opening song this drama is Love Rainbow sang by Arashi...and the other theme song is Please Stay With Me by Yui..the song by Yui is very sad song..meaningful one but very suit with this drama..sweet but sad...

Actually i juz bought the dvd last saturday...and still watching...dunno what the final ending for this drama but i know it will be a good matter what it is..this drama is a romance drama and so loving...i really wish i have love like this one in this drama...n i'm surprised coz this drama really shows me that my Matsujun is really a 'star'!!!! (it keep mentioning by other member of Arashi)....hehehehehe...

Congratulation Matsujun for such loving and romance drama...good n matured acting...i was surprised myself to see his cool n shows his true colour....omedetto Matsumoto Jun!!!!!

THE SYNOPSIS - Taiga is a struggling second-generation actor who has developed a complex due to his father, a famous actor in his time. Taiga, only get to appear in variety shows, most of the time. One day when his friend bring him out for a skydiving, a big wind dragg him away from the dropping point and he got stuck in a tree. A beautiful woman, Shiori (Takeuchi Yuko), come to rescue him. Shiori is a cheerful woman who laughs away all worries she has. She's exactly the opposite of Taiga...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Arashi releases “Hatenai Sora” PV!

In late October, tokyohive covered Arashi’s PV preview release of “Hatenai Sora“, and now the full PV has finally been revealed!

Check it out below!

*this song is the best single ever for this year...omedeto ARASHI!!!! n the pv is awesome too...some friends of mine said riida looks more mature with that hair stail but i think he's look more younger (this is my opinion)....btw, its a good pv boys!! ganbare!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Arashi dukes it out with foreign talents on “VS Arashi”

On the November 4th episode of Arashi’s variety show, “VS Arashi“, the group competed against an international team which consisted of six foreign talents: David Specter, Yoon Son Ha, Bobby Ologun, Rola Chen, Dante Carver, and Chad Mullane. To help the Arashi team, Funakoshi Eiichiro joined up with the group.

David Specter told the Arashi members that the international team had come to the show to take revenge for Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s failings against the boys in the “Rolling Coin Tower” game back in October.

full vids can watch it on
-source from

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hatenai Sora tracks....

juz wandering and dreaming about something that i see don't very realistic but still i dont know what to do...facing a problem with the water system at my place really makes me angry...i need a water!!!..owh!!! come on...

then i juz remember another thing that makes me happy...BLOGGING!! yes!!!! so i juz get upstairs to my room and decide to post this thing...juz come through my mind about sharing something with other ARASHI's fan out there....the tracks in their new and latest single for 2010, Hatenai Sora....the single will be out on 10/11/2010...only 5 more days left..can't wait for it...i'll already order the LE and RE album...hehehehee...

-enjoy the list of the song (except for the christmas song still dont have it yet...)-


*info boout this track - this song have been played by Ninomiya Kazunari in his radio show known as Baystorm....he decided to play this song for the sake of his fans and he wanted them to like the song before the single album out....

*STORY* (second track)

*info bout this track - this track also been played for the first time at Baystorm by nino...this song is catchy and shows the maturity from this group...

*MABOROSHI* (third track)

*info bout this track - this song have been played by Aiba-chan in his radio show which is called Aiba's Rekomen...this is very sweet melody but have very sad meaning behind it....

***the merry christmas song not out yet...maybe Jun will played it in Jun Style or Oh-chan in Arashi Discovery..will wait to it...

until we meet again..ja mata ashita...

Monday, November 1, 2010

5 x 10

This is a song that always touch my soul and can make me cry...its shows the appreciation to somebody is more important when he or she gives their best to support us...same thing happen to my group idol-Arashi...they aappreciated their fans trough this meaningful song...this song were written by none other Sakurai Sho and Ninomiya Kazunari (both r Arashi member)...

