Saturday, March 12, 2011


yeah...i'm really are worried bout what had my place they r warning that the "tsunami" will occur but the warning had been off since they are no threat anymore but we still in precautions....I hope all my friends that stay in Jpan will be ok n of course our boy idol...Arashi.

The latest news i heard n its from the rite source which is Johnny's Entertainment itself confirmed that all Arashi members are safe n the confirmation had been approved by Fuji TV...thank goodness!! n i'm also glad to hear that other JE boys are safe too even some of them had been injured but they are safe.

Lets all pray for Japan n hope they all be alright...

p/s..all nite i've been worrying..hoping nothing will be happen...i hope this chaos will end soon..

-mood- Hatenai Sora by ARASHI

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