Thursday, August 4, 2011

“Freeter” drama to get a drama special this fall

Finally minna!!!!! after a long wait for Arashi's member drama now Kazunari Ninomiya will make our dream comes true!!!! even though its just SP drama...but i guess it will satisfy everyone~~ here's the full news..^_^

Fuji TV’s drama “Freeter, Ie o Kau.“, that aired during the fall season of 2010, will come back with a special drama this fall!
Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari and actress Karina starred in the family drama that moved so many viewers in Japan, receiving so much sympathy across the nation. In the drama, ‘Seiji‘ (Ninomiya) lead a life as a freeter, depending on one part-time job after another, but things changed once he met ‘Manami‘ (Karina) at a construction side. He realized the importance of the bonds within your family and started to value his work.
The enjoyable love story mixed with a widespread problem of the Japanese society enjoyed a high popularity, resulting in an average viewer-rating of 17.1%. The last episode, where he finally obtained the new home for his family, even achieved 19.2%.
The special drama will follow his life in their new home, one year after the events in the drama. Seiji is still attached to his work and he is still in love with Manami.
Ninomiya commented, “The new home was bought in the drama, therefore I already thought the story wouldn’t continue. I’m grateful that I will be able to work together with everyone again and will put all my effort into this special drama.
Karina is just as zealous and said, “I’d like to treat each and every line with the utmost care.
The producer and writer who created the original story will once again work together for the special drama. Looking back at their recent success with “Marumo no Okite“, starring child actress Ashida Mana, this team has proven they can create really touching, entertaining and original stories.
An actual airing date for the special drama has yet to be announced.
Source: Sanspo

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