~enjoy this song~

-here's the lyrics for this song-

Deatte suunen are wa guuzen na ki mo suru ne kizukeba juunen
Sora ni maiagatte yuku fuusen
Kyasha na gonin de norikomu yureru fune
"Tada warattokou..." "Kitto yume ga kanau toko..."
Sou iikikaseteta koro no kako mo ima mune ni matou (yeah)

Aseri fuan ikidoori bakka nanka kanjiteita hibi mo atta na
Demo anata ga ite kureta kara sono egao attakakatta kara
Aruite koretanda ne (yeah) yoko ni narabi tsukanda te (yeah)
Kono sugoshita jikan sae... tte nanka ne ima wa mada tada tereru ne

Karadajuu ni kaze o atsumeta bokura, sasaekirenai kanashimi mo,
Anata ga ita kara egao ni dekita.

Mujaki ni kanadeta fukyouwaon wa, iron na sekai o mite kitanda.
Ki ga tsukeba itsu no ma ni ka sore ga, bokura ni natteta.

Honki de naite, honki de waratte,
(Bokutachi kara wa takusan no ai no
Kotoba shika mou hontou ni nani mo nai no)
Honki de nayande, honki de ikite,
(Uta ni nosete saido
Kasaneta bun no dekkai ai o)
Ima ga aru, mune o hareru.

Honki de naite, honki de waratte,
(Bokutachi kara wa takusan no ai no
Kotoba shika mou hontou ni nani mo nai no)
Honki de nayande, honki de ikite,
(Uta ni nosete saido
Kasaneta bun no dekkai ai o)
Ima ga aru, mune o hareru.

"Ippo ippo" chikai michi nado nai nara shinjiru michi o iku shika nai kara
Moshi mo anata ga naitara koko de mata aou yo
Kono aikawarazu no yatsura kara tada ai okuru (yeah)
Tomo ni nozomu mirai for you (yeah)
Saki no yama wa kaze de koeru toberu
Bokura no iro de atari someru yeah

Hitoribocchi de nozoita sora o, anata mo miteiru no ka na?
Nara, utau yo. Sora ni mukatte... sou chikara no kagiri.

Honki de naite, honki de waratte,
(Bokutachi kara wa takusan no ai no
Kotoba shika mou hontou ni nani mo nai no)
Honki de nayande, honki de ikite,
(Uta ni nosete saido
Kasaneta bun no dekkai ai o)
Ima ga aru, mune o hareru.

Bokura kawashita koe ga kienai no naraba, chikaeru yo kono ai o hyakunen saki mo.
Egao ga saitemasu you ni.

Zutto zutto kokoro ni arunda. Dakara koso tsutaete mitainda.
Arigatou... "Kore kara mo arigatou"

Koko ni tatteru. Bokutachi ga ima, kagayakeru no wa kimi ga iru kara
Gonin de iru. Zutto iru.
Ima made o chikara ni kaete, kawaranu ai de tsutsumikondara
Eien ga, hora eien ga
Boku to kimi dake ni umaretanda.

La la la la...

Love love for you


The years after we met feel like a coincidence, and now it's already been 10 years
The balloons floating up into the sky
The rocking boat that we five scrawny boys boarded together
"Let's just smile..." "I'm sure our dreams are about to come true..."
The days in our past when we told ourselves that are all in our hearts now (yeah)

There were days when we felt nothing but impatience, anxiety, or anger
But because you were there, because your smiles were so warm
We've come this far (yeah) with your hands at our sides to hold on to (yeah)
Talking about the time we've spent together... it's still a little embarrassing

The winds we gathered throughout our bodies, the unbearable sadness
Because you were there, we could turn it all into smiles

The poorly tuned harmonies we sang so innocently have seen many different worlds
And before we knew it, they had become who we are now

We genuinely cried, we genuinely laughed,
(There's nothing we can offer now
Except words filled with all our love)
We genuinely worried, we genuinely lived,
(So we'll say it in a song and sing it again
With all the love that has grown around us)
Now we have this moment, and we can be proud

We genuinely cried, we genuinely laughed,
(There's nothing we can offer now
Except words filled with all our love)
We genuinely worried, we genuinely lived,
(So we'll say it in a song and sing it again
With all the love that has grown around us)
Now we have this moment, and we can be proud

"Step by step" If there's no path nearby, all we can do is walk the path we believe in
If you should ever cry, we'll meet here again
We unchanging guys will send nothing but our love (yeah)
And wish for a future together for you (yeah)
We'll use the wind to cross the mountain ahead, we can fly
We'll paint everything around in our own colors, yeah

