Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Arashi appears on Music Lovers for “Arashi Premium”

As tokyohive reported last week, NTV’s music show, Music Lovers, had an episode titled, “Arashi Premium“, for January 30th, and of course, it starred none other than the Johnny’s Entertainment group, Arashi.

- Arashi Meikyoku Live Collection : It shows many of Arashi’s live performances from the previous episodes on Music Lovers.

- Arashi’s First “Male Limited Live” : This was also from the previous episode in which Arashi held their first “Male Limited Live” on Music Lovers. As the guest lover, Yashima Tomohito also made appearance. Furthermore, there was also a never-released talk part during the show in which they asked the audience (who were male fans), “Which member do you want as your boss?” The winner of the poll question was Ohno Satoshi.

- Arashi members were then asked what kind of live they wanted to hold on Music Lovers.

Sakurai Sho said he wanted a “Kids Limited Live”.
• Ohno Satoshi said he wanted a “Foreigners Limited Live”.
Aiba Masaki said he wanted to “surprise a random person at their house and sing there”.

- For the never-released talk segment, there were quite a few highlights.

1. “Who is Arashi’s troublemaker?” (Asked To The Other Guests)
2. “Matsumoto Jun’s drinking friend is Oguri Shun.”
3. “Staffs have trouble dealing with Ohno Satoshi’s suntan.”
4. “Ninomiya Kazunari complains about a yakiniku dinner with Aiba.”
5. “Sakurai got confused by a mail from Ohno.”
6. “Who is the biggest sugar boy towards women?” (Asked To 100 Arashi Fans)

- The “Android au“ Guinness World Record CM Challenge

- At the end, the members were asked what kind of year they want to make 2011?

• Aiba Masaki – “I want to appear on Music Lovers this year as well.”

• Ninomiya Kazunari – “We have been able to do everything ‘Arashi-like’, so I want to thank people around us. Also, I think it’s best if we continue being just as Arashi, and enjoy all the work we do.”

Ninomiya actually apologized for saying stuff as if he was the leader of Arashi, as other members jokingly told him that it’s as if he was like the real leader of the group, which led to Ohno Satoshi’s answer…

• Ohno Satoshi – “I will try to be accepted as a leader.”

SOURCE : tokyohive

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