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Sakurai Sho’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Matsumoto&Aiba – The reversed-aged pair

Considering their ages, Aiba-kun is one year older, but even so, somehow Matsumoto-kun seems to smack him very often. ( laugh )

Aiba&Ninomiya – The harmonized pair

Because they were together since a long time ago, since their Junior days, how should I say this, they seem totally harmonized with each other.

Ohno&Matsumoto – The combination pair

They often have to sign together at concerts, so I somehow have this image of them sticking close and singing.

Ohno&Aiba – The soothing pair

Well, that’s because these two are always gentle/calm. Don’t they seem like being surrounded by a soothing atmosphere?

Matsumoto&Ninomiya – The level-headed pair

It’s true that these two are the youngest, but among the 5 of us, I think they’re the most level-headed persons. Rather than being naughty/mischievous, they give off a very reliable feeling. (

Oh Sho, if Nino 's not mischievous, I don't know who is...)

Ninomiya&Ohno – The entertainer pair

They sure have an image of always being together. They always play by doing some kind of short comic skits. Even when there’s no camera to record, they still do that in the green room. ( laughs )


Aiba Masaki’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Sakurai&Ohno – The senior pair

Because Sho-kun and Leader…are the oldest ones inside Arashi.

Ninomiya&Ohno – The playful pair

Generally speaking, there are a lot of times when they play with each other.

Ninomiya&Sakurai – The smart pair

Well, there are a lot of times when they get excited talking about computers.

Ohno&Matsumoto – The pair that diminished the distance between them

When Arashi was formed, Matsumoto used to talk to Leader in honorific language.

Matsumoto&Sakurai – The pair that loves soba ( soba = japanese noodles )

They sure eat soba a lot. They even order soba through the meal delivery service very often. ( laughs )

Matsumoto&Ninomiya – The pair that has the same tastes

For example, they seem to be reading the same manga very frequently.


Ninomiya Kazunari’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Ohno&Aiba – The similar people pair

I think these two are very similar. Isn’t their compatibility good too? They never even had a fight before.

Ohno&Matsumoto – The typical brothers pair

These two are separated by the biggest number of years. The youngest is very level-headed, the oldest is very calm, just like some typical siblings.

Matsumoto&Aiba – Mutual understanding comrades

Well, because these two are together since their Junior days, they understand each other very well, right?

Sakurai&Ohno – The pair that understands each other

First of all, they really understand each other, these two. Their fellowship is simple yet long. I think that’s why they know each other so well.

Aiba&Sakurai – The super good friends pair

How should I say this…aren’t they the best friends? It seems they meet even at the tailor’s shop, and even went together shopping for clothes. Don’t they have the same hobbies and preferencess..

Matsumoto&Sakurai – The level-headed pair

I guess these two are very level-headed. They have that kind of image. They’re like that during concerts too, and if you have some kind of problem, they lead you out of it. I have the impression that this kind of situation happens a lot.


Ohno Satoshi’s analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Aiba&Ninomiya – The pair that messes around

Nino always messes around with Aiba-chan. He’s done that since a long time ago, and keeps doing it.

Matsumoto&Aiba – The pharmacy pair ( LOL )

Aiba-chan often receives pills for hay fever from Matsumoto. Because Matsumoto has pretty much any kind of pill ( laughs )

Matsumoto&Ninomiya – The adult pair

These two are fresh. Even in the green room for example, you won’t see them doing skinship too often . That’s what I mean by “adult” ( laugh )

Sakurai&Aiba – The laughing pair

When they’re together, Sho-kun somehow constantly makes Aiba-chan burst into laughter. By things he does or says. They always seem to be having fun.

Ninomiya&Sakurai – The high tension pair

They constantly get excited by different things. By…words for example, they get excited in that kind of situation. And at the concerts, these two suddenly start to mess around frequently.

Matsumoto&Sakurai – The “adult” pair

Somehow…they seem “adult” ( laugh ). Them seem very calm.


Matsumoto Jun's analysis of the pairs inside Arashi

Sakurai&Ohno – The impossible pair

Perhaps these two are just impossible…Because there’s a sensible person and an intellectual. Leader is good at drawing but Sakurai-kun sucks ( laughs ).

Ninomiya&Sakurai – Yamada Tarou pair

They give me the image of “Yamada Tarou Monogatari”. The drama from back then still has a strong impression. Then, these two take their computers with them even we go touring. They both do that.

Ninomiya&Ohno – The super close friends pair

After all, they’re the ones who are together most often. Somehow or other, they get along very well. They even hold hands frequently…How long are they gonna keep doing that? ( laugh ). Even I don’t know ( laugh ).

Aiba&Sakurai – The pair that loves golf

I have the feeling that these two talk about golf once in a while. It’s not like I watch them all the time.... but this is the impression I have.

Ohno&Aiba – The pair that share the same feelings

They drink together at bars, they drink together at hotels, then get moved even to the point of crying together. I don’t quite understand what makes them feel so moved, but this kind of thing apparently happens.

Aiba&Ninomiya – The classmates pair

These two are together since a looong time ago. They must have a very old bond too. They get along well. Like a friendship between two classmates.

magazine: TV JAPAN (DEC 2010)
credit: darkhriss @ lj
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