I'm looking up at the sky alone, and I wonder if you're seeing it too
If you are, I'll sing to the sky... yes, with all my strength

We genuinely cried, we genuinely laughed,
(There's nothing we can offer now
Except words filled with all our love)
We genuinely worried, we genuinely lived,
(So we'll say it in a song and sing it again
With all the love that has grown around us)
Now we have this moment, and we can be proud

As long as the voices we've exchanged don't disappear,
We can swear to hold on to this love even 100 years from now
And we pray that you'll still be smiling then

It's always, always in our hearts, that's why we want to try and show it to you
Thank you... "From now on as well, thank you"

We're standing here now, able to shine because you're there
The five of us will always be here, forever
If we turn everything up to now into our strength, and wrap it up with unchanging love
Eternity... look, eternity
Was born just for me and you

La la la la...

Love love for you

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kamisama No Karute (God's Medical Chart)

Sakurai Sho and Miyazaki Aoi first tag up for a movie.....

Popular JE band Arashi member, Sakurai Sho, will be starring alongside Miyazaki Aoi for an upcoming movie next year.

The movie, “Kamisama no Karute (God’s medical chart),” is based on a book which received 2nd place for a literary award, and sold 300,000 copies.

Sho will play the role of a doctor in this movie and Miyazaki Aoi plays his wife.

Shooting for the film will start in September, and both Sho and Aoi are looking forward to working with each other.

Source: MANTAN Web

Sakurai Sho's tears....

I just surfing the internet and got this vids that report about the upcoming movie stars Arashi's member Sakurai Sho...he cry in this vids!!!! here's the story behind his tears.....

It’s been reported that the upcoming movie, “Kamisama no Karute” (God’s Medical Chart), which stars Arashi member Sakurai Sho, has finished shooting recently.

“Kamisama no Karute” is originally a novel written by Natsukawa Sosuke, and it’s the story of a doctor who puts all his effort on medical supports in the countryside. This is the first time that Sakurai has played the role of a doctor.

Sakurai visited the author of the original novel, and even visited a hospital to learn about medical services. Also, since his character of “Kurihara Ichito” is supposed to be casual about his clothes and have a mop of hair, Sakurai got perm to fit the role.

At the final shoot, Sakurai confessed that he was struggling for one and a half months on how to face the role, and he shed tears when he greeted the cast members and the director. “Kamisama no Karute” will be released in 2011.

here's the link to watch the video....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Yama Pair....

what is Yama?? who is Yama??? for the Arashian, this term are very popular...Yama pair is between Ohno Satoshi (Riida) n Sakurai Sho....i am so like if they get together...ohno who is very funny people will do something that makes sho laugh till tears comes out n i like to hear sho's laugh coz its so macho...hehehehehe...gosh!!! they really makes me crazy....

n one of the reason why i like them much is oh-chan will look matured suit with his age when he's with sho-chan....thats why many people like them be together more than "ohmiya" pair(nino n ohno)....but oh-chan always get along with other member too like jun n aiba...they are so close...but sometimes i feel like sho supposed to be leader not him...its becoz sho-chan characteristic that makes him qualify...hehehehehe juz thought of it...
anyway..anyhow...what ever pair is funny n have its character themselves coz they are funny n sweet...Yama, Ohmiya, Juntoshi, Sakumiya, Sakuraiba, Junba, Sakumoto n etc.....they all r sweet n i like them becoz of they own character that hide in themselves....


-here some picx of them together- ENJOY!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

funny story in my life....

so lonely outside of the house n look at the calm n relax...n juz got this imagination...what will happen if the hottest vampire like edward cullen come to my place n bite me?? hehehehehe...maybe i will give what he want..he's hensem n i think i'm ready to be his mrs.vamp....hehehehehe...juz thought that....

my mind suddenly remember about a phone call that i received this evening...from my old university friend...lets called her M...M return my call this afternoon coz she's bzy working at that time...then..we have a very long chat n she suddenly speak bout my God!! hurm..well she also a friend to my ex...then she talk about my interview (which is not going very well) n how excited she is if i got that job...she said that i'll be near to her n she want to og out with me like old times...then i said if God's will then it will be happen...

