Friday, January 4, 2013

Love is in the Air

Today's topic is about love...I know its a very long time I didn't update this blog...I'm so sorry. A busy life makes me harder to get update every moment...but I promise to all my visitor that I'll try to get it up to enjoy this~~

 Awesome Read it once ♥
"The Perfect Man.."

• Gives Her One of His T-Shirts to Sleep In,

• Give Her One of  His Hoodies;
To Wear so everyone knows 'She's Him's..'

• Leaves Her Cute Text/Notes..♥

• Tells Her; She Looks Beautiful..♥

• Looks Into Her Eyes;
When He Talks to Her..♥

• Lets Her Mess with His Hair..

• Touches Her Hair..

• Just walks around with Her..


• Looks at Her Like;
She's the Only Girl He Sees..♥

• Tickles Her, even when She Says; Stop..=)

• When She Starts Swearing at Him,
He Tells Her; He Loves Her..♥

• Lets Her fall Asleep in His Arms..♥

• Gets Her Mad, then Kisses Her..:**

• Stays on the Phone With Her;
Even If She's not Saying anything. .♥

• Teases Her and lets Her Tease Him back..=)

• Stays up all Night with Her When She's

• Watches Her favorite Movie with Her..♥

• Lets Her Wear His Clothes..=)

• When She's Sad, Hangs Out with Her..♥

• Lets Her know; She's Important..♥

• Kisses Her in the Pouring Rain..:**

• When Falls in Love with Her, Tells Her..♥

• & When He Tells Her,
Loves Her Like He has Never Loved Someone
Before..♥ =)