Monday, January 17, 2011

Which song best encourages students during exam time?

Recochoku users voted on which song they thought best cheered on students who were preparing to take exams, and the results of the poll have been announced!

ARASHI won the top spot with their song “Sakura Sake,” a song whose title closely resembles the word for success on exams (sakurasaki). This is the second year in a row that the 2005 single has come in at number one, most likely because the positive lyrics describing spring and cherry blossoms – which normally mark graduation time – are helpful to students who need a little motivation to get through the difficulties of exam preparation. “I think that ‘Sakura Sake’ means ’success,’ so I listened to it all the time when I was studying for my tests,” professed a tenth year student, while another commented that the lyrics gave her “the power to look forward.”

Coming in at second place is YUI’s song “GLORIA.” Tenth year students replied, “When I was a student preparing for exams, I felt like ‘Could I stand to lose?’ whenever I heard this song,” and “The powerful message supported me.” The lyrics of YUI’s hit single express a determination to keep on going to fulfill your dreams even when the going may be tough, a positive message for students.

Kobukuro’s song YELL claiumed the third place spot, locking it into the top 5 for the third time.

Check out the full Top 5 Ranking below!

1. ARASHI – Sakura Sake
3. Kobukuro - YELL
4. Kitano Kie – Sakura Saku
5. Ikimonogakari - Ima Hashiridaseba

Source: Recochoku (Tokyohive)

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