but thats not what i want to be laugh at...she make a request which is very funny to me...she will stay in a house with my ex (whom be known as E) n my ex's new girlfriend (known her as D)....n my dear friend M ask me to live with them...LIVE WITH THEM???? UNDER ONE ROOF??? hahahahahaha...very funny...that will never gonna happen!!!! i juz want to laugh n laugh coz is funny to my ears....what is in my friend's mind...come on...then i think...she doesn't know our break up anymore...well..can't blame her...

tomorrow i'll take first flight back to Tawau...thank God...if i stay here longer then i dont know what to do...everything is changed...n i fell weird to be here....i used to be here but i feel so diffrent when i come back this time..thats why i want to go home thing remains in my mind...whatever comes n go..i will stay as i am...

to M...i miss u so much dear...n ur twin too...i hope one day we can hang out together...hope u can take care of my ex when u live under one roof....

p/s....i know deep in my heart...(no one can take care of my ex like i do)...n to E...i know u agree with me...have a happy life with D...i hope u always be happy n stay u (still)...

-mood- not sad but touching (listening to Arashi's song title Be With You...


gosh!!! i heard many thing bout my Arashi group recently...specially bout the kawaii riida...what wrong with him?? thanks to my blogger friend that give me this info (read from her blog actually)....hurm...i dont expect that riida can be in chaos like that....

by the way...congrats to ninomiya coz made it his final drama for this season...FREETER NO IE WO KAO....will watch the drama coz i can see that his acting character has been more matured from time to time...congrats nino!!!

well...lastly with all my homework bout them...forgot with myself...i'm already at PJ...gpoing interview with my dad's friend...hurm...dunno if i can made or not...i'm accepting what will come in my life n if it happens that i'm supposed to stay here...then i'll stay...n if its not...thanks to God...

p/s...if i can go to Japan then it will be more than dreams come true...heheheheheeh....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hatenai Sora (Endless Sky) last i got that song from arashi...their latest single of this year title 'HATENAI SORA'...means endless sky...the music is great n calming..gosh!!! they always make their fan remember what the best n what is important to them...Arashi minna san!!! GANBATTE!!! selepas single 'LOVE RAINBOW & DEAR SNOW'...single ini juga akan dijangka membuat semua peminat menangis disebabkan makna lagu yg begitu mendalam pada hati peminat...

xsabar rasanya nak tunggu video clip utk lagu ni siap...lagu ni dijangka akan release pada 10/11/2010...hurm...lama g tu...tpi ape leh wat..bagi peminat2 Arashi yg melayari stesen radio ninomiya kazunari pasti akan dpt download lagu ni...lagu ini mula diperdengarkan pada peminat di stesen radio Baystorm yg dihoskan oleh nino...hehehehehe...masa die umumkan yg ni last single dari Arashi die sedih je tpi bile sume peminat tnya caner nak download lagu ni...die so happy...heheheehehe...i'm one of them actually....

hurm...n yg paling best sekali...Arashi 10-11 Concert yg telah diadakan pada 20/8/2010....that concert was so happening n bnyk la jgk lagu bru arashi yg dpt didengari pada masa itu...n oleh sebab dvd concert tu dah mula dipasarkan...i already make my order..thanks japanese shop...really love ur service!!!

ape pun...aku berharap yg mereka akan kekal sebagai satu group idol yg diminati ramai sampai bila2.....


Monday, October 18, 2010


iro toridori no masuku kabutte
itsuwari no kyara wo enji kitte
boku wa hitokuchi kajitsu kajitte
warukunaitteka iin ja nai
terebi rajio no noizu yabutte
kimi no egao yake ni mabushikute
nayami no tane wa dokoka e tonda
akkerakande iin ja nai

Are you ready kanpeki nante nai
Sweet sweet saidaikyuu no soul
Do it do it tanjun na kurai
hajikero Moving now! Moving now!
Are you ready sainan datte mou
Sweet sweet sou let’s go no sign
Do it do it zuuzuushii kurai
mae muke Moving now! Moving now!

wasurekaketeta yume wo megutte
nakushikaketeta ai wo sagashite
kimi no namida wa mou iranai sa
mou osoi nante koto wa nai
uzou muzou no uwasa megutte
kaze ga niwaka ni machi wo samashita
koko wa egao de furezu kawashite
akkerakande iin ja nai

