Saturday, June 4, 2011

Radio [Rekomen] Aiba Masaki - Arashi new song ~Mada Minu Sekai E~

for Arashian who always wait for their new's it is...arashi's new song...MADA MINU SEKAI E....

Juz found n listen it on Aiba's Rekomen....ENJOY MINNA!!!!!

AIBA CHAN CHO HAYAII!!!! as i expected he's the one who will play it first....he know that all Arashian around the world are waiting for their comeback!!! Arigatou Aiba chan!!!~~

sasuga expected the rap part are sugoi!!!! n the song is really catchy juz like Lotus...
minna listen to it!!!!n i can't wait to buy their new album!!!! ^_^

p/s....miss Arashi so much!!! wanna listen to their music and watch their concert!!!


  1. yea...i miss them so much too!!! and this song...reli cheer me up! :)

  2. yup!!! hontou ni ne~~
    as anArashian we all really miss to hear their new song!!! ^_^