Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who is Johnny Entertainment’s best actor?

First and foremost, Johnny’s Entertainment is known for producing male idols, and while many have tried to make a name for themselves as an actor, only a few are actually competing in the same league as full-fledged actors.

This year, Ikuta Toma, one of the very few talents within the agency who are solely focusing on acting, was the first Johnny’s talent to win an acting award in the 54 year-long history of the “Blue Ribbon Awards“.

Is Ikuta just one single shimmering light of hope among countless of cringeworthy idols-turned-actors? No. There are a few more Johnny’s talents that can actually act, and the mobile portal of goo/NTT DoCoMo have asked their users which of them have been delivering the best acting performances so far.

You can tell by the number of votes that it was a very popular poll, but can you guess who won? Scroll down and find out whether the actual results prove you right.


Who is the best actor in Johnny’s?

01 – 29,828 votes – Ninomiya Kazunari
02 – 11,266 votes – Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
03 – 10,054 votes – Ikuta Toma
04 – 6,142 votes – Kimura Takuya
05 – 4,662 votes – Okada Junichi
06 – 3,060 votes – Nishikido Ryo
07 – 2,004 votes – Yamashita Tomohisa
08 – 1,976 votes – Matsumoto Jun
09 – 1,391 votes – Nagase Tomoya
10 – 1,148 votes – Nakai Masahiro


  1. Yay!!
    Of course Nino's the best <3 <3 <3
    I knew him for the first time thanks to Letters from Iwo Jima after all~

  2. yeah!!! nino is the best when he's acting...i also know him from Letters from Iwo Jima...but i only watch half of it n still until now i havent finish it yet...hehehehehe=)))

  3. Oh~ Nande nande?
    I love this movie! & I really wasn't fond of cinema before, but I already liked it xD

  4. coz my vids are gone when my laptop got broken year ago...poor me n i think i'll search for it once more...i already forgot what the story like...hurm...its ok since now there are many site upload it now i can watch it...hehehehe=))

  5. Oh... ><
    Un! You can still watch it, it's never too late~
    And it'd be too bad if you don't finish it x)
    You'll tell me when you'll have watched it! <3

  6. ok..>_<
    once i finish downloading it i'll watch it...then i'll let u know how the story is...
    i cant download it now but maybe i'll do it in weekend...heheheehe=))