Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arashi unleashes PV for their upcoming single, “LOTUS”!

Its been long since i didnt post anything in this this blog..gomen minna!!! lately i dont have much time to post anything in this blog. But since its weekend today n i dont have to be at my office today so i decide to post this important video. Its "Lotus" PV from Arashi!!!! The full version of this song already out long ago n today the full lenght video out!!! Owh~~today is Lotus Day for all Arashian!!!~~
Arashi has been teasing fans with small updates on their upcoming single, “LOTUS,” but now the full PV has been released!

The song is an upbeat track with a cool choreography, and the PV features shots of the members in dark rooms rather than having a story.

The full version of Lotus already out as well as the PV...check out the video below....

p/s....really love to see them in white suit...they really look cho kakkoi!!~~


  1. Yay!! Arashi powaaa <3
    Love Lotus so much! I rewatched it again and again and again! And now finally, I'm going to sleep XDD
    They're in white, they're handsome, the music is great, and the pv is quite cool. What to ask more? XD

    & Neechan, it's me!! Just in case. I wanted to let a little comment on your blog~ (I wonder if it's enough for you to recognize me?)

  2. thanks imoto chan!!!^_^...
    i know its u coz i always keep in mind ur name...this name from ur lj rite?? i know its u imoto chan...thanks fro dropping by my blog n eave comment!!! love u so much!!!~~(by ur name its enough for me to recognize u)...^_^

  3. Haha good then!
    And yes, it's my LJ username =)
    You're very welcome!! I was curious about neechan's blog so I'll visit it from times to times :3
    I love you sooooo much too!!! <3

  4. Do visit it from time to time...i'm very welcome of it..
    arigatou imoto chan~~ i appreciate ur attention to me...this make me so love u!!!

  5. Same for me neechan! <3
    You're already so special to me~~

  6. hontou ni?? i'm so lucky then...hehehehe~~ i'm so happy today!!!!~~