Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arashi ni Shiyagare 19/03/2011

Firstly, Arashi leave a message to everyone....

O: To everyone who's watching this show right now, as well to everyone who can no longer watch it, we, Arashi, will be delivering these messages to you.

M: To those who are suffering, risking their lives right now - grandpa, grandma, father, mother, brother, sister, little brother, little sister and, to the children

N: What we, Arashi, can only do right now for everyone of you is to show you the 'usual Arashi' with all our strength.

S: At the same time, we continuously cooperate in conserving energy , giving donations and so forth. We will strive to do what we can as we stay here in Tokyo. We believe that if small things are put together, for sure, they will become something big.

A: Tonight, through this program, we deliver you our song with all our strength. We will do all our best so we can send smiles to everyone even just for a moment.
Guest of AniShi : Sato Ryuta
They talked about their 'dreams' in Kinpachi-sensei setting
I'll go to Tokyo and become a president!
As expected of Aiba!

How about you, Satoshi?
I'll be the best in the world

I have no dreams~
Isn't it better to have dreams?
I'll be a charismatic beautician.

How about you, Jun?
I wonder~ I'll make lots of friends.
Don't you have us?!

How about you, Kazunari?
I...I have said this before. I want to be a pro-wrestler!
How about you, sensei? *Ryuta*
Me? I want to go out with the manager!

Then, Ryuta vs. Sho cooking battle

Then Ohno learns card magic....he was told to do it in front of other members...
n he succeed!!!
Hatenai Sora (Endless Sky) Perfomance

Finally, a message from Kaibutsu-kun to the all the children.

He's in character, but he looks different because of his very short hair :D

Kaibutsu-kun's message:

Today, for my many friends who were troubled by the earthquake in whole Japan, listen to my three wishes!

Listen properly to what your mom and dad say! I also listen to what my papa say right now!

Do not waste energy and water!

Three! This is the last one!
Support all your friends who are in trouble! I taught all of you that friends are the best.

You can keep these promises properly! During times of great pinch, we can overcome it by joining all our strengths. That's our promise until we meet next time! See ya'!

p/s....really glad to see Arashi after the disaster...they sing Hatenai Sora n it kinda sad coz of what had happen...hope they can stay strong as 5...really looking forward to see them being active back!!!

-this episode is an Epic-

SOURCE : credit to (mirei_22)


  1. Aah~ I watched some parts of this one, not all xD
    Message, Kaibutsu-kun, Ohchan's magic, and Sho's battle <33 It's not like I chose them, I just watched what I found at the moment XDDDD But I still prefer downloading... well, as long as I see them~~ XD

    I felt crying T.T
    But love Ohno's magic!! & Sho Sho!~~ To see him winning is <3 hahaha~

  2. owh!!! i still haven't watch Sho part...really wanna see!!!! but i can't find the clips...but its ok...i'll downloaded it..anything about Arashi i must see it in a better quality...

    Ifelt crying too when i see their message n to see how they control their feeling makes me even sadder...they tried so hard to meke people smile...

    I love them so much!!!! (esp. Sho Sakurai)

  3. Hehehe! Yeah, you'll download it neechan ^__^
    Actually I want to download lots of shows, but I don't have enough GB! Then I'd have to delete.... Uwa T.T I wanna have a hard disk xD

    Ne? They're so strong~~
    Makes me think the same as you : I love them. =) (But without this 'especially'! Neechan, you could have done an effort! XDDD)

  4. its ok..u'll have it one day...

    what do u mean i have done? dont understand~~
    hehehehe..gomen ne!! ur neechan a bit slow today coz i have a very dizzy day =(

  5. You 'could' have done xD Or maybe we don't it like this in english? I'm taking my inspiration from french xDDD Oh yeah, you could have put efforts! ... ?

    'Cause you're saying you love them, adding 'esp: Sho Sakurai' but in this case, you could have let the 'I love them' without anything else xp

    Gomen, I'm confusing.

  6. hehehehe~~ that...gomen2..i'm the one who confused~~
    yeah..I love them so much!!!
    we love them so much...right??

  7. Haha it's ok xD
    Of course we do!!! <3 ^-^