Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Message from Arashi to Arashian

Here's the translation of the message :

***We would like to express our deepest condolences to all of those who have been affected by this earthquake.

Every day the more we watch news, the more we know about the situation, we become increasingly worried about everyone who’s suffered.

We’ve heard that a great deal of fans have been concerned about us, but we’re all fine, rest assured.

Right now, cooperating with conserving energy and water, not using the phone unless it’s urgent, and donating money to relief funds… that’s all we can do to help from where we are in Tokyo. We believe that every little bit helps.

What we can do to help is probably limited, but we’re trying our best to do what we can because we want to make everyone smile again, if just a little.

For everyone in the affected areas, there’s surely still no room to let their guards down, but all of us members are hoping that you can encourage your friends and family, as well as those around you. Then maybe you can overcome these tough times.

Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari, Matsumoto Jun

Source : J WEB, Zahirah DBSK Arashi (Facebook) & to the right owner


  1. Aaah~ They are right ne~ Even if we can't do much, if we pray or can help a little, it's already something ne~ This way, we support japanese people, and they can keep on believing in future!~

  2. yup!!! i'm so touched with their message...
    n they also keep believing in us to help them...
    n other news i know they already collect 4 million to be given to the other victim...
    have u seen the lates News Zero?? i'm glad to see sho-kun...but his face were so sad n i cry too see him like that..=(

  3. Aah souka~
    No I still didn't! We talked about it but I dunno where to watch it neechan~ ><

  4. here's the link... and credited to the owner ;)

  5. Aaaah! The link doesn't exist anymore =(((

  6. argh!!!! i knew that would happen!! Gomen ne imoto chan~~ hontou ni gomen!!

  7. Ii yo neechan, it's not your fault!
    Next I should be faster haha~~ :D

  8. its ok...they r fine tho...
    even they a bit sad but they still can smile..=))

  9. Yeah, that's what matters... x)