Friday, December 30, 2011

Sakurai Sho to show live piano performance on Kohaku

NHK announced that Arashi who will be the host for the white team on this year’s ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen‘.  The group will also be the presenters for a corner to support Tohoku region.
The corner is titled ‘Ashita wo Utaou. ~Nippon no Arashi ‘Furusato’~’.  Arashi member, Sakurai Sho will show his live piano performance to “Furusato” which is the image song for this year’s Kohaku.  With Sakurai’s piano performance, other Arashi members and the artists who will participate in Kohaku will sing in the chorus.
The piano Sakurai will be playing was being used at a junior high school in Fukushima prefecture for a long time. However, on March 11th, when they were having a graduation ceremony, it was damaged due to the Tsunami from the Tohoku earthquake.  After the earthquake, a local piano tuner spent six months fixing the piano.  It has now become it became a symbol of recovery.
Sakurai commented, “The piano that has recovered after half a year.  It still has many scars on it, but, rings out the pure timbres. With the thoughts of the piano tuner, Endo-san and the children in Fukushima, I would like to perform ‘Furusato’.”

Source: Sanspo + NHK

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