Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Make it Clean

What it supposed to mean??? nobody knows as if tomorrow is going to rain.....

Why i'm posting this title...i really dunno..actually tonite i'm bit dizzy n bit confused bout myself...about my work and everything...then i'm decided something crazy about this weekend...i'm going to KL for a fan meeting with other Arashian at Red Box, The Gardens (next to Mid Valley)...what is crazy about this that i already buy a ticket but i'm still not sure wheather i'm going or not....what the hell am i thinking????

Never mind...calm down..i'm sure there'll be an explanation to all my action tonite...n back to what i'm currently doing since yesterday...i try so many times downloading Arashi's Scene Dome DVD but this download file keep failed...it really makes me pissed off!!! but never mind...i keep trying until i'm done....

last but not least....3 days more until Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari's tanjoubi!!!! can't wait to celebrate it...how will Arashi's member celebrate Nino's birthday this year??? sa...wakkanai ne~~ but!!! we have to wait rite?? lastly this month Arashian will be in crazy mood because of the Dome DVD that will be out soon!!!! yatta!!!

what ever is it...keep urself safe n always think about ur health...Arashian saiko!!!!

p/s...all this post above is not mentioning someone...it is only my bakaness in this late nite..

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