Saturday, May 21, 2011

“Nippon no Arashi” to be sold publicly this summer!

Last fall, Arashi volunteered to be navigators in a book called “Nippon no Arashi“, which is a book that was exclusive to 40,000 elementary, junior high, and senior high schools in Japan.

Despite high demand, the book hasn’t been on sale to the public…until now.

It’s been decided that a pocket-sized version of this book will be released to the public on June 30th. The group will take you different parts of Japan, and while they are there navigating you through Japan, the book is written by professionals who watched the group’s activities.

The book will costs ¥1,050 ($12.87 USD) and all of the money made from sales will be given to charity to help those effected by the Tohoku disaster.

Source: Sanspo


  1. i hope they will sell it around the world.. i lives in malaysia.. but, i want to own it too..

  2. same here....but i think its fast if u juz order it....