Saturday, November 9, 2013

Arashi tops the annual 'favorite artists' ranking 4 years in a row

On October 25, entertainment magazine 'Ori★Suta' revealed their 10th annual "favorite artist" ranking.

First place for this year's ranking went to none other than Arashi. With this, they have become the first artist to take first place for this ranking 4 years in a row. They have also surpassed Utada Hikaru who held the #1 title a total of 3 times.

Arashi has hosted the 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' for 4 consecutive years and held a live at the National Olympic Stadium for 6 consecutive years. The members have also been successful with their solo careers, starring in various dramas, CMs, variety programs, and movies.

The full ranking can be seen below.

1. Arashi
2. Ikimonogakari
3. Mr.Children
4. Fukuyama Masaharu
5. Yuzu
6. Utada Hikaru
7. B'z
8. Southern All Stars
9. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
10. Kobukuro
11. Amuro Namie
12. Spitz
13. Porno Graffitti
14. Momoiro Clover Z
15. Perfume
16. YUI
17. aiko
18. Kuwata Keisuke
Source: Oricon
Image: Johnny's net

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