Are you ready kangaechuu wa nai
Sweet sweet senzai ichiguu no chansu
Do it do it te ni iretan nara
kakenuke Shake it now! Shake it now!
Are you ready seikouhou wa nai
Sweet sweet kono shunkan no jyu-su
Do it do it nomi hoshitan nara
tsuranuke Shake it now! Shake it now!

kagayaki wo himeta ha-to bi-to
kizande yuku no sa
dare ni mo yuzurenai (mune no oku ni wa) hikaru ga aru yo

sanzan na hi mo (sanzan na hi mo)
saikoukyuu no sumairu (saikoukyuu no sumairu)
zuuzuushii kurai
hajikero Moving now! Moving now!

Are you ready kanpeki nante nai
Sweet sweet saidaikyuu no soul
Do it do it tanjun na kurai
hajikero Moving now! Moving now!
Are you ready sainan datte mou
Sweet sweet sou let’s go no sign
Do it do it zuuzuushii kurai
mae muke Moving now! Moving now!

kagayaki wo himeta ha-to bi-to

Wearing a colorful mask
Portraying a fake character
As I bite a mouthful of fruit
It's not that bad. In fact, isn't it good instead?!
Ripping through the noise of TV and radio
Your smile is exceptionally dazzling
The cause of worry was blown off somewhere
Isn’t it great to keep our minds blank?

Are you ready? There’s no such thing as perfection
Sweet, sweet soul of the ultimate grade
Do it, do it as simple as it is
Make a blast as we’re moving now! Moving now!
Are you ready? Even when we face disasters
It’s a sweet, sweet sign of “yes, let’s go”
Do it, do it without feeling ashamed
Go forward as we’re moving now! Moving now!

Circulate the dream which is about to be forgotten
Search for the love which is about to disappear
I don’t want your tears anymore
There’s no such thing as being too late
As the chaotic rumors are being circulated
Suddenly the winds woke the city up
While we’re exchanging in smiles without even waving here
Isn’t it great to keep our minds blank?

Are you ready? It’s not something merely in consideration
This chance which comes once in a lifetime
Do it, do it when you can get a grasp of it
Keep running and shake it now! Shake it now!
Are you ready? There’s no secret to success
The sweet, sweet juice of this moment
Do it, do it if you drank it all up
You can break through and shake it now! Shake it now!

The heartbeat hiding its beam
Is being carved
There is a light (behind the heart) which I will not entrust it to anyone else
Even in disastrous days (even in disastrous days)
The best of smiles (the best of smiles)
Without being ashamed
Make a blast as we’re moving now! Moving now!

Are you ready? There’s no such thing as perfection
Sweet, sweet soul of the ultimate grade
Do it, do it as simple as it is
Make a blast as we’re moving now! Moving now!
Are you ready? Even when we face disasters
It’s a sweet, sweet sign of “yes, let’s go”

Do it, do it without feeling ashamed
Go forward as we’re moving now! Moving now!

The heartbeat hiding its beam

Saturday, October 16, 2010


hehehehehe...lucu tajuk ni...patut la lately my father kerap sgt guna words ni...rupe2nye ade muslihat disebalik perkataan ni....

die nak pasang Astro Beyond rupenye...adehh!!! terkejut aku sefamily bile ade org astro dtg kata nak pasang astro..aku tgk tv kat umah ni satu tu je tpi xkan decoder astro smpi dua...rupenye die nak ganti decoder...cet!!!! abah2...pandai drama rupenye...

hurm...xpe least merasa jgk kitorg...hehehehee...tpi kelakar la plak...ape2 je beyond..ini beyond....itu beyond...hahahahahaha.....

ok lah...aku nak kongsi je rasa lucu ni ngan blog ni...ape pon...i'll be back with new story in my life...stay tuned baby!!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

penangan RINDU...

hurm...RINDU...oleh sebab perkataan tu, aku telah membuat sesuatu yg diluar jangkaanku sendiri...nak dijadikan cerita..kul 12.23 pagi tdi aku telah membuat satu panggilan rindu pada si dia...walaupun kami dah xde ape2 tpi nak wat mcm mane...aku ter-rindu lak kat die...panggilan pun dibuat...

