Sunday, June 12, 2011

Which young Johnny’s Entertainment talent sings the best?

With all the rankings being done, what’s one more, right?

It was just recently asked, “What is the best Johnny’s Entertainment TV program?“, and this time fans were asked to name the Johnny’s Entertainment talent that sings the best.

The poll was based on not just image alone, but on the talent’s singing ability, MC chops, and performances during a live. Whether it be a ballad, rap, or up tempo song, it covers a broad range of styles.

Did your favorite Johnny’s talent make the top 10?

Check them out below!

10. Sakurai Sho (Arashi) / Akanishi Jin

09. Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey & Tsubasa)

08. Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)

07. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)

06. Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)

05. Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)

04. Shibutani Subaru (Kanjani∞)

03. Masuda Takahisa (NEWS)

02. Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)

01. Ohno Satoshi (Arashi)

Source: Goo

p/s...sasuga ohno-san!!!! satoshi saiko!!!! (kaibutsu-kun line)

Arashi takes to the air in new Japan Airlines CM

A new Japan Airlines (JAL) CM featuring mega-popular idol group Arashi has begun airing in Japan.
The clip features all five members running to the song “Tooku made,” the final track of Arashi’s upcoming album, “Beautiful World“. In one giant leap, the members take to the sky in pursuit of the perfect summer vacation.

Watch the clip below!

Arashi reveals the full music video for “Mada Minu Sekai e”!

The PV preview for Arashi’s “Mada Minu Sekai e” track was only revealed a few hours ago, but now the full PV has been unveiled!

“Mada Minu Sekai e” will be found in Arashi’s highly-anticipated new album, “Beautiful World“, which is set to be released on July 6th.

Check out the video below!

Check out a preview of Arashi’s upcoming DVD + “Mada Minu Sekai e” PV teaser!

A little over a week back, a radio rip of Arashi’s new song, “Mada Minu Sekai e“, was revealed, and now the PV teaser has been revealed!

Additionally, there’s footage from Arashi’s upcoming live DVD, “Scene ~ Kimi to Boku no Mite Iru Fukei – DOME+“, which hits stores on June 15th.

“Mada Minu Sekai e” will be found in Arashi’s highly-anticipated new album, “Beautiful World“, which is set to be released on July 6th.

***Check out the full pv here....