Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marching J

Marching J movie is set to be released on Sept 15th, 2011. This is a charity fundraising movie for the recent earthquake that took place in Japan earlier this year. To purchase the video, you can get it from Johnny's net or Johnny's website at a price of 315 yen (of that 200 yen will be donated towards the earthquake relief fund). Non-members can purchase it too. Please support Japan!

災害支援プロジェクト『Marching J』では、9/15(木)より、チャリティーコンテンツ「Marching J SPECIAL MOVIE」の配信を実施いたします。 チャリティーコンテンツの売上げ1動画につき200円を、東日本大震災の義援金として寄付いたします。 ご賛同いただける皆様に、チャリティーコンテンツの購入を通してご協力いただきたく、何卒お願いいたします。

More info at Johnnys-net

Masaki Aiba will be the navigator of the World Artistic Gymnastics

It is confirmed that for the 3rd time, Masaki Aiba will be the navigator of the World Artistic Gymnastics. Press conference was held yesterday. Here's the video for the event..

credit to : Dorothy W Wong @facebook for the awesome video!!!

Whats your favorite Johnny's eponymous show?

Popular in all ages, particularly women, Johnnys. But they don't play in music programs, instead they participate in their own variety and eponymous shows. So, we asked which show was your favorite among Johnny's programs.

1. Himitsu No Arashi-chan (5142 votes)
2. Arashi Ni Shiyagare (5095)
3. SMAP x SMAP (3383)
4. VS Arashi (2990)
5. The Testuwan Dash! (2182)
6. Shindomoto Kyodai (1050)
7. The Shonen Club (624)
8. Kanjani No Shiwake∞ (624)
9. Bouken JAPAN! Kanjani∞MAP (504)
10. 5LDK (443)
11. Mission V6 (278)
12. YanYan JUMP (261)

lol and this poll got alot of comments (mostly hate and butthurt but we dont care)

p/s i dont intend to post or showing all the comments but haters r always become haters no matter how they realize that idol is always but popular but the always at the same place, no improvement~~(that's why my mum said..."don't ever u become a haters dear..") 
yoroshikupeace!!!!!! ARASHI RULES!!!!!!