Monday, March 28, 2011

The Do's and The Don't's

This week lesson is about the DO'S and the DON'T'S thing.... Many thing we do are sometimes legal n some are not...depends on what we do...the good n the bad. Recently i juz learn a few thing that related to LOVE... Maybe it sound a lil' bit weird but there are certain things that we allowed to do it n some r not regarding LOVE... Every each of us have own opinion about this kind of thing...i'm juz being curious why there r such thing but i finally found my understanding about it...after going through one by one n after i scan everything..i got my i understand why some people said "there are rules in Love"....this is the rules that every each of us provide for our own relationship...but in every each relationship there have they own rules.... The Do's and the Don't's thing are very useful in every relationship. It help us realize our own border with our don't be too surprised if we have a broken relationship... p/s...this is as a reminder for myself coz i keep doing the Don't's thing much...but now i know what should i more thing...before its too late the environment of LOVE should be change..^_^

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  1. Ok, I understand the 'Do' & 'Don't' now.