Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sound Equipment Failure Reveals Japanese Boy Band’s (Arashi) Atrocious Singing

A few days ago, Fuji TV aired a 2011 music special that included live performances of some of the year’s most popular songs. When boy band Arashi took the stage, there was some kind of technical trouble. Instead of the CD-like quality of the other groups’ performances, audiences were given a taste of some raw audio.

sloppy machine translation of a J-Cast article about the incident:
Arashi singing performance of 2011 FNS song gest is topical as too bad, this has theory that is sound trouble. Fuji TV twitter erupted by Arashi fans.[from beginning, no voice, singing voice come to dissonance> Arashi performed Labyrinth Love Song with violinist, Taro Hakase, Emiri Miyamoto-san. this came to bad. from start no voice at all, and pitch was not stable. and chorus part also brink of collapse, from start to end singing voice come to dissonance. it seemed members embarrassed too. Kazunari Ninomiya-san who start sing begging part makes embarrassed face. Sho Sakurai-san also makes bitter smile.
Arashi fans have denied that the incident reflects the actual singing ability of the group.
Some internet conspiracy theorists have pointed out the lack of technical trouble during K-pop performances as proof of Fuji TV’s devious plot to promote Korean culture. They believe that Fuji TV intentionally screwed up Arashi’s microphones, while allowing the Korean artists to lip sync…

***i can't provide video for this but i have the link for the video....here it is...Arashi FNS 2011

Source: japanprobe

****p/s...as a fan, i'm so proud for them..they prove to all Arashian that they r the best group ever!!!! but pls Arashian...calm down with this situation...dont keep blaming FujiTV for this incident..they apologize already and admitted their fault. Arashi also calm about this matter...we should also follow them...thats all from me...by the way Arashi...KEEP STORMING THE WORLD!!!!!

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