Saturday, August 27, 2011

Which actors fit the role of a young doctor?

We are back with another poll by Goo rankings! Perhaps we should do this regularly since the topics seem to be pretty entertaining. This time, voters were asked to choose the actors they felt would best fit the role of a young doctor. You guys can already guess who won right? If not, here is a hint, look at the picture above…
Below are the top ten actors who made the cut.
Sakurai Sho – 7,373 votes
Mukai Osamu – 3,598 votes
Tsumabuki Satoshi – 1,453
Miura Haruma – 1,403 votes
Ninomiya Kazunari -1,188 votes
Oguri Shun – 955 votes
Others – 870 votes
Ikuta Toma – 771 votes
Ito Atsushi – 758 votes
Okada Masaki – 662 votes
source: Goo ranking

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