Monday, February 21, 2011

Radio rip of Arashi’s “Boom Boom” released

A radio-rip of Arashi’s new song “Boom Boom” has been released. This is the third track on the group’s new single “LOTUS“.

Don’t forget to check out the PV for “LOTUS” on my previous post..^_^

Check it out below!

p/s this song is very catchy..makes u wanna move n dance along with it~~


  1. Boom Boom!!!
    This song is really cool x)
    Though I wasn't expecting that type of Sakurap at first! I can be used to it even if I really prefer Sho's 'real' voice~
    Well, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna listen to this song again and again, singing and dancing.. maybe! <3

  2. owh yeah!!!! i also prefer the real sound of sakurap...not the digital one...but this song is very catchy rite?? i wanna make a move everytime i hear this song~~ ^_^

  3. Yeah it's catchy! I love this kind of songs~
    I think sometimes it helps me to keep my cheerfulness <3
    Haha, I'm imagining neechan making a move uncounsciously when listening to Boom Boom x)

  4. hahahahaha!!!! i'm dancing non stop n imagine that matsujun n oh-chan r infront of me..let say they dance along with it ok?? Boom Boom3!!~~

  5. Woow~ Why Oh-chan? I understand Matsujun but... Oh-chan? x)
    It is completely OK!! Haha you're so cute neechaaan~ <3
    I'll dance with Sho, Nino & Aiba theeeeen! heheee~ <3 Boom Boom Boom!!! ♪

  6. Why oh-chan?? coz he looks sooooo cute in the Lotus PV i can imagine if he dancing in this song he will be like a cute kid!!~~ heheheeheh..XDXD...<3^_^

  7. Hahaha!! Ok ok..! ^-^
    Aiba won my heart in Lotus XD (And Sho too, but it's an evidence ... & Nino's 'aaah~~' <3)

  8. same here...he looks so macho but oh-chan still like a kodomo to me...hurm...i wish i can always be younger n younger but the fact is i'm getting older n older...hehehehehe....dont say bout nino n sho...they r always macho in every PV!!~~~XDXD

  9. Heey xD That's not true~
    You can be like Oh-chan!
    Getting one year older each year, but still the same ~ So you can stay young ;)
    Hahaha!!! Where's the problem of being macho? xp
    Everytime I see Sho, my heart's really like .. 'Boom boom' XD

  10. owh!!! same with me!! my heart like want to explode everytime i see him...feels like he's my ichiban now (gomen matsujun)!!~~ heheheehehe..XDXD

  11. Haha sugoi!! We feel the same way~~
    Honestly? But Matsujun!!! °A° Maybe it's just temporary ne? xD
    I didn't know how to choose between Nino and Sho ... But looks like my heart already chose xD

  12. If u ask me now...i'll choose sho for sure coz i'm watching more Matsujun...(gomen matsujun) hehehehehe...naughty me rite???

  13. Eeeh?! xD Poor Juuuun~
    But I'm happy too 'cause Sho... we can't help it, it's Sho, anyone would fall in love with him xD
    So... I totally understand you neechan! Sho-kun is <3

  14. Sho-kun is awesome!!!! i'm totally fall for him...but u know what~~~he become more attention lately rite?? Jun is good but Sho is moooorreeeee good~~^_^ xDxD

  15. XDDDD
    He becomes more attention?
    What does that mean? XD That he is... attractive?

  16. did u hear about he want to start his own jimusho?? like johnny's?? i did know is it true or not but they r lately keep talking bout how high payment that sho's get from is jun then nino for their drama n aiba n lastly is oh-chan...i dont know this is true or not but i read it somewhere on japan news....

  17. Eh? Maji? His own jimusho?
    Wow... I can't imagine that~
    It doesn't surprise me if he's the more paid but... a jimusho? no xDD
    Anyway, if I'd be Johnny, I'd pay to each Arashi member the same money è.e But it depends on their solo activities too I suppose...?
    Hmm, as long as it's not official... it stays a rumour, for Sho =)

  18. yeah...i hope it stay like that...juz a rumour..if we talk about their solo activities..nino should get the high payment coz he star in a lot of movie n drama..but never long as they stay together n didnt fight becoz of this matter we should be relief ne~~...XDXD

  19. Haha! That's right~
    Arashi will continue FOREVER! ... Yeah! XDDD