Saturday, February 26, 2011

Arashi “Lotus” sold over 240,000 on their first day of sale.

Arashi has released their 35th single “Lotus” on the 23rd of February and sold over more than 240,000 on the first day of sale. (exact number 241,173). They were ranked in as No. 1 in the Oricon single daily chart and made a good start. From their debut single “A.RA.SHI“, they have left a record of ranking 35 of their singles in TOP 3 and ranking 30 of their singles as number 1 in the Weekly single ranking chart of Oricon.

As many know, “Lotus” is used as the theme song for Aiba’s drama “Bartender“. They have released two types of the CD, limited edition and regular edition. In limited edition, it contains the PV for “Lotus” and in regular edition, it contains two other songs, “Boom Boom” and “ever”.

Source: Oricon

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