yg aku pelik..aku ckp elok jek..tpi si dia siap kasi pelajaran n nasihat kat aku...erm..kire kena sound la dgn die...hurm...adehh..rindu punye pasal tahan je lah telinga...ingatkan nak dngr je suara die..xyah aku ckp pape tpi kesian lak bile die ckp sorg2....

tpi xtahan r...tiap kali aku call die msti aku kna sound...setiap perkataan yg aku ucapkan umpama duri yg beracun pada dia..cra die sound aku pagi tdi mcm aku ni buta gadget...xtau pape pasal hp yg la..hp aku daun je...satu g SE flip yg biase2 je..mane la merase nak pakai hp canggih...hurm...awk, smlm awk wat saye malu sgt...rasa mcm awk dtg depan saye n tampar muka saye guna pinggan...rasa pijar n pedih...sadis jgk cra awk sound saye smlm....

terasa hati toksah ckp lah...taubat xkan call si dia g....klu RINDU...aku akan wat la ape2 cra pun untuk hilangkan rasa rindu tu dari bertamu kat dlm hati ni...sedih sgt bile org yg kite still syg 'sekolahkan' kite cukup2...terbukti yg aku ni mang org len pada i know n i wont do the same thing again...

biarlah rindu memakan diri asalkan aku xdisekolahkan g....ok lah...nak smbung tido lak..mata dah bengkak coz nangis bnyk sgt...bkn ape..cra die ckp mcm aku ni xgenggam diploma sesame ngan die...aku tau la aku xexpert gadget cam die...hish...merepek...semalaman xtido watkan kepala aku pening...k lah..cow dulu sblm sku tertido dpn laptop ni...

adios!!! sayonara!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


very beautiful date today...kata org, let's make it memorable...i did make one...very sweet to me..i finally have a green light to make my own buid my own life n to be independent in my own way...thanks mum n dad...i appreciate that...they finally trust me in everything i do...

now i have to move on with my life...hurm..1st thing is i have an appoinment appoinment...hurm..n bout my knee..lately it keep in pain..xtahan dah nak tanggung sakit ni..klu lutut dah sakit smpi leh demam aku jdinye....tpi 1 g mslh aku...aku kna drive g hospital esk...cner ek?? aku dah lah xleh nak bengkokkan lutut...hurm...pening kepala ambo...

xpelah..t aku aku bru je balik dri shooting...biaslah...tarikh ni ramai la org yg nak kahwin...1000 tahun sekali bru ade....hurm...aku dah xtau nak tulis ape dah...dari english smpilah ke melayu bahasa aku guna...aku pening sbnrnye ni....

k lah...aku nak tido dulu...adios!!! ja mata ashta...

Friday, October 8, 2010

setahun berlalu....

setelah setahun berlalu tanpa membuat apa2 yg pasti...kini aku kembali dgn harapan baru...kini aku pergi pada dunia yg baru iaitu dunia pekerjaan...tetapi aku akan kembali pada tempat yg bnyk meninggalkan kenangan kepada diri ini...

lantas aku berkata pada diri ini..."ahhh...pedulikan semua tu..aku dtg utk mencari pengalaman baru dan untuk pengalaman itu akan aku tempuhi cabaran dan halangan yg ada..."semua terpulang pada diri ini...kekuatan itu perlu..tetapi kadang kala diri ini begitu cpt leka bila perasaan itu hadir...

RINDU...perasaan itu boleh membunuh dan merosak rupanya...diri ini hampir saja hanyut oleh godaan perasaan itu...ahh..betapa ia sgt berbahaya...aku hnya berharap bila aku ke sana nti aku dpt mencari pengalaman dan melupakan kenangan...

kata org...cinta pertama sukar dilupakan...aku akui itu. memang aku susah utk melupakan dirinya..setiap hari aku mengingatinya...betapa aku mencintainya..tetapi apakan daya...tiada kata untuk diluah dan tiada alasan untuk diberi...hidup ini penuh dgn kehendak dan itu kehendak hatiku...biarlah dia belajar hidup tanpa diri ini....aku akui dia seperti anak kecil yg sgt manja...yg perlukan perhatian...tidak pernah jemu diri ini melayan setiap kehendaknya..aku terhibur jika melihat dia tertawa gembira...ahh...kenangan lagi...CUKUP!!!

