Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto to star in beauty website commercials

Fans will be able to see Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto make several different comments about women’s hair and nails in his upcoming commercials, reports Sankei Sports and Sponichi Annex.
Matsumoto will star in two commercials for Japan’s beauty website Hot Pepper Beauty, which go on air from today. It has been reported in the commercials, Matsumoto looks at the camera, where a girl is supposedly sitting, and comments about herhairstyle or nails.  The Arashi star was asked to say up to 20 different comments, and different comments will be aired depending on the region it’s shown in.

But with comments like, “my heart starts beating faster when I look at you”, it has been reported Matsumoto found it hard to say his lines with a straight face.

“I was embarrassed throughout filming, sometimes I’d just start laughing, but it was fun,” he said.

Enjoy the CM~~



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