Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Johnny’s Company allows pictures of their celebrities at their official site “Johnny’s net”

Johnny’s Company is known to be the most strict company of not allowing any of their Johnny’s celebrity pictures in any sites. But recently, pictures of Johnny’s celebrity has appeared at their own site “Johnny’s net“. From the tab “Artist”, you can choose the Johnny’s artist you want to see and click “Profile” to go to the profile page. Though the pictures are small, they definitely have pictures of the artist from Smap, Arashi, V6 to Hey Say Jump on the pages.

Even though Johnny’s Company allowed pictures to be on their own website, it is still blocked from using right clicks to copy the images.

Source: Internet Watch


  1. Owh! Finally!!
    Well, it doesn't really change anything, but it makes the site looking better xDD

  2. yup!!! n now i can often go to the site to look for updates..its not so boring anymore since i can see all the boys picture there..^_^

  3. Deshou?? ^_^
    I almost never went to it before, but now it's more interesting xp

  4. yup!!! i juz go to that site to look for their new dvd or single (the title or the song) or their latest movie or drama update...but now i can visit often since the picx is there...^_^xD

  5. Yeah! xDD Then you are satisfied~
    Ma~ I'm used to learn about dramas etc. on livejournal personally XD

  6. owh...hehehe..xD)
    i'm juz excited to see the web have picx from jhnny's artist...XDXD