moga hidup ini akan kembali bermakna selepas aku memasuki dunia pekerjaan nti...aku sgt berharap agar semuanya dipermudahkan...yg pastinya..aku harus menyelesaikan semua urusan dlm masa dua minggu lagi...memang berat setiap urusan yg perlu diselesaikan tetapi itulah kehidupan....

hurm...masa juga yg menjadi titik tolak utk aku berubah...moga perubahan ini akan menjadikan aku insan yg lebih tabah dan sabar...


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Selepas UPSR, aku harus menumpuhkan sepenuh perhatian pada pelajar PMR ku pula. pada masa dan musim inilah dimana segala kerja keras selama berbulan-bulan akan menampakkan hasil atau tidak. Dan pada masa inilah juga dimana ia akan menjadi kayu pengukur pada kejayaan pada masa hadapan.

Di sinilah juga medan perjuangan bagi 5 org anak didikku yg sentiasa memberi kepercayaan kepadaku untuk memberi dan berkongsi ilmu dengan mereka. mereka tidak pernah kenal jemu untuk menimba ilmu dariku dan aku juga tidak pernah jemu untuk mempelajari semula ilmu tersebut untuk dikongsi bersama mereka.

Aku berharap agar semua hasil usaha mereka selama ini berbalas. sekarang hanya tinggal kebolehan mereka untuk menjawab semua soalan berdasarkan fakta, panduan dan juga tips yg telah aku berikan.

"wahai adik2 k.ila, k.ila sentiasa mendoakan kejayaan kalian. ketahuilah bahawa jika kalian berjaya, bermakna kalian akan membanggakan kedua ibu bapa kalian"....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

back to normal...

semua dah selesai...majlis pengebumian telah berlalu dgn selamat...syukur seribu sykur..majlis berjalan dgn sgt2 lancar dan seperti perancangan Allah...yang pergi tetap pergi dan kita yg tinggal haruslah cekal dan meneruskan kehidupan....

4 hari telah berlalu dgn seribu peristiwa...syukur..dlm 4 hari ini aku telah khatam dua kali bacaan alQuran...rahmat dari Allah ini sungguh bermakna buat diriku...mudah2an perjalanan hidup ini dipermudahkan...

seisi keluarga tetap bersabar dan tabah dgn pemergian yg terjadi secara mengejut ini...tetapi janji Tuhan kita tidak boleh tidakkan...ia tetap akan berlaku...ia membuat aku insaf...diri ini sentiasa terlajak dlm apa jua perlakuan dan perbuatan..tetapi syukurlah...diri ini masih mendapat panduan dari semua org yg menyayangi diri ini....

esok bermulalah satu lagi hari baru dlm hidup ini..sentiasa berada dlm kebersediaan dlm menghadapi apa jua dugaan yg mendatang...i hope i still can give the best in everything i do...


Thursday, September 30, 2010

yang pergi....

hari ini terjadi lagi satu episod sedih dlm kamus hidupku...atuk kepada adik sepupuku iaitu haziqah telah pergi menyambut seruan Ilahi...innalillah...pemergiannya yang terjadi secara tiba2 menginsafkan aku betapa sempitnya masa kita hidup di dunia ini....allahyarham tidak menghidap apa2 penyakit sebelum ini. beliau seorg yg sgt cergas dan suka bergurau senda...seorg yg sgt peramah dan sgt menyayangi cucu-cucunya....

betapa kami sgt merasai kehilangannya...yg paling menyedihkan sekali saat pemergian beliau tidak dilihat oleh anak2nya...yg sempat menghadap beliau semasa pergi adalah isteri tersayang dan juga pakcikku yg merupakan menantunya...aku sgt terkejut mendengar berita pemergian beliau...seorg yg mesra dan disenangi oleh masyarakat....

haziqah memelukku n asyik berkata kepadaku bahawa atuknya telah tiada..nyata anak kecil yg telah berusia 10 tahun itu faham akan keadaan yg terjadi...cuma adiknya iaitu haziq masih belum memahami keadaan ini...ibunya sgt cekal menghadapi keadaan ini sama seperti neneknya...aku mengikuti majlis itu dgn penuh rasa insaf...berkurang lagi seorg ahli dlm keluargaku...nyata Allah lebih menyayangi arwah....

