Thursday, January 13, 2011


hurm...what should i do?? to prevent my heart to be broken again after i hardly cured it..i have to do that...i make a really big mistake juz now...hurm...gomenne fauzi...i speak harshly to him juz now...poor my little cousin...if u know how hard i keep this broken heart then u'll never done such mistake...i know u miss that person...u want to see that person..but i cant fulfill ur wish..n why on earth u make such wish?? i totally dont understand....

its ok u hate me day u'll understand that me n that person are not meant to be together...i'm juz one of that person failed let it be like that...when u grown up u'll understand many things...i'll always love u dear fauzi..."k.ila xda niat pun nak marah abg iji mcm tdi...tpi kan k.ila dah ckp jgn sentuh hp k.ila. napa degil?? dah tu abg iji g dail no tu napa??"....=(((

hurm...i'm really sad coz i have to do such thing to my lovely little cousin...hontou ni gomennasai....

p/ my heart, be strong. i'm a strong lady. i can endure this. its juz a little mistake n i can fix strong. hold onto myself. i know i can do it....GANBATTE!!!

*mood* -SS501_LOVE LIKE THIS-

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