Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Japan Box Office Report – January 29th/30th

This weekend truly has been the weekend of “GANTZ“.

The first of two “GANTZ” movies opened on a total of 410 screens and achieved a box office revenue of 592,823,900 Yen, which equals to approx. 7.2 million USD. A total revenue of more than 10 billion Yen for both movies combined should be a realistic goal for distributor TOHO, not to mention the additional revenue it’s going to earn through its American release in February and the 21 other countries that have acquired the rights to distribute the movie.

If you’re curious about the motives on why people flock into the cinemas to watch this amazing movie: 31.5% answered that they only went because of starring actor Ninomiya Kazunari, 15.3% have been a fan of the original, 14.6% simply wanted to see a nice action flick and 7.7% went because of Matsuyama Kenichi. Another interesting fact that proves the importance of two such popular actors is that 75% of the moviegoers were women, with 40% of them being between the age of 13 and 19.

Now we know who went to watch the movie, but did they like it? Oh yes, they did. After the movie, 95.1% said that the movie was either “really good” or “good” and that they are going to recommend it to others.

The second part, “GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER“, is slated to open on April 23rd and Matsuyama already revealed that the sequel will have an original story different from the manga and that it will have a real ending, unlike the original. I guess we don’t have to mention that 97.3% of the people who already saw “GANTZ” this past weekend said that they are going to watch the sequel as well.

Unfortunately there was one other big Japanese movie that fell a bit short next to all that hype hype, “Byakuyako“. It still had a satisfying opening weekend, but as we’ve mentioned before, it was the weekend of “GANTZ”.

Check out the full ranking below!

Rank/Last Title Weeks
01 (00) GANTZ 01
02 (00) Red 01
03 (01) The Social Network 03
04 (03) Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku 02
05 (02) Boku to Tsuma no 1778 no Monogatari 03
06 (00) Byakuyako 01
07 (05) Aibou: The Movie 2 06
08 (04) The Green Hornet 02
09 (06) Unstoppable 04
10 (10) Inazuma Eleven: Saikyo Gundan Ogre Shurai 06


Source: cinematoday

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