*takziah diucapkan wat keluarga cik mat n cik amie...moga roh atuk ponidi berada dlm kalangan org2 yg beriman...kepada kita yg masih hidup...ingatlah bahawa kita juga akan menyusul suatu hari nti....gandakanlah amal kita dan sentiasalah beringat bahawa mati itu pasti...cuma masa dan ketika belum diketahui...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

very nice...

akhirnye hujung minggu lepas berakhir dgn penuh makna bagi seorg aku..aku lalui hujung minggu lepas dgn penuh tabah apabila jadual aku begitu padat untuk diisi..nasib aku baik apabila ada org yg boleh memberi pertolongan dikala aku memerlukan...

sabtu lepas iaitu 25/9/2010...aku telah diamanahkan oleh ayah aku untuk pergi mengambil gambar...biasalah bila musim raya dah lepas bergantilah ia dgn musim aku pun pergilah...yg menariknye...pengantin lelaki tu adalah bekas pakwe aku masa zaman sekolah dulu...begitulah mengikut kata ayah aku...aku pon gelak nak mampos..almaklum lah...aku xingat kat beberapa org disebabkan beberapa masalah komplikasi yg pernah aku hadapi...

patutlah pengantin lelaki tu terkejut bagai nak pengsan bile tgk aku...aku lak mang xtau n xingat pun yg lelaki tu penah wujud kat dlm hidup aku wat slumber katak je...aku pon shoot je la mane yg patut...nak jdikan crite lagi menarik leh plak pengantin tu menggeletar...n ade lak kwn die yg knal aku kat situ..member ni pon ckp la..."die menggeletar tgk ko coz die still syg kat ko lagi"...pas je mamat tu ckp mcm itu, aku pon blah..aku blah sbb aku nak menyenangkan pengantin tu lafaz nikah..kang xterkahwin lak die...

lepas je acara akad tu selesai...dorg pon bersanding la...aku slumber je tpi mamat tu lak yg xleh duk diam...aku xtahan jgk sbb die asyik pandang aku...bini die lagi cantik kot dari aku...aku pon sound la kwn die tu..aku ckp jgn smpi bini die perasan..aku dah serik kot jdi penghalang cinta org...

tugas aku, aku teruskan dgn penuh etika dan akhirnya kul 11 mlm tu aku berjaya selesaikan tugas aku...abah aku rilex je tnye aku ok ke x...aku ckp lah aku ok je...xrasa apa pun...muka mamt tu pon aku xpenah rasa ada dlm ingatan aku ni...tpi nama iskandar tu mcm penah aku dngr...rasanye my ex baby d penah sebut nama tu..ntah la..

26/09/2010....diteruskan dgn kenduri n open house keesokan harinya...rasanye bdn aku ni dah xleh bertahan dah..tpi aku gagahkan jgk coz kesian kat umi aku...bkn ape, die punye la nak wat kenduri n open house ni...sempena adik aku abis UPSR ni...yg adik aku tu plak dah sewel coz xtau nak wat ape abis UPSR ...

abis kenduri..esoknye ari isnin...27/09/2010...aku ade lak sesi fotografi kat umah pengantin pompuan...alahai...kahwin ari isni...confirm la xramai org...bosan sungguh..abis je roll aku, aku trus blah..malas nak menngunggul kat situ...g pun aku xnak r org salah sangka bile pengantin lelaki asyik pandang kat aku...n kuarga pengantin lelaki tu plak mcm takut2 je ngan aku..pelik btol..mcm la aku nak announce yg kami penah bercinta dulu...knal die pon aku xingat ade ke x...hehehehehe

xpelah..yg penting sume azab tu dah aku leh tumpukan utk cri keje dah...ape pun...wish me luck utk cri keje..mcm biasa time is jealous towrds me...gotta go but i'll be back next time...

see ya!!!!